This location is a total joke people are rude. Service does no exist. Employee thinks they space some just how the secret police... Better off do still out back

If you can actually rate a booze store...its clean & people are quite friendly.. However...its constantly busy & you re welcome BE an extremely CAREFUL PULLING IN & OUT.Allot of foot traffic crossing the street there, bikes, pedestrians...just be very CAUTIOUS!

Good come go throughout day hours on weekends. Carry out not try to walk rt prior to closing top top Fridays or Saturdays because you deserve to expect a lengthy line within to pay. This location always busy busy.Masks are required! ID verification IN TACT! suitable VALID UT id or D.L ok, us or Intl PASSPORT ok.NO Privileged D.L accepted or mexico CONSULATE identifier accepted!

I checked out ask a lady that worked there a question and also she looked in ~ me and also turned around and also ignored me. Most liquor store employees i have asked aid for are very curteous. She was not.

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These guys are great! They were there to aid me uncover what ns needed, and super friendly. When I go at practically 4pm, over there wasnt a line, and also the place was the perfect temperature inside

Weird to be from out of state however staff and process was effortless. Well stocked. Clean. Professional.

My just drawback come this keep is the location. The people who work here are constantly nice to me however being in west sink they obtain some customers who remind me the Im in west valley

Clean figure inside. Sketchy parking lot inhabitants. To be just in search of one thing, didnt really browse the selection so can not offer more info.

Messed up system..poor selection..long lines..only location to go.. Like regulated by govt..cause it is

It’s a nice liquor store. Gets yes, really packed around 6 afternoon so if you males want to get your liquor climate I’d go prior to then.

Great selection. Clean store. An excellent employees. That is the customers in this area that you gotta watch out for. The parking lot is a chaos & a many ppl hang around outside. Maybe since there is a bar throughout the street. IDK.

Typical liquor store fast inspect out friendly employee members. No normally exceptionally busy and items space stocked all the time

Long lines however it walk pretty rapid not lot parking park ~ above the street a the majority of homless people on the sidewalks

Way end priced, good advertising for bordering states liquor stores. Could be much better if there were more/any non LDS people on the commission. The state shouldnt be in the he sleeve business.

Seemed to have lots of concerns today. Employee were very helpful and also patient also after questioning them abt practically everything on my Christmas Gift perform btw was really long. The cashier even said a gift crate for one item i purchased even went to gain it because that me. Lock made mine Christmas list Alcohol trip much less frustrating. Happy Christmas come them all.

When you need boxes this is the wrong location to gain them from. Inconsiderate staff most ignorant civilization there management and also the cashier that is uneducated with policies put me in one embarrassing moment in prior of various other customers. Definitely will never ever shop over there again

Its a liquor store. What is not to love? I might hang the end all day simply watching the pretties come and go and also drinking until I cant see straight. Except if you crack open a bottle right here you could get arrested. But its nice to dream.

Good selection, especially contrasted to the median liquor stores Ive went to in L.A. I recorded the night rush and there were lengthy lines even though many of the registers were open. Cashiers were slow, at least from my allude of observation. In my experience, this store along with only a few others have actually a lengthy line evening sirloin problem.

They are completely staffed so friend dont have to wait long in line. Its convenient located and they have a great selection of tasty wines and drinks! It deserve to be viewed from the road.

Easy to gain into today, but they must go back to their continuous schedule and also hours, or just permit privatization that liquor stores!

Staff to be perfectly calm and also friendly in this unexplainable times. Glad i went top top Thursday and also not Friday!

Little busy however they have actually plenty of examine stands the selections an excellent and youre guarantee to obtain lit and also turned up

Pretty disappointed! This liquor save is constantly closing early. Ive watched them close 20 come 30 minutes early, also though castle would stay busy.

So busy, should be privately marketed not state run. Takes hrs to gain in and also out. Possibly a drive v would help!

HILARIOUS location TO buy LIQUOR... The lady that assisted me inspect out was SMASHED, she stated I looked like Clark Kent (I look nothing like any kind of of the Clark Kent’s) she an extremely loudly told us that she co worker to be “a genuine bitch” and also asked me ~ above a date even though ns 33 and also she’s favor 60... This experience made mine day...

Its crowded on Saturdays! Still, we uncovered what we needed and also were checked out quickly. The cashier was sort to everyone even though it to be so busy.

Just like all the other ones. Get there prior to the rush on Friday afternoons. However even once it is liven this place moves nice quick. You deserve to expect to it is in in and also out in choose 5 - 10 min max on most days.

Service to be fine. They only had 2 registers open up at 930 pm on Saturday night as soon as they close at 10 and are closed on Sundays. The present went clean to the back of the store. Another 1 or 2 registers open up would have been nice.

There is a lot of of an option here.Being native the Midwest all we really acquire is different species of whiskies and also Budweiser.Here you get that and a lot more.Plus it was clean, secure and people were really nice.

Found what I want to drink. Organized. An excellent drink choice esp the wine. Really helpful staff. Professional and also fast. Ns was the just one that got carded out of the whole line in former of me however it was choose a compliment to Me lol. Friendly, and nice staff.

The separation that church and also state is dispute that is needed since ill take every my liquor without a church franchises booze dispenser.

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If you require a bottle quick go come this store since even if the lines are lengthy the crew below moves it right along and also its basic to enter and also park nice world find what you need fast and your on her way

Its the day before Thanksgiving and also usually the liquor save is packed, and today was no exception... However they had plenty of it is provided on hand and also the employees were acquiring ppl in and out quickly

Friendly fast. Some prices are type of high contrasted to various other states. Makes me wonder where this money goes?

I dont commonly drink, yet its labor day weekend! and this was my very first visit to a liquor keep . As far as liquor shop go, it was a quite unappealing trip. The dredges if culture intermingle v high society and everyone in between . The choice of wine to be huge!! never ever seen so plenty of bottles the wine. It was wine as far as the eye can see ( every the way to the earlier of the store ) and all the hard alcohol and beer surround the wine selection. It was kinda difficult to discover my Fat Tire however the stocker was rather valuable though and pointed it the end for me. I indicate u to buy a map the the within of the place and plan on it being packed

Went in come this place earlier this evening and it to be a nice operation overall, very quick, the elder mrs helping me was an extremely kind, sweet together cornbread, bless she heart! Ive remained in this store numerous times end the last brief while and also I need to say Ive constantly been pleased with the helpfulness of the staff and the modest choice they offer. 4/5 only due to the fact that of the slightly lacking selection. Price are... Decent?

Quick service. The the liquor store how much deserve to you failure there..they keep it clean and stocked. I have actually never had to turn roughly because castle didnt have actually or were out of share on what i purchased. So... Besides that I have actually nothing much more to say. Ns forgot to take it photos. Ns hope come go back and get some soon. :)

I hate Utahs liquor laws, an ext so your liquor stores or absence there of. The lines around any major holiday are fully ridiculous. Their absence of cold beer and no major domestic brands, Bud, Coors, Miller, is also absurd. Why have actually those alternatives at a greater alcohol % once you can acquire 3.2 everywhere else (sarcasm) however as long as ns live here thats mine options. Put an ext stores around the state and in the Salt Lake valley, PLEASE.

Address:3381 S Redwood Rd, West sink City, UT 84119, united StatesSite: 801-972-5735