around Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers

"Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers" is a track by the American rock tape Primus. It was released together the third solitary from their 1991 album cruising the Seas that Cheese. Uneven its coming before singles "Jerry was a Race car Driver" and also "Tommy the Cat", "Tweekers" go not function an accompanying video. The song opens with Larry LaLonde on guitar and a reserved bassline from Les Claypool, indigenous there alternative between his trademark slap bass and also a quiet section for the vocals. The song"s narrative defines several various trades the the town"s blue collar tweekers communicate in, but, like numerous of the various other story-telling songs in Primus"s catalogue, lacks any kind of clear, single an interpretation and leaves plenty of pass out in the The track is around truck drivers and "blue-collar workers" using methamphetamines. I was born in a suburb by the eastern Bay, a rural, practically redneck environment. I flourished up ~ above the blue-collar next of town. Mine father was a mechanic, both mine uncles are mechanics, my grand was a mechanic. That track is no derogatory in ~ all. It’s very much me. A tweaker is someone who is strung out on methyl amphetamines, otherwise known as crank. Yes sir a reference in over there to a guy who hung Sheetrock, and that’s how he gained through the day. He’d snort up rate to store up v the younger guys.more »

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I"ve viewed them out at socoThey"re pounding sixteen penny nailsThe truckers top top the interstateHave been well-known to journey the railsThe sweat is beating on the browCan"t store these fellas down"Cause those damned blue-collared tweekersAre runnin" this right here townI knew a man who hung drywallHe hung it mighty quickA expedition or 2 to the blue roomWould assist him do the trickHis foreman would certainly pat the on the backWhenever he would certainly come around"Cause these dammed blue-collar tweekersAre lovely in this here townNow the union boys room thereTo protect us from every the corporate typeWhile curious george"s drug patrolIs out here hunting snipeNow they try to tell me differentBut you know i ain"t no clown"Cause those damned blue-collar tweekersAre the backbone the this townNow the flame that burns double as brightBurns only half as longMy eyes are growing wearyAs i finalize this songSo sit ago and have a cup o" joeAnd watch the wheels walk round"Cause those damned blue-collar tweekersHave constantly run this town

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Primus Primus is one American rock band based in mountain Francisco, California, right now composed of bassist/vocalist Les Claypool, guitarist Larry "Ler" LaLonde and also drummer Jay Lane. Primus originally developed in 1984 v Claypool and guitarist Todd Huth, later joined by Lane, despite the latter two departed the band at the finish of 1988.

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Special LaLonde and drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander, Primus tape-recorded their debut, Suck top top This in 1989, complied with by 4 studio albums; Frizzle Fry, sailing the Seas of Cheese, Pork Soda, and Tales native the Punchbowl. Alexander left the tape in 1996, changed by Bryan "Brain" Mantia, and Primus went on to document the initial theme song for the TV present South Park and also two much more albums, Brown Album and also Antipop, before declaring a hiatus in 200… more »