This kernel needs an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU.E_FAIL (0x80004005)This kernel calls for the following attributes not present on the cpu : paeWhen every else fails…

Kernel Driver Not mounted (rc=-19008) (For Mac Users)

Go to mechanism Preferences / security & Privacy and also Click “Allow” in the home window below:


This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, however only recognize an i686 CPU.

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Enable Virtualization Extensions

Make certain you have VT-x (for Intel processors) or AMD-v (for AMD processors) allowed in her physical computer’s BIOS. If friend see any kind of settings for “Virtualization Technology,” or “Virtualization Extensions,” enable them. This procedure varies native manufacturer come manufacturer, therefore you can have come look increase the documentation for your specific computer.​


Use a 64-bit digital Processor

After girlfriend have evidenced the virtualization choices for your CPU room enabled, open up up the setups for your digital machine. Click on General and then in the straightforward settings tab make certain you’ve selected a 64-bit version. Linux is complaining about the online CPU, not your yes, really CPU. (Unless girlfriend really space using a 32-bit physical CPU.)

Use a 32-Bit version of CentOS

If you’re BIOS walk not have actually the virtualization options, the use a 32-bit version of CentOS. You have the right to download the CentOS 7 32-bit ISO here.

NOTE: There room no 32- little bit versions of CentOS 8.

E_FAIL (0x80004005)

Disable or readjust the Antivirus Software

If you see an error such as “E_FAIL (0x80004005),” “VERR_OPEN_FAILED,” “NtCreateFile(DeviceVBoxDrvStub) failed,” or “Error in supR3HardenedWinReSpawm,” climate there is most likely a conflict in between the antivirus software and also VirtualBox. Avira, AVG, and other antivirus software have actually been recognized to interfere with the procedure of VirtualBox. Shot disabling her antivirus software. This generally requires a reboot. If VirtualBox functions as expected, climate you’ll have to keep your antivirus disabled, upgrade it to a later version if the problem is corrected, or even change antivirus software application altogether.


This kernel needs the following attributes not present on the cpu : pae

Enable PAE/NX

Open up the settings for your online machine. Click System, climate on System, and finally on Processor. (VirtualBoxes settings -> device -> Processor). Make certain to inspect the crate beside extended Features: enable PAE/NX.


When all else fails…


When it involves servers I never reboot together a troubleshooting step. I desire to know precisely why something isn’t working, otherwise it can happen again even if a reboot temporarily “fixes” the issue. With desktop operating systems such as home windows or Mac, I’m much much more lenient. Periodically a reboot will actually settle a VirtualBox issue. Maybe an update was applied that needs a reboot or some other issue that isn’t instantly obvious. It’s a relatively quick and also easy troubleshooting step to try.

Look in ~ the log in file.

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If you’ve performed all the previous troubleshooting steps however you still have actually an issue, look at the VBox.log file. It stays in the online machine’s folder. It will certainly be something like $HOME/VirtualBox VMs/machinename/Logs for Windows systems or $HOME/VirtualBox VMs/machinename/Logs because that Mac or Linux systems.