Victor is a synonym for winner, and also spoils room things forcibly taken native a person.

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Origin the To the Victor walk the Spoils

This expression originated in America in the year 1832. Wilhelm Marcy, a councilor from brand-new York, claimed They see nothing wrong in the ascendancy that to the victor belonging the spoils that victory. He was making a politics statement against the autonomous Party.

Examples that To the Victor walk the Spoils

In the conversation below, 2 friends are stating an upcoming boxing enhance that they space going come be completing in.

Scott: Listen, I understand that you and I space going to be competing against each various other soon. I just wanted come say that every little thing happens, ns hope fine still be friends.

Tony: Yeah, me too. Anyway, i don’t really care who wins and who loses.

Scott: Really? since I recognize we both really like Lindsay. Ns think she’ll desire to date whichever one of us wins the boxing match.

Tony: Why carry out you think that?

Scott: you know, due to the fact that to the victor go the spoils.

Tony: this are contemporary times. Ns don’t think she’ll make her decision on who to date based on whoever wins the boxing match.

Two coworkers usage the expression when talking around a challenge in their workplace.

Richard: ns hope our team wins.

Miranda: yes me too. Castle really provided us a most incentives. The winners will acquire three extra paid days off, complimentary lunch for a month, and the finest parking places.

Richard: i know. The benefits of winning room huge! It’s just such a difficult competition. It’s hard for me to remain motivated.

Miranda: Yeah. I know what friend mean. Yet we’re law a good job for this reason far, and also there’s just one main left. Just do what I execute whenever you feel like giving up. Remind you yourself of the speak to the victor walk the spoils. It’s hard right now, but it will certainly feel so an excellent once we have actually all those prizes.

Richard: I’ll try my best.

More Examples

The an initial example uses the expression to do a play on words. Another meaning of spoil is the verb, which method to damage the value of something.

The 2nd example is around a golf player who won one island.

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The speak to the victor walk the spoils is another way to say that the triumphant person in a conflict wins the which they were fighting over.