I i found it upon rewatching the show, how countless times Bojack claims "What room you law here?" i feel that it has actually more definition than simply wondering what that human being is law there. I might be looking too deep in between the lines, yet it feels favor the writers mean it to it is in more. Thoughts?


It's the first line he needs to say in the filming the secretariat.

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The joke is every time he states it, the ton is how he should have recorded it, but when he an initial tries it once acting that does it choose its a 90s sitcom.

Isnt over there an episode of Horsin roughly where he claims it too? can be prior to or after the Secretariat episode, ns forget.

I think it ultimately method "what am i doing here".As in, what the hell is my function in life. I store doing all these points that are claimed to do me happy, yet no quantity of reputation or money does. I don't recognize how world just live your lives. What's the point of it all. What am ns doing here?

This. Among the last times the repeats the line, the stresses "what... Room you law here" as he sulks and looks down, like the inquiry he has actually been repeating ultimately hits him.

I think this is the the next to response we can get for the line. It's like, "what room you act here?" In mine life. As I'm living it.

I love, however disagree, through the perspective that he is internally questioning his existence. The existential foundation of the show lead us to the question, yet for Bojack, everything exists for his endure only. Even he is starting to establish his own self-absorption by the finish of season 3 (after 3 season of characters trying to lb it right into him) and we see hints of perhaps the just thing that might snap him the end of that in the rejected phone speak to at the current season finale. (Frankly, I would not it is in surprised if his tries to hook up through her. Yes. Her.) "What room you law here?" suggests the thought that the people around him are specifically there to administer background come his existence and it is why he can so easily shrug off mistakes the annihilate his relationships. His time invested on "Horsin' Around" permitted him a home window with i m sorry to view happiness type from the suffer of others, but he doesn't know how to create that reality without a hokey manuscript leading that to consider such joy as possible in reality. Indigenous experience, I have the right to say that such gift depression causes one to question what anyone "would it is in doing here" when you take into consideration yourself to be worthless, broken, or/and unrepairable. You don't have to look sad as he go in Secretariat to feeling this method as you can not fathom why anyone would want to be about you in the an initial place, or worse, i think they are there through ulterior motives.

TL:DR- The heat is much less philosophical and an ext a home window into his gift depression.

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It is also feasible that I do not recognize what the hell ns am talking about and only expressing this indigenous the perspective ns know: mine.