Factors the 39 are the perform of positive and an adverse whole numbers that have the right to be separated evenly right into 39. There space a complete of 4 determinants of 39. Did friend know, 39 civilization signed the United says Constitution and also North Dakota to be the 39th state to it is in admitted come the Union? In this lesson, us will find out to calculation the factors of 39, its prime factors, and also its determinants in pairs together with solved instances for a better understanding.

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Factors that 39: 1, 3, 13, and also 39Factors of -39: -1, -3, -13, and also -39Prime administrate of 39: 39 = 13 × 3
1.What are determinants of 39?
2.Important Notes
3.How come Calculate factors of 39?
4. Factors the 39 by element Factorization
5.Factors that 39 in Pairs
6.FAQs on determinants of 39
7.Tips and Tricks

What are factors of 39?

The number 39 is an odd composite number. As it is odd, it will certainly not have 2 or any type of multiples that 2 as its factor. To recognize why that is composite, let"s recall the an interpretation of a composite number. A number is claimed to it is in composite if that has much more than two factors.

Consider the number 11. It has only two components 1 and 11. Now, let"s take an instance of the number 60. The factors of 60 room 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 60 over there are an ext than two factors of 60. Thus, 60 is a composite number vice versa, 11 is not.

Coming back to 39, the factors of 39 room all the integers that 39 deserve to be separated into.

How to calculate the components of 39?

Let"s start calculating the factors of 39, beginning with the smallest entirety number, i.e., 1

Divide 39 v this number. Is the remainder 0? correct! So, we will certainly get, 39/1 = 39.The next totality number is 2Now division 39 with this number. Is the remainder 0? No, the is not.

As currently discussed in the previously section, even number cannot divide 39. Hence, we need to examine odd numbers only.

39/3 = 13

3 × 13 = 39


Hence, the factors of 39 space 1, 3, 9, and 13. Explore components using illustrations and also interactive examples:

Factors that 39 by prime Factorization

Prime factorization method to to express a composite number together the product the its prime factors. To acquire the prime factorization of 39, we divide it by its smallest prime element which is 3.

39/3 = 13

Since 13 is a element number, it is divisible through 13 only. This procedure goes top top till we obtain the quotient together 1 The prime factorization of 39 is presented below:


Factors that 39 in Pairs

The pair of number which provides 39 when multiplied is known as factor pairs that 39. The complying with are the determinants of 39 in pairs.


If us consider an adverse integers, both the number in the pair components will it is in negative. 39 is a confident number and we recognize that the product of two an unfavorable numbers is a positive number.

Therefore, we deserve to have factor pairs that 39 together (-1,-39) ; (-3,-13).

Important Notes:

As 39 is an odd number, every its factors will be odd.39 is a non-perfect square number. Thus, that will have actually an even number of factors. This building holds true for every non-perfect square number.Factors are never fractions or decimals.
Ms. Evans has actually 39 package of crayons. There space 3 teams of students in she class. She plan to provide the package to the three teams for an task so that they room evenly distributed.How numerous packs will each team get?Determine the following:Factors of 35Factors that 18Factors the 49

Example 1: James has 39 systems of a cutlery set. He wants to fill it in cartons such that these units are evenly distributed. There are two size of cartons available. The very first size has a capacity of 9 units and also the 2nd size has actually a capacity of 13 units.

Which type of carton will certainly he pick so the there is no unit left and maximum units room filled in the cartons?How countless cartons will be used?


The problem that over there is no unit left means that 39 need to be split by one of those two numbers, the is, 9 or 13, and also the remainder need to be 0

That means the number must be a element of 39, the end of the two provided numbers, 13 is a factor of 39Thus, that will pick cartons of the second size that the volume of 13 units.To discover the number of cartons that the 2nd size used, we have to divide 39 through 13 i.e. 39/13 = 3.

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Hence, the answers are,

The second kind of carton of volume 13 devices is used3 cartons space needed

Example 2: Jonathan"s teacher provided him 2 numbers, 39 and also 20, and asked that to find the common factors because that both that them. Assist him find common factors.


The factors of 39 are 1, 3, 13, and also 39 and also the components of 20 room 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, and 20