Ken Tao is the MedSchoolCoach professional on MCAT, and also helps girlfriend remember southern blot, northern blot, and Western blot v the acronym: snow Drop.

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Hey everyone. Welcome ago to another MCAT Mnemonic Monday. My name is Ken and also I’m one MCAT experienced with MedSchoolCoach. Today we have an MCAT biology mnemonic for you, and it’s because that molecular biology techniques. The Mnemonic is eye drop.

SNOW drop is for helping you come memorize the different types of blotting methods on the MCAT. Therefore you have actually Southern blot because that DNA. Northern blot for RNA. And Western blot because that proteins.

So you deserve to see the Snow… Drop because that memorizing these molecular biological techniques.

Now real rapid southern blot is supplied to different DNA. This is regularly used for genotyping various organisms. North blot is because that separating RNA molecules. This is frequently used to quantify gene expression. Western blot is because that separating proteins and also this can likewise be supplied to quantify gene expression.

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Ken Tao

Ken is nationally recognized as a premier MCAT mind. That has functioned with thousands of undergraduate students together a graduate teaching assistant and also MCAT instructor/tutor because that the Princeton Review. In ~ Princeton Review, Ken to be the just tutor certified in all subjects, was one of the greatest rated MCAT tutors ever and was a teacher trainer. Additionally, Ken operated to discovered Magoosh"s MCAT division. He has written content for dozen"s the MCAT books and also guides. He is currently the director of MCAT at MedSchoolCoach

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