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Roblox 2018 "Great Yolktales" Egg hunt kicked off March 28. Examine out our finish guide come every egg location, video game badge quest and also other things you have to know.

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Roblox Egg hunting 2018 is here and brings through it a whopping 45 new eggs to find in the game and also over 50 badges to earn together well. In this guide, we"ve put together a list of every map, egg and also badge in the 2018 an excellent Yolktales Egg Hunt. The map list features all the egg you uncover there, when the egg perform details steps for obtaining the egg. In ~ the very bottom the the write-up you"ll find the assorted badges you can acquire during the pursuit as well.

Happy hunting Gunters!

Roblox "Great Yolktales" Egg hunting 2018 Maps


Wonderland Grove is one of seven maps in the Roblox 2018 Egg HuntYouTubeThis year"s egg quest features 7 different maps. Castle the maps and eggs discovered there space as follows:

Ruined Library - Inkwell EggWonderland Grove - Yolker Egg, Teapot Egg, Egg the Wishes, Painted rose Egg, Treasured Egg that WonderlandMerlin"s Swamp - Alleggator Egg, great Knight EggEasterbury Canals - Feast Egg, club Egg Skewer, Sugar crystal Egg, Treasured cooking Egg, Eggchup, EggplantHardboiled City - Doggo Egg, Egg Capone, garbage Egg, Hardboiled sweetheart EggRuins of Wookong - Rock the looks like an Egg Rock, Idol Egg, run Dance Eggolution, tropical Flower Egg, Treasured Egg that the Wookong Jungle, Eggsplorer EggThe Undernest - Radio Egg, Egg that Dark Nest, Newton"s third Law that Egg, Presegg, Spider Egg,

Roblox "Great Yolktales" 2018 Egg List: Every Egg and How To discover It

Below is a list of every egg friend can find in the egg hunt. As soon as the video game becomes playable come all, we"ll upgrade each Egg v a overview for finding its location. Numerous of the message explanations come indigenous redditor Mega0968 therefore props to him or her for the help!

Where To discover Inkwell, Teapot and also Yolker Eggs

Inkwell Egg

So strange, everyone insurance claims the egg watch a tiny different come them. Occasionally an egg is just an egg!

How to Get: Complete the tutorial to unlock this one

Teapot Egg

The tea, friend must have a cup the tea! yet don"t it is in late, you could miss someone"s unbirthday party!

How come Get: This one is easily uncovered in Wonderland Map.

Yolker Egg

I to be funny how? Am ns funny prefer I am a clown? Oh, ns am? Phew – I assumed my jokes could have been falling flat!

How to Get: Play the uncover the egg in the cup game with Yolker and also Find the Egg properly 3 times in a row. (Bounce on mushrooms to rise a small tree around the center of the map and also at the peak you"ll have to solve a puzzle.)

Eggfection (Any World)

Nobody knows how it began. But before anything might be done, the civilization was overrun. Silver- lining: a lot much less traffic!

How to Get: Touch one of the 19 developers of the Egg hunt in the game a mod or a player in the Egg hunting 2018 that has actually the Eggfection egg.


A peerless condiment and also titan the tomato egg based product. And king of sparking local spelling and also pronunciation debates.

How to Find: This egg moves far from friend in Easterbury, use your dash capacity to catch up to it to get it or shot to pin against a solid surface so friend can get it easily

Painted increased Egg (Wonderland Grove)

A rose by any other name would smell together sweet. But any kind of colour other than red? Well, off through their head.

How to Find: throw red paint at the all the roses v the hedge maze (In the maze a man will ask you to paint his wall with tomatoes, hit all of them and you"re awarded v the egg).

Treasured Egg the Wonderland (Wonderland Grove)

What a long, strange pilgrimage it"s been through this wondrous land! girlfriend made it out unscrambled though and with this gold treasure!

