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When you open a Office 2010 program, favor Excel 2010, you might receive this error: This activity is just valid for assets that are at this time installed.If a trial version of Office 2010 is installed together with the copy you bought, you"ll should uninstall the trial and also then repair the other Office installation. To do this, follow these steps:A psychological copy of Office 2010 mounted on your computer can problem with a new installation the Office 2010. This is particularly true if her trial has expired.

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Click Start and also select the control Panel.

Click Programs and select Programs and also Features.

Scroll down with the set up programs list and see if friend have any type of Office Trial version installed.

If any kind of Trial versions are installed, to mark them and click Uninstall.

Continue to the fix Office 2010 indict below.

The Repair role scans your Office regime files and also replaces any kind of damaged ones the finds.

Click Start and also select the regulate Panel.

Click Programs and also select Programs and Features.

Scroll down till you discover “ Office 2010".

Highlight it and also click readjust (Near the peak of the window.).

In the home window that opens, select Repair and click Continue.

Click Close as soon as the fix is finished and also reboot her computer.

Note: If you’ve run Repair and also you still get the error, uninstall Office 2010 and reinstall it.If you"re double-clicking a shortcut to start a program prefer Excel 2010, delete the shortcut, turn off compatibility mode, and re-create the shortcut. To do this, follow these steps:

Delete the Shortcup from her desktop.

Click begin > Computer and also go to her C: drive.

Open this folder location:For home windows 32-bit: C:Program Files OfficeOffice14For windows 64-bit: C:Program files (x86) OfficeOffice14

Find the paper name because that the program, right-click it, and choose Properties. These space the filenames and also their linked programs:

Excel = Excel.exe

Outlook = Outlook.exe

PowerPoint = PowerPnt.exe

Word = WinWord.exe

Click ~ above the Compatibility tab and ensure that all of the boxes are un-checked.


Click yes to leave the nature window.

Right-click on the Office 2010 regimen again and select produce Shortcut.

Click Yes, to create the shortcut on her desktop.


Note: If you"re to run an older variation of Office, such together Office XP or Office 2003 use this article.Need an ext help?Get assist from the Community online or visit Contact come learn more about your assistance options.

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To settle this error in older versions that Office, see this article: This activity is only valid for commodities that are currently installed.