The Challenge actors member Bayleigh Dayton shared screenshots that Dee’s comments, which have actually been deleted.

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“THIS IS NOT just how YOU assistance BLM. I’m disgusted and also disappointed. THIS IS no A TREND. THIS IS LIFE OR death FOR US. Posting because that clout about the death of black color people? shame on friend
deenguyenMTV,” Bayleigh tweeted.

Dayton also attached a screenshot that a fan informing Nguyen to “read the room” and stop posting image of it s her on Instagram.

In response, Nguyen wrote, “People dice every f—ing day. U don’t understand me or what i do. I indicate you wake up the f–k up and get off social media.

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Nguyen comment to Dayton in a wire of tweets, telling her former co-star come “get turn off Twitter and FT me.”

“I recognize that her angry and also I watch it. I watch you and those around me every f—ing day. Get off Twitter and also FT me prefer a actual a– b–ch I know you are,” Nguyen tweeted in ~ Dayton top top Sunday.

In an additional tweet, Nguyen said, “I haven’t claimed s–t about/to you out of respect for your friends who are likewise MY friends. I’m remaining off Twitter and also spending mine day INVESTING in YOUR residence town. Nothing f—-ing talk to me about BLM. If you desire a conversation you have my number.”

“News speed bayleigh i don’t fan u s–t. I’m not ur “best” friend i don’t message u daily and I don’t speak to u daily. What did ns say as soon as we FT? contact me if u wanna talk about something and we have the right to work that out as women,” she wrote in one more tweet.

In an answer to a now-deleted tweet through Nguyen, Dayton said, “Friend ? walk you call me and also say “hey girl I assistance you, ns stand with you. I’m sorry your human being are dying” yet I require to speak to you & check if her racist tweets come from a great place STFU Dee. Wow you yes, really hurt everyone you come across.”

Dayton’s fiancé Swaggy C join the conversation and also said that Nguyen “acts favor a villain on society media.”

“Dee acts like a rogue on society media climate calls every actors member crying her eyes the end EVERY DAY speak she’s struggling & the fans hate her and she has to “play the component of a b—h.” Fakest human on the cast by far. Does whatever for clout,” Swaggy C tweeted.


Swaggy C additionally alleged that Nguyen texted him and said, “hey make sure you tell Bayleigh to keep me blocked & friend still speak bad about me. I’m thinking of storylines because that Season 36.”

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley additionally spoke out about Nguyen’s behaviour.

“She said she to be ‘blacker’ than me due to the fact that I didn’t understand the name of a musician and because she hadn’t watched me fight and also be aggressive,” huge T said in a recent Instagram Story. “I felt favor she to be trying to do me fit her idea that a ‘stereotype.’..after seeing she tweets it simply infuriated me even an ext and felt favor I have to be honest about my experience.”

On Sunday, Nguyen said she was sorry for the “insensitive” tweet she posted earlier.

“I am sorry for the insensitive tweet ns posted earlier. I was gift defensive and not speaking from my heart. However there’s no excuse. I likewise want to expand an apology come Bayleigh and also Swaggy- who space my actors mates and also deserve mine respect and compassion,” Nguyen wrote.

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In a follow-up tweet Nguyen said, “BLM to me every day. I’m do the efforts to execute the ideal I deserve to with what is currently accessible to me.”

BLM to me every day. Ns trying to do the ideal I have the right to with what is currently available to me.