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"The method Young lovers Do" is a tune by north Irish singer-songwriter valve Morrison. That was videotaped in 1968 in new York City 2nd solo album Astral Weeks later that year. The tune is in triple metre. The distinctive feel of the original recording increase from the non-rock layout of double-bass phrasing through veteran jazzman Richard Davis and extr jazz musician conference players, which linked with Morrison"s soulful vocals, create a fairly unusual mix of stylistic elements. Brian Hinton believes that "The song is about growing up, an adolescent an initial kiss, and still conveys the exact same sweet mystery as "Astral Weeks" but more upfront."In Ritchie Yorke"s story on van Morrison the comments the Van Morrison told him, "On the second side "Young lovers Do" is just basically a song around young love" and that Morrison climate laughed mysteriously. In a 1969 issue of Rolling stone about Astral weeks Greil Marcus remarks: "It is meaningless to discuss this album in regards to each certain track; through the exemption of "Young lover Do", a negative jazz-flavored cut that, is uncomfortably out of ar on this record, it"s all one song, an extremely much "A day in the Life.""In his review, Scott thomas writes:more »

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We strolled through areas all wet through rainAnd earlier along the roadway againThere in the sunshineIn the sweet summertimeThe way that young lovers doI kissed friend on the lips when moreAnd we stated goodbye at your front doorIn the night-timeYeah, that"s the best timeTo feel the means that young lover doThen us sat ~ above our very own star and dreamed of the way that we wereAnd the way that we want to beThen we sat on our own star and also dreamed the the means that ns was for youAnd girlfriend were for meAnd then we danced the night awayAnd turning to each other, say, "I love you, ns love you"The means that young lover doDo, do, do, do...Then us sat top top our own star and dreamed of the means that us were and also the wayThat we want to beThen us sat on our own star and also dreamed that the means that i was because that youAnd friend were for meAh, we long to dance the night awayAnd transforming to every other, say, "I love you. Baby, i love you"The means that young lovers do, lovers do, lovers doDo, do, do, do...

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van Morrison van Morrison, OBE (born George Ivan Morrison; 31 august 1945) is a north Irish singer-songwriter and also musician.

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His live performances at their finest are defined as transcendental, while several of his recordings, such together the studio albums Astral Weeks and Moondance and also the live album It"s too Late to stop Now, room critically acclaimed and also appear at the optimal of countless greatest album lists. More »