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photograph By small Officer 2nd Class Alfred Coffield | chef Hospital Corpsman Michael Couch, assigned come the Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS Washington (SSN 787), embraces his daughter upon return from deployment in ~ Naval terminal Norfolk, Feb. 11, 2020. “While that a great feeling to recognize we achieved the mission in ~ sea together ordered, ns feel that success even much more when ns greet my family,” said Couch. Washington deployed to U.S. Europe Command’s area of duty where it enforcement the chef of naval operations’ marine strategy by supporting nationwide security interests and also maritime defense operations. (U.S. Navy picture by Mass communication Specialist 2nd Class Alfred A. Coffield) see less | View photo Page

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Story by small Officer second Class Alfred Coffield

Commander, Submarine force Atlantic

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NORFOLK, Virginia (NNS) --The Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS Washington (SSN 787) reverted from its maiden deployment come its homeport at Naval station Norfolk, Feb. 11. Under the command of Capt. Gabriel Cavazos, Washington return from a deployment to the U.S. Europe Command area of duty where it executed the chef of navy operations" naval strategy by supporting national security interests and also maritime defense operations.“I might not be more proud of what mine team has accomplished,” stated Cavazos. “This team has given their every throughout our workups and also execution come be ready to achieve the ship’s maiden deployment. They confronted adversity together by producing innovative solutions and had an incredibly successful deployment.” Washington arrived on Naval terminal Norfolk to the greeting of more than 500 friends and also family members who proved their assistance with cheers and handmade welcome home signs. Sonar Technician (Submarine) 1st Class Jason Beyers, assigned come USS Washington, was overjoyed to watch his family after completing what will most likely be his critical deployment prior to retiring. “It’s a small different returning from this deployment,” said Beyers. “This was my last after two decades of service. Coming house this time has actually a various feel, and I cannot wait come spend an ext time v my wife and kids.” Mariah Beyers, the mam of Jason Beyers, took a few long moment to hug she husband top top his return.“It’s really amazing to have Jason come home and also see the kids,” she said. “It’s been a lengthy journey, and also we can not be more happiness to have him back.”During the deployment, Washington steamed roughly 45,000 nautical miles through the crew supporting diplomatic relationships by conducting harbor visits in Rota, Spain and also Faslane, Scotland.29 enlisted Sailors and also three police officers earned their submarine war qualification, well-known as "dolphins," while two enlisted Sailors advanced to the following paygrade and 12 reenlisted. Fast-attack submarines space multi-mission platforms allowing five the the six Navy naval strategy core capabilities - sea control, strength projection, front presence, maritime security, and also deterrence. They space designed come excel in anti-submarine warfare, anti-ship warfare, strike warfare, distinct operations, intelligence, surveillance and also reconnaissance, rarely often, rarely warfare and also mine warfare. Fast-attack submarines project power ashore with special to work forces and also Tomahawk cruise missiles in the avoidance or preparation of local crises.The Virginia-class submarine is 377 feet long and also 34 feet wide, and weighs around 7,900 tons when submerged. Underwater, it can reach speed in overabundance of 25 knots.For more news from Commander, Submarine Force, Atlantic, visit www.navy.mil/local/sublant/

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