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From:General Aviation Headset (Dual Plugs)GA Headset Lemo Plug (6 Pin)Bose A20 Headset Lemo Plug (6 Pin)Civilian Heli Headset (U-174)Civilian Heli Headset (U-174, NATO)Helicopter Headset (Europe NATO)Military Headset (U-174 short Imped.)Airbus Plug (5 Pin)Ultralight Plug (eg Comtronics)Sennheiser S1 GA Headset
To:General Aviation Headset (Dual Plugs)Panel strength Lemo Plug (6 Pin)Civilian Heli Headset (U-174)Civilian Heli Headset (U-174, NATO)Helicopter Headset (Europe NATO)Military Headset (U-174, low Imped.)Airbus Plug (5 Pins)Ultralight Plug (ex: Comtronics)Icom A3, A6, A14, A24 RadioIcom A2, A20, A21 RadioIcom A4 RadioIcom A5, A23 RadioIcom A25 RadioVideo/Camera Jack (3.5mm)Extend it (5 feet)Computer (Mic/Phone 3.5mm Jack)Digital Audio record DeviceMini USB (GoPro Hero3)Icom A16 RadioComputer (USB)


Use our straightforward two action dropdown to get the exactly adapter for her needs. First select what plug you currently have, then pick what you require to transform to and youre done! We have done ours homework to assure these room the correct adapters. Action 1: select what plug you at this time have.Step 2: pick what you require to convert to.Step 3: include to Cart

first time using this adapter, talk to the pilots they said that my voice is really very low. For this reason how could make it very loud?

This is mandatory for a backup radio. To hear a portable in the cockpit would be difficult. Note that as soon as using an exterior PTT, the constructed in mic is cut off. This renders for quieter transmissions. Prevent using the PTT top top the radio. Wonderful quality and also hardware.

The an excellent news is it appears to work. Unfortunately, it does not come v a manual. Over there is no means to recognize when the batteries are draining (no on/off switch either) and also Pilot has not comment to mine inquiries. I most likely wouldnt have actually bought this had I well-known what I recognize now.

The product is fine. But i was told it would job-related with my military headsets. That doesn’t!! ns spoke with Customer service and they were to acquire with the manufacturer and reply ago with a call call nearly 2 main ago. I’ve not heard noþeles further!!

Please note, aircraft Spruce"s personnel room not certified plane mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not it is in relied ~ above or enforced in lieu the consulting an A&P or various other qualified technician. Plane Spruce suspect no responsibility or liability for any issue or trouble which may arise from any repair, modification or other job-related done from this understanding base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based upon general applications guides and we recommend constantly referring come your certain aircraft components manual, the components manufacturer or consulting with a default mechanic.

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Q: I want to usage a high impedance U174/U plug helmet in a Nato/UK short impedance helicopter. Could you tell me if this configuration can be matched with your Pilot USA Adapter Wizard?
Q: I have the Clarity Aloft headset. I require to transform to a 6 pin Lemo plug. Which adapter must I order?

The Clarity Aloft comes typical with twin GA Plugs. You would need component # 11-06533 to convert from dual GA to 6 pin Lemo.

Q: I require to convert Bose A20 Headset v Bluetooth to military Low Impedance. What adapter need to I use?
Q: I require to convert Bose A20 Headset through Bluetooth U-174 to dual Plugs. Which component number have to I use?
Q: ns would like to usage my aviation headset with my computer. Is there any configuration the would transform a U-174/U plug to a double 3.5mm configuration for usage of both microphone and also audio?