How to Get: You acquire this for handing the end all 15 invites in wonderland

Good items Egg (Merlin"s Swamp)

Here, ye! Here, ye! might I presenteth, the good Knight Egg! given his title and also rank by a weird lady, who threw a sword at him from yonder pond

How to Get: go to the destroyed Castle Towers in Merlin"s Swamp. The egg will generate randomly and charge at you, damaging 1/4 of your health and wellness each time that is successful. Jump on the Egg repeatedly to defeat and also obtain it.

Feast Egg (Easterbury Canal)

Did you know there space over 54,816 ways to prepare an egg? but don"t worry, we"re sure you"ll find out them all prior to next year"s feast!

How to Get: walk to the chef in his restaurant, he will certainly ask you come invite some people. You will certainly be offered a couple of secs to execute so. (This part I have no idea exactly how I achieved this, i think you"re claimed to invite a few friends to the video game to help you in this quest. Some dude in the video game was current in the restaurant at the time and this relocate onto the second task) because that the second task you have to cook the orders of the world at the restaurant and also deliver the food to the appropriate person. They have actually a patience meter, therefore look out for that. I think the minimum stars required is 3 stars.

Club Egg Skewer (Easterbury Canal)

As tempting together it is, no – you room not permitted to sword fight with the skewer as soon as you complete your meal.

How come Get: In Easterbury Canals, speak to Paul Depourck. He will ask girlfriend to deal with his grill, firstly get in the freezer to acquire a block the ice? and then ar it top top the grill. You will certainly then be giving a job to deal with the pipe by rotating them right into the right positions come work. Click on the red button after every pipe section to development onto the next. After this is done you will be given the egg

Demeaning Egg (Easterbury Canals)

At a details point this egg will lastly understand it"s not a phase! えぐ

How come Get:

Go to Eastbury Canals.Find one NPC named Jeremy. He"s in between the street cone shop and also the ice cream shop.Get the Demeaning Egg.Walk every the means to the spa, i beg your pardon is top top the island to the left of the cholocate factory and also spawn. Perform not run or go into the water, or girlfriend may lose the egg. Pick it up easily if girlfriend drop it, as it despawns quickly and also other players deserve to steal it.Walk into the spa pool through the egg.

Sugar crystal Egg (Easterbury Canals)

To fulfill the craving because that those with a genuine sweet tooth. Warning: prolonged exposure recognized to cause cavities and also heightened state of eggxiety.

How to Find: Look for a Woman named Carol Merapple in Easterbury Canals in her sweet shop (should be rather obvious) she will have actually the complete a job for her by getting sugar from under his sweet store. There"s a large gaping hole in the keep that provides you accessibility to this location. Once you discover the sugar bring it back, the route you take to the save will be blocked by ice cream so take the various other route back. Be mindful though, if you loss in the water you will must go every the way back and get more sugar.

Treasured cook Egg (Easterbury Canal)

Some to speak this represents pinnacle of cook eggchievement. Others say horses are simply land dolphins, yet that"s a various matter.

How come Find:

On the map Easterbury Canals, talk to the market (the fat guy) who can be easily uncovered near the starting position.He will certainly ask you to set the table that can be located at the entrance. You"re an alleged to do the table specifically the very same as the table the opposite it.After that, go ago to the mayor and also talk to him. He will then ask you to watch Billy (Billy Bonka). He have the right to be discovered in his coco factory.Bill will certainly then tell you his cacao factory is around to sheathe the city in chocolate if the reactor is not cooled under so he will certainly ask girlfriend to talk to Isaac.Go come the ice Cream Shop close to the lake area of the map and Isaac will certainly tell friend to create Sub Zero ice cream Cream.Making the ice cream deserve to be fairly easy yet the an obstacle is happen it come the factory. You will be warned that the ice Cream will certainly melt and you will have to be fast. With the ice cream Cream, head to the factory and talk to Billy.He will open up the doors permitting you to gain to the coolant, however it"s not that simple. Obstacles such as Oil and steam will make you go into a minigame to try and balance the ice cream cream. The balancing mechanics is monster so BE really CAREFUL or you will certainly be collection back to the ice cream Cream shop to make another Ice Cream.Once The ice cream Cream is in the coolant, go earlier to Billy and he must reward you v the Egg.

