Gut-wrenching lyrics aren’t something as well Close to Touch tend to shy far from, particularly considering the source material they’ve had actually to job-related with. On last year’s debut full-length Nerve Endings, castle laid bare battles with mental health issues, and combining that v a an ext pop-tinged take it on the common post-hardcore sound, earned many of ‘hotly-tipped’ labels. And also based on brand-new record Haven’t been Myself, the doesn’t look set to adjust any time soon.

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A many Haven’t to be Myself is influenced by the tragic death of singer Keaton Pierce’s three-year-old sister, and also the emotion at its main point is as raw on record as it would have been first hand. It hits hard lyrically, particularly paired with Pierce’s impassioned power – ranging from defeated whispers come pained screams. The majority of monitor – Sympathy and What ns Wish I can Forget in certain – skirt around the incident, hence leaving any type of listener in the dark around the catalyst for the album trying to piece together what happened. The is, till stunning closer Eiley, which addresses that head on v searing honesty. Lines choose “Why did she die once I’m the one deserving it?” and “What around my mother and also father? / They shed a child and deep within they wither” reduced right come the bone, and contribute to making it far and also away the best track ~ above the record. The affect of the lyrics mixed with the epos instrumentation and huge chorus just makes Eiley highlight exactly how blurred together the remainder of Haven’t been Myself gets. That the just song that’s really easy to recall afterwards, and it’s a little bit of an date letdown when the album has finished.

That being said, it doesn’t median Haven’t to be Myself is a poor album. There room some feasible genre-leading post-hardcore monitor on here – miss Your face is powered by nothing yet anguish, while interpret manages to it is in tender and also thundering at the very same time. It’s clear that too Close to Touch space the experts on your own small musical niche, but there are a few missteps. Sympathy is too sluggish to be an efficient opener for a post-hardcore album, if synth-led cut The arts Of Eye contact is dice to be beefed up, preferably through some drums. It has to be stressed, though, exactly how much the similarity of much of the product on this album takes far from the as whole listening experience. The over-saturation and arguable decline (in anywhere however America, anyway) in post-hardcore music may have actually a little to do with why this affects the so much, but if also Close come Touch had actually put your heart and soul right into this record as lot as they walk Eiley, it’d be a an extremely different (and probably much more successful) story.

It’s straightforward to check out why too Close to Touch have been obtaining so lot attention – lock injecting life back into a genre i beg your pardon is often dismissed as having had its heyday year ago, and also with material that’s absolutely deserving of such praise. Haven’t to be Myself reflects glints of promise throughout, but it’s clear that they’re still finding their feet. If they were to capitalise an ext on their distinct characteristics, there’d it is in no informing what heights they might hit.

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For fans of: ns The Mighty, Emarosa, resting With SirensWords by Georgia Jackson 

‘Haven’t been Myself’ by too Close come Touch is out now on Epitaph Records.