Moment of truth- ns knew the I want this the minute I observed the picture! The Too challenged Holiday template this year is Christmas in new York and also the packaging is beyond. #itdidnotdisappoint The grand Hotel café holiday collection has three challenge palettes including a full of 18 shadows and 3 blushes/bronzer v a luxurious mini of the too Faced better Than Sex Mascara because that $49 sold at,, and also

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Packaging: Too challenged really the end did us on the packaging for this set. An initial off it comes in a small house/cafe and also inside that residence is another small house/cafe. This house has actually the three Palettes inside v the mascara. Not just does the roof come off however it has actually doors v magnetic closures. The inside of the house is decorated as a Christmas Cafe complete with decorated Christmas trees, gifts, customers, and also menu. Coincidentally enough the menu coincides with the three Palettes included in the set: Peppermint Mocha (smells favor peppermint), Eggnog Latte (smells like eggnog), and also Gingerbread Cookie (smells choose gingerbread). I median Too challenged really has actually this packaging on suggest to the last detail! I mean I probably might have to be suckered into this top top packaging alone.

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#truestory currently let’s speak what’s inside!


Palettes: I’ll be honest, i wasn’t certain what to expect with these palettes- as occasionally quality deserve to go down with amount in holiday sets, plus there are an aweful lot of metallic/glittery shades in general. To my delight, the quality/formula is fairly good! There room some matte shades, satin, shimmer, glitter, and metallic shades in these palettes to go from day to night to holiday party