General InfoRefill your prescriptions, shop health and also beauty products, print photos and an ext at Walgreens. Pharmacy Hours: M-F 8am-10pm, Sa-Su 8am-1:30pm, 2pm-10pmHours

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Extra PhonesServices/ProductsGreeting CardsVitaminsFirst assist SuppliesBrandshome healthPayment methodcheck, amex, discover, understand card, visa, cashLocationMill roadway Shopping CtrNeighborhoodMenomonee river Hills EastOther Link

CategoriesPharmacies, Convenience Stores, photo Finishing various other Information

Parking:Lot, Private

Bike Parking:Yes

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One night my husband, 2 kids and I checked out this walgreens to pick up part tylenol because that my son. Figuring that"s every we required was tylenol the kids and also I stayed in the car while mine husband ran inside to pick it. While ns was sitting in the back my kid (8 months) go psycho and also starts crying. Figuring we"re parked in the parking many it would certainly be yes to take him out. So together I to be sitting in the earlier with the 2 kids, due to the fact that even despite they"re in vehicle seats with kids I feel more secure if ns was simply sitting in the earlier too. I take him to hold him till my husband came back. Some old white guy comes the end to grab the carts i beg your pardon there was one right behind ours cart and stares directly at our car. At very first I didn"t think anything of it till my husband came back to the car. He speak me that this white male was informing the cashier that some chinese - which we are not chinese- has left two kids in the auto by themselves and blah lol blah blah blah...... And of food at the time my husband was already checking out. He was prefer what the heck, bring away his tylenol and also comes out. Get in the vehicle tells me and drives. Of food we had to pass up the door and also this old white males comes running outside like he to be going to execute something. I puposely openend the home window to make certain he observed me. What an idiot. Don"t begin running your mouth until you really understand the situation. I typical I understand your old and also it to be dark outside and also you prob. Didn"t watch me however shoot, still first of every we space NOT chinese and I wouldn"t be together stoopid as you think asian people would certainly be. Infact we"re fairly smarter. So following time make certain you recognize whats yes, really going on very first before you start gossiping a bunch that rumors.