Title states it. Ns mean, the not prefer the message is at sight cryptic, but I assumed “I don’t desire It” to be the “final” tune Gene wrote around his marriage. Also English is no my first language and sometimes ns am unsure if I analyze things correctly.

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I’ve never ever been maybe to pin it down myself, but I actually think Gener’s singing around himself.

Cos he was having a stormy time roughly the making of the album due to his divorce and also battles v drugs and also alcohol that were a continuous throughout Ween - ns take it together him saying to himself ‘If I might get my shit together, the would fix a lot of problems.’ That’s just my take though, anyone deserve to disagree.

I've heard the concept that its composed from the perspective of his family and also friends adressing his difficulties to him, nevertheless this song has helped me v so much during a time once i feel like providing up, and really aided me v some stuff entailing alcoholism in my family members (My dad going come rehab), so ill always be extremely thankful for Ween and also Quebec

Its hard to be in a partnership with someone who is depressed. You try so tough to help them but at the finish of the job you simply can't. They have to win that fight themselves. No matter exactly how much girlfriend love them, no matter how difficult you try to do them happy, its tho a personal struggle. This song is around admitting the defeat, and also pleading for the other person to obtain their shit together. To be happy. Only then have the right to the partnership survive. This song hits for this reason close to home and also I can't also listen come it there is no tearing up. Fuck, eye watering just typing this.

Well, if it is true then i probably can never listen to this track again, because my relationship just crashed a pair months back for this reason.

I dunno but I constantly liked the line, “The wheels dropped off, the bottom dropped out The checks all bounced, I come in her mouth”

I constantly felt it to be gener to sing to himself yet with a serial of salt knowing how prolific that a songwriter he is it could be about no one. Yet then when FREEMAN come out and I listened to hidden Discretion it was clear together day. Ns feel like the two songs overlap and also he usually sings around the instance that was If You might Save Yourself. Or not.

This totality album has actually been cathartic for me, and also my divorce.

As for If you Could...., I constantly thought it to be from his POV, wherein he worked a lot and tried come make things right, yet his mam didn't desire that anymore. At least, that was the narrative that largely fit in with what i was walk through. But, v someone else posting a various narrative that the song, the fits mush far better to that, and also gives me a whole brand-new point of view the song takes.

I combated depression in my marriage (still do), and I even took a various job v shitty hours to change how i was therefore I might make the marriage work. The failed horrendously. So, yeah, the lyrics kinda because that on through what ns was experiencing at the time.

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Fucking beautiful song, though. Good album, too.

What makes you think "I Don't desire It" to be written prior to "If You could Save Yourself?" Album tracklists aren't in chronological stimulate of once the songs to be written