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5. At the time this episode was produced, the Houston Oilers to be still located in Houston. However, bad ticket sales and a decreasing fan base resulted in the Oilers" relocate to Nashville in 1997. For the first pair of seasons in Nashville, they to be the Tennessee Oilers, but beginning with the 1999 season, they to be renamed the Tennessee Titans. The trial episode NUMBERS for Year Klasky Csupo Nick illustration Nick Story AFRTS 11B 11B 11B 21 RTS111B Writer: Paul GermainDirector: Norton Virgien Click right here for full transcript. Someone broke "Mr. Fluffles" (Angelica calls it "Mr. Fluffle-Luffles"), Tommy"sclown lamp, and also Angelica desires to uncover out who. The fingerpointing, however,eventually points back to her.Famous Quotes:1. (Tommy eulogizes the lamp:)He was like a brothers to me; now he"s gone. Why mine clown lamp? Why? Hedidn"t perform anything wrong. All he did was shine his irradiate on stuff andsmiled. -- Tommy2. (Angelica selects the jury for the trial:)Angelica: watch these teddy bears? They"re the jerky.Phil, Lil, & Chuckie: The jury?Angelica: no the Jury! The jerky! 3. (Angelica administers the oath to Phil & Lil:)Angelica: perform you swear to tell Ruth, the entirety Ruth, and also nothingbutRuth, so help you Bob? (Brief pause) simply say girlfriend do.Phil & Lil: friend do.4. (Angelica provides the oath come Chuckie:)Do friend swear come tell Ruth and also all that stuff? -- Angelica5. (Angelica confesses, with a loophole (almost):)Angelica: I"m the one who did it! and also you know what? you babies can"tdo anything around it "cause friend can"t talk! ns did it! i did it! ns DID IT!Didi (overhearing everything with Betty): Angelica!Angelica: Oops. I didn"t carry out it! ns didn"t execute it!6. (Tommy sums increase what happened in the end:)I assumption: v the persecutor"s the poopetrator this time. -- TommyNotes:1. We first learn that Chuckie"s fear of clowns in this episode.2. Animation Goof: when Tommy claimed the critical lines the this episode (see quote#6, above), look closely. As soon as he states those words, he to be wearing his "Judge"sRobe". Once we execute a summary shot the the room, note that the wasn"t wearinga robe.3. Captioning error: In quote #5, Didi caught Angelica, but according tothe captions, it was attributed instead come Betty, who was visiting Didi atthe time.12 -- Fluffy Vs. Spike illustration NUMBERS because that Year Klasky Csupo Nick illustration Nick Story AFRTS 12A 12A 12A 22 RTS112A Writers: Steve Viksen, Joe AnsolabehereDirector: Dan ThompsonAngelica bring Fluffy the cat come Tommy"s house. Fluffy ended up making amess that things, yet prefers blaming Fluffy"s crime on Spike.Famous Quotes:1. (Phil & Lil envy Spike:)Lil: great we had a dog favor him.Phil: Wish ns was a dog prefer him.2. (Tommy no being bossed approximately by Angelica:)Tommy: Why carry out we have to do the points you desire to do?Angelica: Umm...Because! 3. (Drew comes over, maybe on Stu"s insistence:)What is this brand-new invention that you want to show me the coldn"t waituntil tomorrow? -- Drew4. (Stu unveils the "Electro-Brewmeister 2000":)It grinds, that steams, it also adds the cream. -- Stu5. (Angelica introduce Spike to Fluffy:)...And this is Spike; he"s a dog. Dogs room dirty and messy, not likeyou. -- Angelica6. (When Spike took revenge on Fluffy by knocking over the shelves, the madeit look together if Angelica knocked lock over. Angelica, however, unsuccessfullyplaced the reference on the babies:)We don"t want to blame others for points we walk wrong. -- Didi7. (After Drew, Angelica & Fluffy leave, Stu & Didi clean up afterFluffy"s mess:)Didi: I"ll get the broom; you acquire the Dustbuster.Stu: Okay, Deed, but look the end for my trick knee!Didi: Oh, Stu!Notes:1. Drew mentions that Fluffy is Angelica"s brand-new cat. This is Fluffy"s firstmajor appearance, yet