The Vans Sk8-HI agree BMX shoes room the very same high top classics that girlfriend love, however have to be beefed up through Vans WaffleCup building and construction giving girlfriend extra support, durability and also pedal-feel. Treated suede and also Duracap underlay make these exceptionally durable, and also premium insoles include extra comfort and influence absorption come the already supportive cupsole construction.

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Cupsole - Durable and shock-absorbing to carry out the best affect protection against hard landings. Cupsoles generally last longer than a vulcanized sole but don"t provide as much flexibility and also board feel appropriate out of the box.
PopCush™ - Vans" PopCush insoles snap earlier and won"t pack! This proprietary foam link was conscientious tuned and also tested for affect protection, exceptional cushioning, and custom power return. This upgraded foam performs far better than Vans" UltraCush™ compound for all species of skating therefore you deserve to skate longer and go more difficult than ever before.
Wafflecup™ BMX - The an initial of that is kind, specifically designed through the BMXer in mind. Vans" revolutionary WAFFLECUP™ BMX building offers today"s BMXers the support of a cupsole there is no sacrificing any of the grip and pedal-feel the a timeless vulcanized shoe.A herringbone underlayer adds a second life in ~ Vans" standard gum rubber link that has actually a more rigid flex sample - every reinforced choose a tank. Designed, tested, and also approved through today"s height riders. Feeling Support"d.
Duracap™ - Developed and tested to resist the abuse the the Vans agree skateboarding team; reinforcement is listed through rubber underlays in the toebox and ollie-area for lasting durability to conserve you time and money.
Looks good . Sizes run bout 1/2 dimension bigger tho. Something to save in mind when picking your size
these shoes have an excellent cushioning and excellent support. I use them because that BMX. The slight con is the rubber on the soles is a bit hard, no the common gum rubber compound I"m used to through Vans. The more tough rubber top top the soles is no as grippy together I"d like it come be.
these shoes didn"t need any break with time I slap the laces in and got directly the business. The soles really absorb the shock native slamming your paws om the ground. I choose the tail whip security on the next of the shoe and the smoothed out fromt.portikn of the shoes
A bit much more support than other Vans I"ve owned. Fit prefer a glove! yes, really supportive and also comfortable. My new favorite skate/bike shoe!

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