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01 exit to Wastelands

QuestPrison discover a method to with Damonta and set up a 2nd radio repeater. The canyon"s behind us, and also Damonta is in prior of us. Now, we just need to find and get accessibility to the radio tower.

02 20mm Turret. Come indigenous behind. Disarm Alarm, Brute pressure Gate and also and use computer system Science on Turret to hack it.


NPCDoc McAuley Trader

NPCJill Yates

QuestDamontaHelp Jill discover her cows. We uncovered Jill and her cowboys barricaded within Damonta"s Jet watch Motel. She"s asked us to discover her cows, which ran off when they were struck by robots.

After (11)

QuestDamontaHelp Jill find her cows. Jill to be pleased that we found her cows

04 A gigantic airplane lies ~ above a mound the junk. It"s missing its wings, and its sleep is tipped up into the air in ~ a shallow angle, while its tail is hidden in trash. Among the earlier doors is open

NPCRed Baychowski

QuestDamonta assist Red Baychowski Red called us about a endowment in the plane Graveyard, surprise in the wreck of a plane with the words "Sierra Madre Airlines" ~ above the side. We agreed to companion him and split the treasure.

05 Radio Tower kill robots and talk to intercom

NPCWerewolf Wally use Smart Ass Or absent Ass

ItemDamonta Tower accessibility Keys

QuestDamonta inspection the resource of the Damonta"s robot infestation Werewolf Wally, owner of Damonta"s Radio Tower, has actually asked united state to stop the robots that have been attacking the settlement.\nDamonta"s quite far outside our jurisdiction, and also we really must get earlier to the transmitters. Us don"t really have actually time because that this.

Open gate with Damonta Tower access Keys. Usage Repeater Unit top top Radio Tower.

QuestPrison discover a means to reach Damonta and set up a 2nd radio repeater. We"ve hooked up the radio repeater. Mission complete.

QuestRanger Citadel Head earlier to Ranger Citadel for a new assignment. Unless we fight a detour with the repeater fastened in Damonta, Woodson and Mercaptain space triangulating the beginning of the strange broadcasts. Our orders are to go back to base because that a brand-new assignment based on what they"ve learned.

06 A truly old sign reads, "Chang"s well known Chinese Diner." many of the repaint is faded, and flaking, the words just legible due to the fact that of a reasonably recent touch up through what looks like crayons; whoever walk that could have done a far better job staying in the lines.

Broken Toaster

ItemDoggie Bones item indigenous Toaster

NPCHector Nguyen

QuestDamonta assist Hector and Carla uncover their daughter, Binh. We conserved Hector and also Carla Nguyen from robots, yet their daughter Binh is missing. Castle asked us to conserve her.

07 A small alley, clogged by junk at the far end. There is a steel security door in the garage wall. Oily floors and also shelves cluttered with more mechanical bits and also pieces 보다 you have the right to shake a rod at. Sitting over the grease pit is one old *hot rod* with no engine. At a job-related bench in one corner, a woman in a tank top and also jeans while the woman with the acetylene torch comes towards you, smiling.

NPCMagee give her any good weapon and receive huge Betty

ItemBig Betty heavy Weapon

NPCHopi Trader

NPCBroken Robot you deserve to fix that with computer Science and also he will certainly follow you.


ItemThe Order dull Weapon



QuestDamonta search Silent Springs because that survivors. The Water Sellers have actually made it to Damonta because that a refill, however their supplier is under attack by robots. They have asked united state to clear out the facility and save the survivors.

After return from (10)

QuestDamonta find Silent Springs for survivors. We"ve clearing the quiet Spring Water agency of robots. Unfortunately, the robots clearing it the humans before we arrived. Much better let Clyde recognize the negative news.

10 quiet Springs

ItemPainting provide it to Corporal Flintlock Eggleston in Ranger Citadel (06)

ItemSafe safe code: 152260

11 Cows

QuestDamonta aid Jill uncover her cows. We uncovered Jill"s cows. We should let her understand their location.

Now return to Jill (03)

12 A big rusting quonset aircraft hangar through squares of its corrugated roof missing. A authorize on the front reads Geronimo Skydiving in ~ - parties Welcome - take it a paris Leap! The hanger doors watch rusted shut, yet there"s a smaller sized door to one side that could be open.

QuestDamonta investigate the resource of the Damonta"s robot infestation. The hangar looks choose it was newly converted into a workshop. The sounds of mechanical assembly do this a element candidate for the resource of the homicidal robots.

QuestDamonta help Hector and Carla find their daughter, Binh. The synth Tinker has actually replaced Binh"s heart v an man-made one the she have the right to detonate indigenous afar, and is using it to host Binh hostage.


tip by eugene antipa There are 2 terminals in NW component of hangar. One is turning off wireless connection in hangar, and not permit Thinker come stop/blow girl`s heart.

QuestDamonta assist Hector and also Carla find their daughter, Binh. Tinker made an excellent on her threat, and caused Binh"s brand-new heart come self-destruct. Binh is dead. We should tell Binh"s parental of her death.

NPCTinker attack him. Fight will stops. Speak to him. Attack him again. Speak to him again. Kill him and all robots.

ItemTinker"s Finger


ItemMap with ar of Silo 7

NPCLexcanium NPC to join your team


Item#TRL-01553 - Tank Tread the for solving Findley-Tek Tactical mechanism in Prison

ItemBushnell Ocelot

15 departure to Wastelands

Map Legend

- Rangers, Allies NPC

Neutrals - Neutral NPCs

Hostiles - Nostile NPCs, Enemies

Followers - NPCs to join your team.

Merchants - trading Post, Trader

Shovel - destruction Site

Alarm Disarming



Mechanical Repair

Computer Science


Toaster Repair

Brute Force

Animal Whisperer


Containers Chests, items.

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Shrine, Statue Bonus Skills

Exit exit / Entrance

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