Mad Scientist Egg (Easterbury Canals - Stein"s Basement)

They invested so lot time wonder if lock "could," yet never paused to ask if castle "should." guess that"s what drive "em mad!

How come Get: Enter Stein"s Basment v the publication near the spa in Easterbury Canals and lure the rat right into the 3 catch in the lab.

Egg Capone (Hardboiled City)

The most well known egg in every Hardboiled City. Word abouts town is who bumped right into him and he hads "em scrambled.

How to Get: acquire to the finish of the Warehouse without being spotted or tracked by people, lasers and cameras.

Garbagé Egg (Hardboiled City)

One Robloxian"s rubbish is another"s treasure. Other than in this case, wherein its plainly labelled recycling.

How to Get: Go to the Sanitation station in Capon Yards, (You can acquire there in Hardboiled City v the subway) collection 5 huge garbage bins and also place castle in the shoot, after all 5 bins are destroyed the incinerator will open up with the egg inside. Run in quickly and get the egg (don"t worry, if you dice you"ll still gain the egg) prior to it burns

Eggcellent Actor (Hardboiled City)

Its portrayal together Eggmund in Eggspeare"s "King Chandelier" is still considered one that the greatest performances to grace the stage.

How to Get: Perform every one of the actions effectively in the audition.

Hardboiled sweetheart Egg (Hardboiled City)

You cracked the cases and cleaned increase the streets. Evidence egg associated crime never ever pays. Uneven you"re protecting against it, then you get this together a reward!

How come Get: Talk come Commissioner Sousa in Hardboiled City in the Police Station and also complete every the challenges, such as dodging Caruso"s bullets, and completing the sewage obstacle course.

Newsie Egg (Hardboiled City - Capon Yards)

Eggstrie – eggstrie! Adventurer shows up in act III to rescue the city! check out all about it!

How come Get: Touch him once it randomly spawns in Capon Yards area.

Monkeying around Egg (Ruins that Wookong)

What could be an ext fun than swinging free through the trees? these rascals love to obtain into trouble!

How come Find: Shake an banana tree until an banana falls down, obtain the banana, walk to the most jungle-like area, find an monkey hanging ~ above a tree, let it jump down and take your banana.

Eggsplorer (Ruins of Wookong)

Dr. Eggingstone, ns presume? Oh, you"re not? my mistake. Well, it"s just I didn"t mean to run right into anyone else the end here!

How to Get: Free the two trapped explorers from the temple.

Jungle Flower Egg (Ruins of Wookong)

These flowers room even an ext dangerous than they look. Indigenous is that among these wrecked up part downtown flower shop!

How come Get: In ruins Of Wookong, obtain a bucket, then uncover 3 various kinds of water, and also give it come the plant in order: Blue, Red, and Purple. The plant the realses the egg and you have the right to collect it.

Treasured Egg the the Wookong Jungle

Not all that glitters is gold, yet this right here is the real Mc Coy! only the most committed eggsplorers ever also see this.

How to Get: In the Wookong Jungle enter the holy place in the map, gain the dynamite found in the lower floors inside the Temple, then blow up the wall. After this go to the tropical Chief and fight the the strongest warrior of Wookong. Then, discover 4 fruit scattered roughly the village and perform the ritual at the optimal of the temple. Gain the key behind the waterfall, and go earlier to the wall surface you destroyed. Get in the door, and fight the boss.

Newton"s 3rd Law of egg (The Undernest)

Exhibit A: because that every action, there is an equal and also opposite reaction. And this usually ends poorly because that eggs.

How to Get: Complete the zipline obstacle course and collect the egg.

King Cobregg (Ruins that Wookong)

Dripping malice, eyes cold as the grave. It is said by the time you see among these eggs it was currently too late 3 minute ago.

How to Get: Spawns randomly throughout ruins of Wookong.

Presegg (Blizzard Valley)

Don"t shake that too tough – you could break what is hiding inside! simply kidding – that is empty.

