with each other We have the right to Make a Difference is a ministry to the communities of Jackson City & County.The multi-purpose ministry home is located at: 224 W. Wilkins StreetJackson, MI 49203517-740-8444The mission of together We have the right to Make a difference is come seriously make a difference...

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• in our ar by connecting demands with resources.• because that churches by being a allude of call with the community.• because that our neighbors by gift a resource center and telling them about Jesus.Our core values space that...• All civilization matter come God.• we welcome all God brings us.• Everyone has actually value and also something to give.• us ask God for direction every inch.• This will only job-related if God is the Owner/Leader.• We identify that we space in a spirituality battle and also prayer is the answer.Our core beliefs are...• God is real.• The bible is genuine Truth.• over there is one God in 3 parts: Father, Son, divine Spirit.• Jesus was yes, really born that a virgin, died on a cross for our sins and also rose again.• over there is a actual heaven because that those that follow Him.• over there is a genuine hell for those that don"t.CONTACT us TODAY: 517-740-8444 or Click right here for easy-to-use on-line contact form.We are always blessed to hear from you. Please take a moment and also write to united state using our contact form. Your information will be preserved private and never offered or shared. Please inquire in confidence and with no obligation.
The Love of Jesus is in the middle of each and every one of these:First fruits Groceries – an initial Fruits Mission: To provide healthy food at reduced prices for Jackson family members & individuals. We are now purchasing the food from local suppliers. Beginning in June 2012, we will have actually an assorted meat box from prime Cuts and an assorted develop box from Keyes develop (both are neighborhood Jackson suppliers). Girlfriend can uncover information and also order develops here ~ above the website, at the TWCMAD house on Wilkins Street or in ~ various locations through out the community. Orders must be obtained by 10AM top top the designated Friday (eight days prior to the shipment date) and will be delivered on the critical Saturday the the month (or you have the right to make species to pick up your order Saturday morning). Shipment days will vary at Christmas and Easter. Members of countless local Christian churches make it possible for TWCMAD to satisfy their mission the helping households with restricted transportation or room homebound get quality groceries. The cheap is not simply the low price, but the high quality. Healthy and balanced - Happy - good food for her body and your budget. CLICK below for the an initial Fruits internet pageKids’ Explosion – teaching our kids around the love and grace of Jesus. Weekly parties carry out fun, games, music, bible stories, t-shirts and also prizes in neighborhoods all end Jackson. This regimen runs February to April, June come August, and September come November. Teens are mentored to build leadership an abilities as “interns” v weekly training and opportunities come lead. CLICK right here for the Kid"s Explosion web pageCommunity Gardens – “The large Seed” - Networking world interested in gardening, and also promoting gardening as a way for Jackson citizens to help provide for their very own food needs. Annual Garden Giveaway providing portable or little gardens come families and a challenge for the greatest vegetable plant the Saturday prior to Memorial Day.Vet Quilts – to teach sewing/quilting come Jackson Residents. Giving an ext than 1,000 prayer quilts come Veterans in partnership with Julie Waltrous and also Kelly Trudell, a regional singer/songwriter with a heart for our armed Services. For much more information visit: KellyTrudell.net Baby Quilts – providing quilts because that the community baby showers, area shelters, and thru the Priceless Gift Toy Store. Help young mothers understand they room loved and also supported. Priceless Gift Easter – Connecting Jackson’s children with the 1,700 inhabitants who live in our regional nursing homes hoping come grow resilient relationships between a child and a senior. The youngsters make art at Easter time and deliver the presents themselves.Community Prayer – Come sign up with us ~ above a prayer walk, Monday thru Friday, at various locations almost everywhere our city and also “walk/stomp the ground” with us (2 majesties 18) – or join in other consistent prayer meetings as we meet and pray for change in our City and also County. We also pray because that such points as the current needs of civilization we know, our local and national leaders, teachers, parents, health and finances, and also whatever God lays on ours hearts. We also have a listing of other prayer meeting times and locations in Jackson. Click HereCity broad Prayer Walk - sign up with us yearly in might to walk each block in our city questioning God to bless and heal our land. Clock what God will certainly do once the bride that Christ unites with one purpose.New Jackson – new Jackson is a grassroots change movement of a neighborhood in unity. It is in a part of pass the Church in Jackson together to speak hopeful declarations and prayers end Jackson City and also County. Us pray for, and network, the 7 sectors to our society: government, education, family, church, media, business, and also the arts. Join the email notice list for events and news. NewJackson.org 517-795-3342Priceless Gift Toy Store – Serving several thousand Jackson kids each Christmas through recycled, home-made, and brand-new toys - plus thousands of gift bags of personal care items. This is among our many effective yearly outreaches to our city. Each year it grows exponentially - the need is there. Therefore is Jesus in every detail, huge or small. Made feasible because the volunteers and partnerships v St. Vincent DePaul and much more then 100 various other business, schools and also churches. Visit: svdpjackson.com Dave Kemler: dkemler
svdpjackson.com 517-784-0609 CLICK below to walk to the Priceless Gift Toy Store information page.Memorize & obtain $25.00 - Father’s Love Letter & i AM Scriptures– us share at the very least 49 amazing scriptures promise verses put together as a level English and also intimate message, or love letter, from God to every of us. Anyone that memorizes the letter receives a $25.00 award. Also, very same with the ns AM Scriptures. Watch them both at this LINK.

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Bible research - One Year holy bible Diane Merritt helps lug God"s Word come life as we study, and encourage each various other to check out through the holy bible daily. Us share having lunch together, and pray for each other. Sign up with us Wednesdays

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Your entry is welcomed. Please usage our contact type Welcome come our new website lugged to girlfriend by volunteers, friends and supporters, choose you. All information presented is being currently updated and also subject to change. If you see something not correct or missing then email us and we will settle it.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .