We Live, We Love, We Lie

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Author: Ambrosia0819

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WARNING! I (author), go with the flow. Write whatever I feel is best suited to come next. I am a high school student, with classes, tuitions and extra-curricular activities. Also, I edit my own book, so updates will be slow, but worth the wait. Trust me!----------All characters, places bla bla in the story are either fictitious, straight outta my head, or modified according to my, (author)"s preferences. Any similarity in stuff mentioned anywhere in the story is PURELY and UTTERLY, a coincidence. Also, there might be POV changes sometimes. Now, onto the story...----------Good day, to one and all. Myself, Anjali Naik, a scholarship student at one of the best colleges in the world, and Little Miss Insignificant in this huge world of our college. Now, to start off, why don"t we start with the place I study at? St. Xavier"s College, in Mumbai, is the best college in India, and ranks among the Top-5 in the world. School for the off-sprigs of the wealthiest, most prestigious and the most famous, it stands tall and majestic, as if looking down on people like small, crawling ants. To gain entrance into the big gates separating the outside world and the world of college, you need one of the three- crazy brains, unending wealth, or influential connections. Everyone in the college knows, not to mess with the Royal 4. Now let"s take a look at the R4, shall we? The first one of the group, Siddhant Oberoi, or simply Sid for those privileged enough to call him that. Eldest of his generation in the Oberoi family, most likely to inherit the family fortune and business. Kind to all, flirt by nature, McDreamy of Xavier"s. Next, comes Eleanor Brown, of Anglo-Indian origin. A cute, bubbly, happy-go-lucky girl. The go-to if you wish to know anything to everything about anyone and everyone (except one, that is). Daughter of a celebrity, Xavier"s Miss Popular, rumours say she is in some way related to the British Royal Family. Moving on, we have The Ice Queen, Kavya Deshmukh. The coldest, most indifferent, unfeeling but also the beautiful, but mysterious, single, but unable to mingle "Nerd" of Xavier"s. Last but not the least, I introduce to you, the must-character in every teen story, Bad-Boy Aryan Adani. Unimaginable wealth, sky-high status, over-the-top arrogance and endless list of girlfriends, are the perfect words that describe Aryan. Although I know most of you are not interested, let me say something about myself as well. Anjali is my name, that much you already know, now, what you don"t know. I"m come from a very regular Indian family, if you had not already guessed from the fact that I"m a scholarship student.———Author: Sorry Anjali, I’ll be taking over now.Anjali: Okay! Bye!———Now we know that the Royal 4 are not to be trifled with. Everyone also knows, how the bad boy chases the nerd, nerd changes him for the better, bad boy listens to nerd"s sob-stories and both live happily ever after. What everyone doesn"t know is what the "Nerd" hides behind her façade. After all, there is a human behind every façade; there is a meaning behind every smile.

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People say, love breaks all the barriers of age, race, caste, gender, pride and prejudice, but is, what is between them really a barrier as they say? Can love survive in the midst of the fog of ignorance, while ignorance might just be bliss? Will walls around heart be broken, or built up even higher? Can appearances be really kept up? For a thousand lies are required to cover up a single lie. Join the life, love and lies of the Royal 4 -or the Vulnerable 4 as I like to call them- for a hearty rom-com, with the perfect tinge of drama and heartbreak, after all, what is a love without trials? What is a friendship without struggles? And what is a life without life?