Press the Xbox button to open the guide.Select Settings.Select All Settings.Select Network.Select Network Settings.On the ideal side the the Network Settings screen, choose Test network connection. The test will certainly run automatically and let you recognize if yes sir a difficulty with your connection.If the doesn’t work, restart her modem.

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2. Rotate off her console and unplug the power cable


Press and also hold the power button on your Xbox One to turn it off.After your Xbox One turns off, unplug the power cable.Keep the cable disconnected for a minute or two.Connect the strength cable to her console and press the power button.

3. Examine the DNS settings


Press the Menu switch on her controller and also choose Settings. Alternatively, you can just select Settings indigenous the residence screen.Select Network > progressed settings.Choose DNS settings and set them to Automatic.Press the B button to save changes.Start Netflix and also check if the error appears again.

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4. Examine the Xbox Live server


Check the status of the Xbox Live services here.If among the solutions is having actually problems, wait because that Microsoft to resolve the issue.

5. Delete and also redownload your profile

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Press the Guide button on her controller.Go come Settings and select System Settings.Go come Storage > All tools > Gamer Profiles.Select her gamertag that you want to delete.Select Delete.Select Delete file Only. (This deletes the profile however leaves conserved games and also achievements.)

6. Clear the system cache


Press the Guide button on her controller.Go to Settings and also select System Settings.Select Storage or Memory.Highlight any type of storage device, and then press Y on your controller (you have the right to select any kind of storage device, due to the fact that the mechanism will clear the cache for every one of them).Select Clear system Cache.Confirm the action.Restart her console

7. Power cycle your console


Open the guide by scrolling left top top the Home screen.Select Settings and also go to All Settings.Choose System > Console details & updates.Select Reset console.You should see two alternatives available: Reset and keep my games & apps and also Reset and remove everything. Choose the an initial option.If the problem is tho there, try using the second option, yet keep in mind the this option will delete all your games and also files.

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That’s around it, we definitely hope at the very least one of this solutions aided you settle the us couldn’t acquire your latest conserved data error on the Xbox One. In case you have any added questions, or some more solutions to this problem, nothing hesitate come let us recognize in the comment below.

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