On The Magicians Season 2 illustration 4 ”The flying Forest,” we see the border in between the real world and Fillory dissolve. Or get less carved in stone, in ~ least. Together the magic wanes, the royals keep losing interest. ~ above the previous illustration ”Divine Elimination” we shed Alice. Just three royals that Fillory remain.

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From the start, we find Quentin gift healed through a Centaurian medic. The Centaur has great hand in woodcraft and also medicine, because that sure. That heals the wound Quentin got from the fight when Alice to be killed. It’s every excellently illustrated at a Fillorian ar hospital.

Only Margo breaks the mood, together she can’t save focus, v a steed like man-thing nearby by. Margo, it is in careful! remember what occurred to the critical queen who spoke about horses and how they space hung.

She comes ago from this comment, later on in court, wherein she and Elliot room discussing just how to respect the storage of Alice. They argue about spending a most money, and also a considerable amount of magic power, to gain a statue that Alice built.

Margo: For whatever silly reason, you’re the High King of an entire land. You have to be responsible!

Elliot: due to the fact that when are you Fillory Clinton?

Margo: due to the fact that I’m me. Mine crown is simply as heavy as yours.

I’m waiting for a tweet about this indigenous The White House, any type of minute now.

Elliot is crawl on leaving Fillory, together he misses gift prince of Brakebills. He tries to find a loophole and experiments through conjuring a doppelganger clone, to pass the obstacle to the actual world.

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This pans the end perfectly because that the 2 hims, as they regulate to acquire both involved in a foursome, with among the second year students at Brakebills, and also Elliot’s wife back in Fillory. A success win, because that both Elliots!

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Meanwhile, Quentin and Penny are acquiring high in the flying Forest and also spend a few Groundhog Day moments, running in circles. In ~ the end, after conference The White Lady, coin is cured the his angry Dead hands and Quentin is sent back to the real world, with no expect left.

The pursuit for the resurrection assignment failed. Alice is still amongst the dead. One and also a fifty percent royals the Fillory remain. The just true royal continuing to be is Queen Margo, through undivided focus. No wish to return to the real world.

The Magicians is getting much better on focusing on the horrors that reality, and not making fun of itself. The many intense moment on ”The flying Forest” comes in the actual world. Julia finds Kady, and also together they bring earlier Marina native death, only to get a command on exactly how to defeat Reynard. Fatality is a cruel mistress and also even top top The Magicians, fatality is inevitable and no laughing matter.

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The horror in Marina’s eye is real. This step is the ideal so much on The Magicians, indigenous the frosty corpse come the pains of return from the various other side. Just gorgeously grim.

The Magicians delivers the by much darkest episode yet. No songs, no dancing, all gloom and also misery. Brilliant!

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