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Victim Assistance


As the victim the a crime, you have specific constitutional and statutory rights under the law. The Utah the supervisory board on victim of Crime has created a document explaining this rights, as well as the responsibilities and expectations of federal government agencies affiliated in the criminal beginning process.

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Victim Advocates

South Salt Lake Victim solutions is a team of four, committed to the job-related of victimadvocacy and providing support to those who require it. With over 45 years ofcombined endure in victim and also child advocacy, our team is prepared to provideguidance, resources, and also referrals particular to your needs.

The team is veryconscious of the distinctive dynamics of our southern Salt Lake community, and also workshard come maintain present and an important information for our LGBTQIAP+, refugee and also Non-English speak populations. We have a full-time Spanish-speaking advocate, withteam members especially versed in mental health, residential violence, protectiveorders and also housing resources.

South Salt Lake Crime Victim Advocates help victims (and family members members that victims) v the following varieties of crimes:

AssaultChild AbuseDomestic violenceDUI-FatalHomicideSexual AssaultStalking/HarassmentSuicide and also other traumatic lossOther violent crimes

Some that our solutions include:

Safety planningReferrals to community resources and also servicesCounseling resources and referralsInformation around the criminal justice systemResources for available financial assistanceAccompaniment to and also support v court hearings together requestedPrevention work, consisting of public presentations

Victim Advocate hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 to be - 6:00 pm. Speak to our main line at 801.412.3660 and also our Spanish-speaking heat at 801.412.3661. Because that non-emergency instances call 801.840.4000. To attain a police report, reach the end to our Records department at 801.412.3600 or policerecords

Local Resources


The south Salt Lake Police Chaplain Corps is a non-profit/volunteer organization that gives an interface with the secular and ministry human beings for the function of promoting tolerance and also understanding. They job-related with members the the Victims help Unit. Chaplains carry out professional counsel to victims, family members members, and also co-workers involved in an essential emergency situations and/or criminal incidents. The work-related of the Chaplain differs significantly from the job-related of the Pastor, Minister, or Bishop. The Pastor, Minister, or Bishop treatment for the spiritual requirements of the congregation; whereas, the Chaplain must care for the needs of the secular human being as well.


How carry out I attain a police report?

To achieve a police report, reach out to our Records department at 801.412.3600 or policerecords

If I’m a victim the a crime, carry out I must pay because that a copy the the police report?

No. Victims of crimes deserve to receive a copy of your police report because that free. Contact the Records division at 801.412.3600 or policerecords
rwcchristchurchappeal.com for an ext information.

Do I require a lawyer to gain a protective order?

No. Girlfriend can apply for a security order in ~ the legal Aid culture website.

Can ns be compensated for prices related come a crime committed against me?

In some cases, yes. To discover out if you have the right to be compensated because that a crime committed versus you, reach out to the Utah Office for Victims that Crime.

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Where have the right to I find added information and also services for residential abuse?

https://www.domesticshelters.org/ provides excellent information about all elements of residential abuse. If you room the victim of domestic abuse, reach out to ours team immediately.