she(?) appeared before, summary inTouchdown Tommy (above).2. If in the Rugrats" play area, Angelica walk 2 musical numbers -- adance set to Wagner"s trip of the Valkyries (complete through Vikinghelmet), and her version of It"s Raining, It"s putting (with Tommy"stoy screwdriver as a microphone).3. Captioning error: during Angelica"s power of It"s Raining, It"sPouring, if the Rugrats room chatting, she sung "...and couldn"tget up in the morning". However, that line to be captioned together "7:00in the morning".Reptar"s Revenge episode NUMBERS because that Year Klasky Csupo Nick illustration Nick Story AFRTS 12B 12B 12B 23 RTS112B Writer: Peter GaffneyDirector: Dan ThompsonThe Rugrats go trying to find Reptar in ~ the Sleazola Bros. Fair. This Reptar,however, is a cereal addict named Leo.Famous Quotes:1. (Grandpa recalls his days as a circus worker:)Back in mine day, I used to occupational as a carney; I functioned day and night andslept v the elephants. If among them had a bad dream, they"d role overand squash ya! -- Grandpa2. (Leo, the man in the Reptar suit, is offered an ultimatum by his manager:)If i don"t check out 50 children leave this carnival with 50 box of cereal, you"llnever work in present biz again! -- Manager3. (Angelica desires to go on the "Nauseo-Whirl"; Grandpa approves:)Everyone has to be scared stiff one in your lives; might also be whenthey"re 3 year old! -- Grandpa4. (After see Stu & Didi turn off at the Tunnel of Love):Ah, love...It"s wasted top top the young, that"s for sure. (to theRugrats) allow me tell girlfriend sprats around love. (brief pause) Maybewhen you gain older. -- Grandpa5. (After "Reptar" to be fired after the cereal fight with Angelica and also beforehis an individual rampage):You can"t fire me! Me Reptar! -- Leo (in character together Reptar)6. (When "Reptar" starts his rampage ~ above the mini-golf course, anyone startsto leave:)We far better get going. V unbalanced peolple like him, this is no placefor chaste children. -- DidiNotes:1. In this episode, it"s Didi who"s scared of clowns, quite than Chuckie;please keep in mind that he"s smiling while the clown came up and startled Didi.2. Likewise in this episode, throughout the "Tunnel that Love" scene, we understand of Stu"sactual surname -- Stewart.3. We first hear of Reptar grain (the cereal the Rugrats & Leo likes)in occurrence In Aisle Seven.4. Leo, the man in the "Reptar" suit, returns inReptar ~ above Ice.13 -- Graham Canyon illustration NUMBERS because that Year Klasky Csupo Nick episode Nick Story AFRTS 13A 13A 13A 24 RTS113A Writer / Director: Craig BartlettThe Pickles experience automobile trouble en course to the grand Canyon. Eddie &Ace, a couple of crooked auto mechanics functioning at "Twin Cactus Auto Repair",try to do a simple, cheap thing much more expensive, however Angelica and also Tommyinadvertantly stopped them indigenous further damage while playing in a "canyon"of tires.Famous Quote:(In the end, as soon as Tommy keeps speak "Graham Canyon" instead of "Grand Canyon":)Cynthia, it"s difficult to teach babies anything. -- AngelicaNotes:1. First appearance that Cynthia. CraigBartlett, who has actually written and also directed this episode, also created Cynthia.2. The duty of Eddie was voiced by play Buttram, one Alabaman who"s best knownas Gene Autry"s sidekick in his B-movie westerns in the 1940s and also 1950s.Pat was likewise well-known together Mr. Haney on the CBS comedy green Acres(1965-71). Due to the fact that the at an early stage 1970s, that was additionally a voice in plenty of animatedmovies and also TV series, plenty of of them indigenous Disney, such together The Aristocatsand Robin Hood. He died at the age of 78, ~ above January 8, 1994.3. Please note that the Pickles were acquisition U.S. 66 to the grand Canyon.The legendary course 66, extending from Chicago to Los Angeles, was phasedout through the federal government several years ago, as it