Violet Voss divine Grail Palette

First time trying one of these palettes that everyone is raving about! There are 20 eyeshadows in a mixture that mattes and also shimmers and I couldn’t aid but drool end the shades in this one. Exactly how gorgeous are these?! i wasn’t sure what to intend not ever having make the efforts this brand before. Ns was hoping it wasn’t going to be prefer the BH Cosmetics palettes, which have the right to be struggle or miss. Surprisingly, it’s really AMAZING! Every eyeshadow in this color board is supervisor pigmented, easy to work-related with and I didn’t have to apply any of these eyeshadows wet. The shimmer finishes remind me a many MakeupGeek’s foiled formula, an extremely soft and a small amount necessary in application. Given the price, dimension of the eyeshadows, quality of pigment and application, this is absolutely a winner in my book. Ns can’t wait come try an ext of this palettes!

What do you think the the Violet Voss palettes?



Look #1

Eyeshadows used:

Bestie (crease)On Fleek (inner, outer third of lid and into crease)

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I love attract “How U Doin” top top the inner half of lid with ” on Fleek” ~ above the outer and mixing “Wine n Dine” through “Glamping in the crease and layering “Wine n dine” and “Cranberry Splash” over black color pencil liner. That adds a the majority of sass to a cutesy sundress.

This is precise my new favorite palette. (I in reality bought a backup, which i NEVER, ever do) It can have supplied a matte highlight shade, yet I can’t even complain since every shade below is gorgeous.