How come Get: Find the teleporter in The Undernest and also travel come Blizzard Valley.Then board santa"s sleigh and shoot presents into all the houses.Once excellent the Presegg will be rewarded to you.

Eggmin 2018 (Any Map)

An Admin? how auspicious! From anyone at Roblox, us hope friend have enjoyed Egg hunt 2018!

How come Get: in ~ this present time, Roblox Staff have a launcher that deserve to spawn Eggmins in a beam the light, be the an initial to touch it to collect it.

Eggplant (Easterbury Canal)

Some eggs once cracked and also unattended are recognized to sprout and also flower! Nature important is the many mysterious frontier.

How to Find: In Easterbury Canals, aubergine resides close to a plant pot located near the river that goes v the city (If girlfriend don"t discover it there, some say ti spawns randomly).

Egg that Wishes (Wonderland Grove)

Sure, as soon as you great upon a star you might get your hearts biggest desire... However a great at a fine gets friend an egg! i m sorry is still reasonably impressive.

How come Get:Coins space scattered about the wonderland, the well is located near a carrotfarm-thingy, it"s somewhere close to the starting position. Toss 3 coins in the well

Alleggator (Merlin"s Swamp)

amazing specimens, Alleggators! Evolving from egg to lizard eggs and also then mastering sailing. Crikey! rather a exceptional creature!

How to Get: This egg have the right to be uncovered in Merlins Swamp, have the right to be uncovered throughout the swamp (spawns randomly).

Doggo Egg (Hardboiled City)

Egg truly is man"s ideal friend. Wait….no, yeah actually pretty sure that"s right.

Where to Find: This Egg deserve to be easily found in the roadways of Hardboiled City

Dance run Eggolution (Ruins of Wookong)

You have the right to dance; you can jive; having actually the pursuit of her life! Watch the scene; digging the egg huntin"!

How come Get: Complete the music obstacle, similar to run Dance revolution in the ruins of Wookong.

Idol Egg (Ruins of Wookong)

Deep within the jungle, with the rise vines and beyond wherein the flower blooms, an old treasure, fraught with danger, looms.

How to Get: Survive the obstacle course in the ruins of Wookong and also escape through the egg.

Rock that Looks favor an Egg rock (Ruins the Wookong)

A absent is favor an egg, however the entirety thing is a shell. This, though, is just an egg that resembles a rock.

How come Get: Commonly spawns by the rocks in damages Of Wookong randomly.

Egg of Dark colony (The Undernest)

This is a testimony to victory snatched indigenous the dark nest and a harrowing exit, nothing more. Naught more.

How come Get: Finish the problem course in ~ the offered time without dying in the Undernest.

Spider Egg (The Undernest)

Oh, what a tangled internet we weave in search of eggventure! One the sometimes entails cramped spaces and also terrifying creatures.

How come Get: Complete the temple Run layout game in The Undernest.

Radio Egg (Undernest)

A dim red dot glows and also the hiss that static. Next thing you recognize the party is every around. This egg was designed through user PartyMonsterToast!

How come Get: Spawns all over randomly in The Undernest.

Dreggon (Merlin"s Swamp)

A rare find! possibly unsurprisingly, the totality Dragon part of this is rumored to make obtaining it a little bit tougher come survive… sorry, "acquire."

How to Get: This egg is situated in Merlins Swamp, which can be accessed by climbing to the optimal of the wonderland tree. First ask merlin in the tower because that the quest, the will offer you a search to find various armor components scattered about the map and also the knife (there are six pieces). Sword has actually a mini video game which you need to press A and also D at the same time to gain the sword. Once you have every one of this, go ago to merlin and he will teleport you to the ceo fight v dragon. Use platforms to dodge the dragons fire attack and click him as soon as he"s the end of breath, 3 hits and the egg is yours.

Investeggator (Hardboiled City - Sunnyside Heights)

Nobody comes tougher 보다 this Hardboiled City deteggtive! He"s cracked all the big cases including which come first, the chicken or the egg.