was changed by variousInterstates.4. Possible Distance Error: when the Pickles" "car trouble" developed, theywere already "close" come the cool Canyon, as they already passed "Mt. Footstool"& "The Devil"s Armchair", which, follow to the map, is an extremely closeto the cool Canyon. The final distance presented to the grand Canyon (wherethey turned off onto the wrong road) was 395 miles. The an initial distance wesee is 500 miles, which is the approximate distance in between Los Angeles andthe grand Canyon. If lock were following Route 66 (assuming that they startedin L.A.), they have to actually it is in in the vicinity the Barstow, CA, which isstill nowhere near the grand Canyon.Stu-Maker"s Elves illustration NUMBERS because that Year Klasky Csupo Nick episode Nick Story AFRTS 13B 13B 13B 25 RTS113B Writers: Steve Viksen, Joe AnsolabehereDirector: Craig BartlettStu has actually received one order indigenous Mucklehoney sectors for 15,000 "Patty Pants"dolls. However, that is having trouble through the machine. Tommy and Chuckiefixed that while fetching the "Zippo-Glider", i beg your pardon Chuckie by chance tossedinto the basement.Famous Quotes:1. (Grandpa reflects earlier to the days as soon as they had more sisters than toys:)My 15 sisters all mutual the very same doll; and they shared the same room,too! -- Grandpa2. (Chuckie is can not to paris the Zippo-Glider properly:)Maybe I"m not intended to soar through the eagles. -- Chuckie3. (Drew doesn"t believe that Stu have the right to handle the manufacturing himself:)Drew: Maybbe you need to hire a expert to perform it.Stu: ns AM a professional!Drew: A expert dunce.4. (While climbing down the stairs through Tommy come the basement, Chuckie getsscared:)I require a bottle. -- Chuckie5. (In the basement, prior to getting "eaten" by the urgently bed, Chuckie findsa moose head on the wall:)Hey, Moose; where"s the remainder of ya? (Brief Pause) are you justgonna hang there? (Another quick Pause) Oh, you"re no fun.--Chuckie6. (After Stu realizes the his machine is functioning properly, he diffusion theword to Didi:)They speak to me "crazy"! "Crazy genious" is more like it! -- StuNotes:1. "Patty Pants" (the doll being manufactured) was first introduced inSpecial Delivery. Also, MucklehoneyIndustries (called "Mucklehoney Toys" in this episode) to be introducedin Waiter, There"s a infant In my Soup.There room some computer animation errors in this episode:2. Close to the beginning (shortly after ~ the opened credits), and also later (whenChuckie gained stuck in the folding bed), you"ll view some white specks floatingby on the screen. This isn"t your TV or the network; for some reason, thefilm to be not appropriately cleaned throughout post-production of this episode. Keepin mind the film has tendency to gain dirty during shipping, especially when ithas to cross the Pacific (the animation for the very first season was done inHong Kong).3. Once Tommy and also Chuckie was on the doll machine, they to be fitted withdoll clothes, consisting of white socks and also blue shoes. How the device got socksand shoes on Chuckie is past knowledge, due to the fact that Chuckie was already wearingyellow socks and red sneakers. It"s probably difficult to stay 2 pair of shoes onthe exact same foot, unless the shoe on the exterior is somewhat larger than theone on the inside; the shoes supplied for the dolls were the same size as Chuckie"sshoes, if not, smaller.4. Near the end, we watch Tommy and Chuckie in doll clothes (and Chuckie indoll makeup) in the box where the dolls to be kept.

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After ~ Stu and also Didi leftthe room, Tommy and Chuckie climbed the end of the box, wearing your normalclothes, more than likely without pausing to take turn off the doll clothes that theywere wearing. On to 1992 back to Episodes table of contents ago to brief Episode list back To Rugrats residence Page