In initial Sin #7, Nick fury whispers something come Thor. As you can see in this panel, what Fury claimed was obscured, yet it had actually a far-reaching effect.

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It causes Thor to end up being unworthy that his hammer, Mjonir.

Has it to be revealed all over what Fury stated to Thor?


He said:

Gorr was ideal

This to be revealed in Unworthy Thor #5.


Gorr to be an adversary of Asgard and also Thor that asserted all Asgardians and gods were previous their prime and also essentially unworthy that adulation, worship, etc.

Thor realized that Gorr was right, the the "gods are vain", and thus he and also all Asgardians were unworthy.


Thor dropping the hammer taken place at the finish of the series. Therefore it has actually something to execute with the events happened throughout the series. Most most likely something Thor did.

Nick fury told Thor that child Loki had been murdered through Old Loki, and also that when he took over that body Thor didn"t also notice. Not realising the the nice boy who want to to win the fate that his name had been murdered and also replaced has actually made him unworthy in his very own eyes.

Kid Loki is just some kid who is the "new" Loki, if Old Loki still existed together a disembodied spirit. Once Kid Loki to be tricked into killing self by Old Loki (which he knew would happen, he simply wanted to save Thor from Ragnarok), Old Loki took over that body.

Shortly after that son Loki thrived up a bit in Young Avengers, and also is at this time still that period in certified dealer of Asgard. While that still is the very same Loki that will someday commit Seige, he"s do the efforts to readjust his destiny, based mostly on his guilt over killing son Loki ("I am the crime that will not it is in forgiven!").

Above explanation has a link with Journey Into mystery #625-632


Unfortunately, Thor didn"t take Loki"s return to trickery really well and, enraged, almost choked the kid. A tearful Loki explained that he"d excellent it to save Thor (who had a strange, unhealing injury; the Norns had claimed that if Loki did as they bade, Thor would be saved) and everyone else, regardless of how they all hated him. He climate accused Thor of being as with the others, saying that it didn"t matter what (Loki) did and they would hate him regardless.

Later, Thor tracked Loki down and aplogised for shedding his temper, assuring the he loved his brother — but likewise admitting the he didn"t to trust the kid.

Whatever kid Loki did, Thor never completely trusted him. In the end, kid Loki died yet Thor didn"t realise that. That was the reason he felt unworthy in mine opinion.

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Nick fury told Thor that he resulted in Jane Foster"s cancer.

Now we recognize that woman is the new Thor. Once Thor realised that he became unworth and Jane became Thor.