Somehow it seems that it"s every wrong.Shields are added to Flat-footed AC, however not come touch AC.Why is that? If a personality is flat-footed, the does not acquire his Dex modifier to dodge the attack, therefore he would additionally be can not to raise his shield to deflect it.On the various other hand, pass up your shield to block a beam or frost or a scorching beam should safeguard you from injury, however according come the rule it does not.Is there any type of reason not to switch it arround and add Shield-bonuses to touch AC and remove them from flat-footed AC?
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Re: Touch AC, Flat-footed AC, and Shields

If who is stop a shield in prior of themselves, it"s considerably easier come touch the shield 보다 to touch one exposed section of your body. Flat-footed is a "passive defense", and the shield bonus counts because that represents a chance that the assault will to win the shield and bounce harmlessly away. A touch attack is generally against an proactively defensive opponent, however touching their armor/shield quiet counts as poignant the owner, and presumably your enemy will be deliberately putting his shield in in between you and him come discourage girlfriend from touching his more vulnerable bits.
Why is that? If a personality is flat-footed, that does not gain his Dex full to evade the attack, so he would also be unable to advanced his shield to direction it.On the other hand, happen up her shield come block a ray or frost or a scorching beam should safeguard you native injury, but according to the rules it walk not.
Even if the shield isn"t being proactively directed against an attack, there"s still a opportunity that an assault will win the shield and bounce off.
Is there any kind of reason no to move it arround and include Shield-bonuses come touch AC and remove them from flat-footed AC?
Arbitrarily abandoning the degree of abstraction in the combat rules may inadvertently cause bogging points down through obscure minutiae. If you want your shield to add to her touch AC, consider picking up the Shield Ward feat (PHBII), or do it the end of riverine (half that the shield bonus becomes a deflection bonus).
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Not really.Touch AC method you only have to find a ar to touch the "target". Simply as armor is enough for that (you room not actually touching the target simply its armor) a shield works the exact same way. The order or other ability can "bounce" from the item come the creature.While a flat-footed enemy cannot put the shield in the optimal position, the still is a big piece of wood/metal in between the attacker and the squishy bits that the target. Normal attacks (whether the target can defend himself or not) still need to reach a spot on the creature wherein they can do damage to it. Hitting a shield will not achieve that.
I agree with you, Yora, it seems counterintuitive come me too. Not so much the touch AC part (mostly because most that that whole thing seems so backwards come me, that specific bit doesn"t do it any type of worse), yet I agree it"s weird you obtain just as an excellent advantage from your shield as soon as you don"t use it actively.Anyway, I just play by the rules through it. It"s easier, in ~ least.
A lot of touch spells transmit a "current" virtually like electricity that passes on an effect, or elemental damage. It would certainly make feeling to have actually a shield the was resistant or no conductive of magical currents that would certainly be included to touch vs. Magical effects or beam or something choose that, however otherwise i think it makes sense. Ns mean, AC is quite illogical together it is, anyways.

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