Just in instance you aren’t tuned in, the Weider Ultimate human body Works residence gym is a classic, however slick exercise maker built for the whole body.

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It utilizes a sliding incline bench and a pulley device with anxiety bands below for customizable levels of resistance for plenty of different species of exercises.

I average the dang thing does every little thing other home gyms carry out for a fraction of the cost. I mean just look in ~ the reviews on amazon, castle are exceptionally positive.

Combine that v the short price, this point is perfect because that performing tons of bodyweight exercises.

Click here to watch the latest price. Last time i checked it to be still dust cheap.

Utilizing its distinctive system for providing outside resistance, you mostly use just your own body weight for many of the exercises possible with this house gym.

Like most residence gym machines, your mind may spin when you shot to think of ways to execute exercises on it, however really, that actually fairly simple!

The weider ultimate body functions has countless many exercises that are not noted here, however here you will find out the main exercises the you deserve to do through the the weider house gym.

What are the key Exercises the I can Do through This house Gym? (PDF Download Below)

Weider can be fried Body works Exercise Chart

Want a PDF Download Instead?

Click the link below or you can click right here to gain your practice downloadable pdf. (and no, I perform not require email choose everybody else:) free to download enjoy.

Weider ultimate Body functions Exercises PDF

Is the Weider ultimate Body functions Worth It?

Before acquiring into details around the various exercises the you can do ~ above this residence gym, let’s dig a small deeper right into what it really is and why it makes for an ideal addition to your gym. Candlestick we?

Now, albeit costing a mere fraction when contrasted to other house gyms ~ above the market, the Weider ultimate Body works boast many of cool features.

It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise how this an equipment has deserve itself such a long list of positive reviews. Here are few of the coolest attributes that just about everyone seems to miss out on when looking in ~ the enlarge picture.

The rolling Cushion Bench

That’s right, the seat on the bench is not only super comfy with sufficient cushioning, it also moves along the frame. This offers you the versatility you require when switching in between different exercises.

Yeah, that feels a tad far better knowing ns don’t need to trade turn off the comfort for a bit of flexibility on a residence gym.

Solid, Smooth Cables

Seated rows, lat pulldowns, overhead presses…these room all awesome exercises you deserve to do ~ above this machine, all many thanks to its trustworthy cable system.

The pulley mechanism is among the significant parts that make up this Weider body functions machine, and also the cables space at the love of this remarkable system.

Besides your ideal positioning to enable for easy execution of various moves, the smoothness and tenacity the the cables in this one will get you hooked best from the an initial day you acquire a pull at them.

 Different Incline Settings

This is pretty typical in most home gyms, and for an excellent reasons; over there is something about a variety of incline setups that renders these equipments as fun as they space effective.

Just think around it, v this lot flexibility; you have all you need to fine-tune your different workouts for your preferred results.

And that’s just component of it; the varying incline setups also assist when transferring out different workouts to enhance your fitness level and also even an individual strength.

Anything else Worth a Hoot?

Well, the attributes I have noted above are just some the the bits the make this residence gym stand out, yet the ones ns feel don’t obtain as lot attention together they in reality should.

This Weider Body functions still package in a myriad that other good features favor the nylon strap handles, exercise guide, SuperPack additional resistance, 90-day warranty top top parts and also labor, and a squat stand.

And yes, you also get one exercise guide – this one will be supervisor handy because that you nerds trying to uncover your way into house gyms and how castle work.

Lastly, and also perhaps most essential of all is the stout steel-tubing frame. You have the right to bet this will take ~ above some major weight. And also you’d be right to think so, as the 250-pound user volume that this machine is qualified of sustaining is no typical feat because that a an equipment this compact.

What Exercises have the right to I carry out on the Weider human body Works?

A entirety lot actually! when we to speak this machine is versatile, we typical it in every sense. Thanks to that is ingenious, all-rounded design, the number of exercises you can do v this gym is quite comprehensive to speak the least.

Here space some fun, simple, yet super reliable workouts that you can do top top this unit:

Squats – Leg Workout


Working together a kind of bastardized hack squat variation, you can lay v your back to the pad and your feet in ~ the base. Gradually squat down, sliding the cushion along with your movement, emotion the stress and anxiety in her thighs, and push up as soon as you reach suitable depth.

Seated heat – Back Workout

Seated towards the bottom, facing the pulleys, girlfriend should be able to grab the handles and pull in the direction of your chest, earlier straight and tightened, to gain a full contraction in the lats. Great in enhancement to a lateral traction movement, rows can be excellent in a multitude of ways on this machine.

