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Ultimate inspection Bot V2.0

Brought to life through Bots4U™ a civilization class advancement team based out of the united state comes among their greatest brain storms come date. With enhanced visuals, new undetectable mode, redesigned algorithms and now supporting surveys from platforms like: Paymentwall, RadiumOme, SuperRewards, SuperSonic, Trialpay and also Persona.ly. The Ultimate survey Bot V2.0 is unmistakably setup itself up to be the single greatest automated cash machine of the decade!

COBY 2.0 currently Proudly Features!

The highly Requested! Ultimate inspection Exchange!New! Undetectable Mode: W/ HumanLike AI + Premium VPN!New! Live Statistics panel & Queue System!New! Stress complimentary Server next Completions!New! automatic Real information Generator!Built In temporary Email Creator For epos Verification!Access to over 2000+ HQ Proxies! to update Daily!Built In Premium Captcha Bot! W/ brand-new Image Library!Updated web Scanner V5.0 Algorithms!

NEW manage PANEL!

With an enhanced analytics panel, brand-new settings and a neighborhood based exchange. We have actually truly unable to do all the end to bring you the best possible automated inspection experience!




Now with an instantly updated live progress feed, analytics dashboard and brand-new error feedback system… we’ve pulled out all the stops to carry you a console you have the right to use through confidence.

IT"S finally HERE!

After an ext requests then have the right to be numbered… The world’s an initial ever moderated survey exchange has arrived! enabling anyone to exchange surveys that COBY doesn’t complete with other users from across the world!


RE: important Unbelievable

I learned about the coby2.0/ultimate survey bot project about 2 months earlier and to be ethical I was fairly skeptical due to the fact that I didn’t think for one 2nd you could ever develop something to complete a survey since I had a hard enough time with them on mine own! but long story short this small guy is truly an amazing item of coding! i’ve attached just how much i have made so much with her bot. And the truth that that is 2X an ext then you said it could make is truly amazing and also I know it won’t avoid here!You’re a an extremely talented guy Mr Hunter and I look front to using this bot because that many much more months to come!!!Thanks again for all your aid sir.David Corcoran


re: Annoyed however in Heaven

I will certainly say at very first I found the sponsored access keys quite annoying. But considering how much i’ve made with this thing and also that i haven’t paid a dime for it. Castle a minor inconvenience lol This bot has almost replaced mine job revenue in fact and that is something I never ever dreamed possible! So i Must include that the owner a great guy and also will always help you if you obtain stuck! and even despite the success prices are low, this little fella does wonders!PS: will you males be selling lifetime access anytime soon? :P :P

Re: great Support, Coby’s Amazing!

I wish you could see the laugh on my confront right now! ns love this bot and this company, assistance is amazing and also their assets so far have been civilization class stuff. store IT up BOTS4U! ~ Scott

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System Requirements:

.NET frame 4.0+An active Internet ConnectionBe sitting down due to the fact that this will blow girlfriend away. :)

While us have functioned tireously day and night to carry you guys something special… We can have never done it there is no you! and also together us will continue to do the COBY 2.0 job something unique! so from the entirety team right here at Bots4U thank you for every little thing you males do for us! ~ Joseph Hunter (Team Leader)

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