„When you're wounded and also left top top Afghanistan's plains,And the females come the end to reduced up what remains,Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brainsAn' walk to your Gawd favor a soldier.Go, go, go favor a soldier,Go, go, go choose a soldier,Go, go, go prefer a soldier,So-oldier that the Queen!“

— Rudyard Kipling, buch Barrack-Room Ballads

Young brothers Soldier, Stanza 13.Barrack-Room Ballads (1892, 1896)


„I chose I wasn't going come come down. Ns was going come fly. Ns was going to remain up in the air forever.“

— Jesse Owens American track and also field athlete 1913 - 1980

On his final record-breaking leap in the long-jump competition.Jesse Owens, Champion Athlete (1990)


„“You’re actually a soldier,” he said to me, “and girlfriend go in addition to this foolishness?”“I didn’t ask to it is in a soldier. And also I can not imagine a tranquility as foolish as this war we’re in.”“


— Michael Moorcock, buch Phoenix in Obsidian

Book 3 “Visions and Revelations” Epigram (p. 394)Phoenix in Obsidian (1970)


„Fellow-citizens, fellow-soldiers, in this over there is the beneficence of eternal justice, and by that we will certainly stand forever“

— James A. Garfield American politician, 20th president of the United says (in office in 1881) 1831 - 1881

1880s, speech to the 'Boys in Blue' (1880)Kontext: and also it did gentle the condition and elevate the love of every worthy soldier who fought for the Union, and also he shall be our brothers forevermore. An additional thing we will certainly remember: we will certainly remember our allies who battled with us. Soon after the good struggle began, we looked behind the military of white rebels, and also saw 4,000,000 that black human being condemned come toil as servants for our enemies; and we discovered that the mind of these 4,000,000 to be God-inspired with the spirit of Liberty, and that lock were all our friends. We have seen the white males betray the flag and also fight to death the Union; but in all that long, dreary battle we never saw a traitor in a black color skin. our comrades escaping indigenous the famine of prison, fleeing to our lines by the irradiate of the phibìc star, never feared to go into the black man's cabin and also ask because that bread. <"Good, good," "That's so," and also loud cheers. > In every that period of suffering and danger, no Union soldier was ever before betrayed by a black guy or woman. and now the we have actually made castle free, so long as we live we will certainly stand through these black color allies. We will certainly stand by them until the sun of liberty, fixed in the firmament of ours Constitution, chandelier shine through equal beam upon every man, black or white, transparent the Union. Fellow-citizens, fellow-soldiers, in this there is the beneficence of eternal justice, and also by that we will certainly stand forever. A poet has actually said the in individual life we rise, "On stepping-stones of our dead selves to higher things," and the Republic rises ~ above the glorious achievements of its dead and living heroes to a higher and nobler nationwide life. We have to stand guard over our past as soldiers, and over our nation as the common heritage the all.


„I go nothing throughout the battle that to be not also done by numerous thousands that Austrians, that was mine duty as a soldier.“

— cut Waldheim fourth Secretary-General that the unified Nations, president of Austria 1918 - 2007

Ich habe im Krieg nichts anderes getan als hunderttausende Österreicher auch, nämlich meine Pflicht als Soldat erfüllt. Waldheim work http://derstandard.at/2000031874110/Ich-habe-im-Krieg-nichts-anderes-getan-als-meine-Pflicht, 9 march 1986

— man James Cowperthwaite British early american administrator 1915 - 2006

March 29, 1967, web page 253.Official Report that Proceedings the the Hong Kong legislative branch CouncilKontext: simply put, money comes here and also stays here because it can go if it desires to go. Shot to hedge it around with prohibitions, and also it would certainly go and we could not protect against it; and also no much more would come.

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— Suraj Sani Nigerian writer, talked word artist 1996

P. 127. Https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/10937449-the-highest-obligation-of-a-soldier-is-not-to-die

— thomas Jackson Confederate basic 1824 - 1863

As quoted in Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil war (1904) by George Francis Robert Henderson http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/12233, Ch. 25 : The Soldier and the Man, p. 481Kontext: War method fighting. The business of the soldier is come fight. Militaries are not dubbed out to dig trenches, to litter up breastworks, come live in camps, however to uncover the enemy and strike him; to invade his country, and also do the all feasible damage in the shortest feasible time. This will involve great destruction the life and property while it lasts; however such a war will of need be of short continuance, and so would certainly be an economic climate of life and property in the end. To relocate swiftly, win vigorously, and secure every the fruit of success is the mystery of successful war.

„No soldier's paid to kick versus His powers.We laughed, — learning that better men would come,And higher wars: when each proud fighter bragsHe wars on Death, for lives; not men, for flags.“

— Wilfred Owen, The following War

"The following War"Kontext: Oh, fatality was never opponent of ours!We laugh at him, we leagued with him, old chum.No soldier's payment to kick against His powers.We laughed, — understanding that far better men would come,And higher wars: when each proud fighter bragsHe battles on Death, for lives; not men, for flags.

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„Especially in the start of the war, the guys who became good soldiers, and great infantry men sort of had actually to expropriate that they to be dead — the they weren't going to gain out that it.“

— James Jones American writer 1921 - 1977

On the lossc rateDon Swaim interview (1975)Kontext: particularly in the start of the war, the guys who became an excellent soldiers, and great infantry males sort of had actually to accept that they to be dead — the they weren't going to obtain out that it. The statistics to be so lot their enemy that there wouldn't be much chance the in four or five years, the they would make it through it. Part did... And in truth most the the men who acquired in combat did make it through it.