Weider ultimate Body functions seated row exercise

Lat Pulldown – Lat workout / alternating to pull Ups

Laying through your earlier on the pad, you simply have to grab the handles and also pull down as you would on a lat pulldown device or together if you to be doing pull-ups.

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Overhead push – Shoulder Workout

Sit up high with your back to the cables, and the handles at shoulder height. Bracing your core, push up until your eight are totally extended, and locked out above your head, then, carry them under till you are earlier at the starting position. This practice is obviously good for the shoulders, but much more specifically the prior delts.

Weider can be fried Body functions Leg Exercises

One leg Squat


We extended the traditional squat exercise, yet if you find it too easy, this an equipment makes pistol squats much much easier through the sled-like pad. Standing together you would certainly in a squat, come under to the deepest you deserve to go while no experiencing any type of discomfort, and push ago up to the top.

Reverse single Leg Squats


Instead of having your back on the pad, begin with your chest come it, and in a comparable movement, squat down, however keep your feet positioned high ~ above the base, this also works good with one leg for a more difficult exercise.

Bulgarian break-up Squats

Utilizing the device in a less traditional way, prop up your foot ~ above the pad or the peak rollers for foot stability, and come right into a break-up squat stance v your various other leg. Then squat down with your weight distributed in between the 2 feet.

Weider ultimate Body works Chest Exercises

Chest Flys


The pulley device makes this residence gym a good platform to do flys on. Sit top top the pad dealing with away from the pulleys and also take a manage in each hand, then, v your arms slightly bent, bring the 2 handles with each other in former of her chest in a vast fly motion, feeling the contraction of your pecs together you perform so.

Chest Press

The standard exercise intended to be available on every home-gym machine, nothing worry, the activity works great here too. Sit at everything height is comfortable away from the handles, girlfriend grab the pulleys and situate yourself with each in ~ shoulder height, probably lower, and push out away from her chest to feeling the contraction of your pectorals.

Once totally extended, lug your hands earlier to her chest and also repeat. This is just one of my favourite exercises to do on the weider ultimate human body works home gym.

Should friend Buy the Weider Ultimate body Works? – Yes!


You can check it out on amazon for dirt cheap by click here

Often times, I discover it daunting to justification to rather purchasing a house gym device – the prices room too high, the number of exercises also limited, and the compatible workouts too gimmicky.

But with the Weider Ultimate body Works, no one of those points apply.

Why I’m telling You to Buy the Weider Ultimate human body Works home Gym

It is:

Perfect because that Beginners

Because of the simplicity and cheap expense this is the finest home gym for beginners.

Allows for lots of Exercises

This tiny home gym is one of, if not the best, bang for buck option due to the fact that of the quantity of exercises that you have the right to perform. The PDF the they include shows you exactly how to carry out each and every exercise.


At only around 100 dollars, it is cheaper than a couple of sets the dumbbells

Highly Reviewed

With over 1,500 ratings top top Amazon, it has actually an average of 4.4 out of 5 – it is a lot of satisfied customers! plenty of attest come the quality construction and an excellent workouts they gain out the their home gym.


The adjustable cable resistance and sliding platform offer lots of different combinations of workouts and exercises (especially for the upper body)

Exercises space Proportioned to her body weight

Get strong by using your very own weight and stay healthy and balanced through proportioned strength and also cardio


You’d think shifting about on a giant metal contraption would make a lot of sound, specifically if friend live in an apartment and also worry around your next-door neighbors below. But due come the large frame the it, weight and impact are distributed evenly throughout the entire construction.


Did I point out how Small & Compact the is? Well, it can be compacted down to an also much smaller size, simply and also quickly, without hardly any type of tools in ~ all. Do it wonderful piece of home gym tools for tiny space.


By every accounts the device is very solid and have the right to resist rather a little bit of damage, even considering the low price-point, the outpaces many other machines much more expensive 보다 it.

How must I use This house Gym? that is it best for?

Everyone knows the no piece of gym devices solves every niche, some can work better than rather in some things, while you might need an additional tool in your tool belt to perform the rest.

Weider Ultimate body Works has actually a ton of range in the practice you can perform with it, as formerly mentioned. And also while it is not necessarily supposed for the finish gym rat who desires to include on loads of muscle and gain a bunch that strength, that is supposed for everyone who desires to acquire fit and lean.

Through the potential because that endurance-related exercises, friend can additionally quite quickly supplement cardio with few of the sports you have the right to perform on this home gym machine.

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Furthermore, it’s great for anyone with a busy schedule who wants to gain in workouts repeatedly without sacrifice on the top quality of the exercise.