Learn where to discover the Pack-a-Punch and also the 4 altars essential to activate the in trip of Despair.

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Voyage that Despair is speak to of Duty: black Ops 4’s an initial full Zombie campaign set aboard the Titanic and if players desire a possibility of surviving, they’ll have to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine.

How to unlock the Pack-a-Punch in trip of Despair

To activate the Pack-a-Punch maker in trip of Despair, players will first need come activate the Sentinel Artifact at the stern of the ship. Reaching this area requires unlocking several doors through each costing several thousands of points.


Players will require to have actually at least 6,250 points to reach the artifact:

Starting in ~ the generate point, clear the debris native the stairs (750) and also head within the shipFollow the halls along and also unlock the door (1,000)Go under the cool Staircase and unlock the door (1,250) on the rightRun follow me the deck and use the furniture to enter the first Class LoungeGo with the lounge and also unlock the door (1,500) in ~ the backRun ago onto the deck and use the lifeboat to reach the top levelContinue directly toward the back of the ship, clearing the debris blocking the stair (1,750)Activate the Sentinel Artifact through walking up the stairs and interacting v it
After activating the artifact, 4 orbs will certainly fly to 4 altars hidden on the Titanic.

After reaching and also activating the Sentinel Artifact, four orbs of light will certainly flash out and also fly come different locations of the ship. Players have to track down and also interact with each that the altars where the orbs landed, with the last one transforming into the Pack-a-Punch machine. Due to the fact that the last one always turns right into the Pack-a-Punch, it’s a an excellent idea to conserve the most basic altar till last, i beg your pardon is no doubt the one close to the artifact.

Cargo HoldBottom that the grand StaircaseTurbine RoomNear the Sentinel Artifact in ~ the rear of the ship

The Pack-a-Punch altar in the Cargo organize is found at the bow the the ship, the spawn suggest where players begin the trip of Despair. To situate it, look for the hole in the deck near the stairs in ~ the beginning and also drop down. From here, look because that the door through the lock, the will lead to a flooded area the the ship. Get in the water and also swim below the stairs provided to enter the water – at the ago of this area is the altar.


Locating the Pack-a-Punch in ~ the bottom area of the grand Staircase is simple, together the means down immediately unlocks after the artifact has been collected. Head ago to the facility of the ship, uncover the key stairs and use them to circle down to the reduced level to with the altar.


To discover the Pack-a-Punch altar in the wind turbine Room players will require to go into the ship making use of the stairs listed below where the artifact spawns. After going under the stairs, walk under the room looking towards the middle of the delivery to spot a big hole in the floor wherein an elevator have to be. Drop under the hole and proceed right into the halls. Follow the hallway along and unlock the door at the end. Go down the 2 stairs in the Engine Room and also look because that the blocked route in the midde, clean it to accessibility the water. Go into the water and immediately turn around to point out a little tunnel. Swim with the tunnel to find the Pack-a-Punch altar.


Finally, the last Pack-a-Punch altar players should collect is straight in former of wherein the Sentinel Artifact was collected. Making this the last altar friend collect will certainly ensure the Pack-a-Punch spawns here, a nice open up area that can be supplied to corral the zombies.

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With all the altars activated, the Pack-a-Punch an equipment will spawn. Using the Pack-a-Punch device costs a hefty amount of point out (5,000) so make certain you upgrade the exactly weapon! Be certain to check out our other guides, together as how to unlock all characters in Blackout and how come split-screen zombies.