How to Get: In Hardboiled City, Sunnyside Heights, talk to sublievenant Francisco in the police station to start the investigation. The examination is held at Frittata Square, in ~ the hotel. Journey the elevator to the appartements and collect 7 investigation samples/clues. Return to Lieutenant Francisco in ~ the police terminal in Sunnyside heights and also show her the evidence. With it, she find the burglar"s identity and also orders you to record him in ~ the book store in Sunnyheights. The Burglar will be there for you to arrest. After that is arrested the Inveggstigator egg will generate in front of you for you to collect! (Note: The inveggstigator egg isn"t guarantee to spawn after the arrestation. People say that is broken, and others to speak it has a little chance the spawning.)

Egg hunt 2013 street Egg (Festival the Eggs)

A throwback for some actual eggficianados! one omelette du "homage," if you will! Cheers come The street Team!

How to Get: At the Festival of Eggs, go to the island v the stage and talk come the human being on the stage. You will then have to collect 22 tickets scattered roughly the island, and set off 8 celebration cannons.

Super Egg (Ruins that Wookong - Return that the Rabbit)

Able to lift as lot as 80 eggs. Much faster than someone on heelys. It"s supervisor Egg.

How come Get: Defeat Rabid Rabbit. Portal is discovered in damages of Wookong.

Aymegg (Aymor"s Lair)

You stared into the eye that darkness and never blinked. To the victor go the spoils!

How come Get: Defeat Aymor after getting to all the requirements.

D.I.Y. Egg (Ruined Library)

Sometimes if you want something excellent right, you just gotta do it yourself. This to be not among those times.

How come Get: Instructions for this one aren"t confirmed yet but here space the steps that have been found so far.

Go come the second floor the the key hubFind the paper bag through an egg drawn on it.Search for 3 crayons in each worldDefeat lord Aymor to collect the bag.

Feathered Fabergégg (Ruined Library)

Don"t speak to it a comeback once you been right here for years. See? simply look exactly how you rock your peers. Towerin" above competition! Congratulations top top earning every egg in the good Yolktales: Egg hunting 2018!

How to Get: Collect 40 or much more eggs and also go to the secret room behind Inkwell Egg statue.

Fifteam Egg

The many ambitious crossover due to the fact that Infinity War. What a journey! The eggs. The puns. And, oh, who can forget the egg puns? A huge thanks come Fifteam because that making this among the most memorable Egg Hunts come date!

Roblox Egg hunting 2018 Badges


There are loads of badges to unlock in Roblox"s 2018 Egg HuntRobloxGold sirloin - collect 100,000 gold Eggs. Walk not add to arsenal of eggs or completion of game.Treasure Master - collect 50,000 gold Eggs. Walk not contribute to collection of egg or perfect of game.Treasure Hunter - collect 5,000 golden Eggs. Walk not contribute to arsenal of eggs or completion of game.Treasure Finder - collection 1,000 gold Eggs. Walk not add to repertoire of egg or perfect of game.Speed Run - finish the game in under 2 hours. Friend WILL have actually the option to restart in ~ some point in her adventure. Does not add to arsenal of egg or completion of game.Egg Hoarder - collect all 45 Eggs. Walk not add to collection of eggs or completion of game.Blabber Mouth - talk to every NPC in the game. Walk not contribute to arsenal of eggs or perfect of game.Flower Power - complete the rose Egg minigame without missing a throw. Does not contribute to collection of egg or completion of game.Burger Connoisseur - complete the Feast Egg minigame with 5 stars. Walk not add to collection of egg or completion of game.Renowned Performer - finish the Eggcellent actor minigame without missing an action. Does not add to collection of egg or completion of game.Fly High - complete the Dark nest Egg minigame in 20 seconds or less. Does not add to collection of eggs or completion of game.Perfect Winter - finish the Blizzard sink minigame without missing a shot. Does not add to collection of eggs or completion of game.

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Welcome - You play Egg hunt 2018: The good Yolktales. Go not contribute to collection of egg or completion of game.