There room thousands of images of this quotation in miscellaneous fonts, or in hand-drawn calligraphy, together a subtitle on tee shirts, jewellery and also even furniture, and as “motivational’ tattoos top top Pinterest and Instagram.

I cringe every time i see among them, specifically the tattoos. A photo have the right to be deleted; a tattoo, no so easily. Don’t get me wrong: i love tattoos. I have six of mine own. Yet the quote doesn’t median what every those world think that does.

The quotation comes from Act 3, scene 3 of Hamlet in i beg your pardon a guy named Polonius admonishes his son, Laertes, because that still being at house instead of currently on board the ship that is walking to lug him to France, and also insists that the ship will be waiting for him. Polonius then proceeds to keep on talk so the Laertes is even an ext delayed 보다 he initially was. He cannot withstand taking the one last possibility to give Laertes a couple of pieces that “expert advice” come take v him together he pipeline home and makes his means as a man of the world.

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At the finish of the lecture he drops this bomb: “This above all: to thine very own self it is in true.”

These days, human being tend to analyze this as Polonius encouraging Laertes to it is in proud that who and what he is, to it is in individual, and adopt his very own character in one early modern version the “you carry out you”. Sadly, the is not the case. Polonius is no a candidate for any type of “Enlightened and Sensitive education Award”.

The intentionally behind “to thine own self it is in true” is neither about resilience or integrity. What he’s really saying to his child is “Screw everyone else. Placed yourself first, carry out what you want, and also don’t worry around what other world might need or want.”

Nice, eh? since what the 17th (or any other) century essential was more selfishness and also arrogance from over-entitled, egotistic men.

Rather than promo of healthy and balanced self-awareness or individuality, this quote is, in fact, really poor parental advice provided to a young male by his dad who happened to it is in a self-important, pompous ass who liked the sound of his own voice far more than everyone else chosen it.

I’m all for healthy self esteem and also individuality. We should definitely be promoting that. But we should also be fostering respect and tolerance for others and also the capacity to consider their requirements at the same time, and also Polonius was never ever going to be interested in any kind of of that.

Don’t follow any kind of advice that originates from Polonius, kids. Hamlet to be 100% correct once he called him a rat.

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No he no one his self-serving ideology deserves her respect.