Helping households thrive by connecting them through local events , resources and freebies in and also around ft Lee, Virginia.

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Are you below for 6 months or a 3-year tour? Don’t enable a potential lack of knowledge about the area to sluggish you down; rather do what the locals execute …Get out and about……. EXPLORE! There’s no a shortage of points to do about Fort Lee. Even if it is it is in the Tri-Cities or a day trips away we’ve obtained a list to acquire you started.

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1.Petersburg nationwide Battlefield

Walk in the footsteps the Civil battle soldiers and learn much more about the Richmond–Petersburg Campaign, a series of battles around Petersburg, Virginia, combated from June 9, 1864, to March 25, 1865, throughout the American Civil war which preceded general Robert E. Lee’s (Which ft Lee is called after) surrender after that at Appomattox county Courthouse.

2. Visit A Plantation

Meander down scenic course 5 and also visit a endowment from three centuries ago. The James flow Plantations along scenic Virginia route 5 in Charles City county help record the an initial westward development of English-speaking America.

3. Visit A Virginia Fish Hatchery

With simply a 30-minute drive from FortLee, your family can gain a visit come a quaint fish hatchery on more than 440 acre of what as soon as was part of Berkeley Plantation. Harrison Lake Fish Hatchery in CharlesCity (across the water indigenous Hopewell) is not your common hatchery! Recreational avenues at Harrison Lake NFH include fishing, boating, hiking, wildlife watching, trails and picnicking!

4. Pocohontas State Park

One of the an ext popular parks in Virginia, Pocahontas State Park , is easily obtainable from fort Lee. That is additionally the biggest State Park in Virginia. It was the first recreational park in the Richmond-Petersburg-Hopewell area and also has more than 7,600 acres and also two tiny lakes. That is famous with Richmond households for cooling turn off in the summer and hosts a yearly concert series – Pocahontas Live.

5. Mine for Gems

How about a small fun and education if you try your hand at mining? happy Lake Gem Mine and Morefield Mine space both under an hour away from ft Lee. While her visiting Morefield be certain to head into town come visit Amelia Courthouse. After general Robert E. Lee retreated from Petersburg, in 1865, he spent April 4 and also 5 below waiting for gives from Richmond that never came. Take a bite to eat in ~ Black woodland Haus before heading home.

6, Dogwood Dell

With a little bit of everything, there is surely something that will suit her family. Catch totally free plays, concerts, fireworks, festival through the summer. Because that a little town feel, salary this small amphitheater a visit. There is additionally a dog park, pat ground and also walking trails. Dogwood Dell is situated next to Byrd Park and Maymont Park.

7. Point of Rocks Park

For a varied natural area and also a rich history visit this windy park in Chester. The park consists of the normal park amenities such as picnic shelters, play equipment, tennis and also basketball courts and also fields because that football, soccer, and also baseball . The gem that Point that Rocks is the system of nature trails, which has a boardwalk with the freshwater tidal swamp of Ashton Creek. The park floor was likewise the southern finish of the Union position throughout the Bermuda hundreds Campaign. Remnants the Union earthworks can be checked out along the park road and trails.

8. Dutch space Conservation Area

Visit this 810-acre eco-friendly treasure for the possibility to see and photograph numerous birds, capture fish from among the number of public docks, or just to hike follow me the trails. The 4.5 Dutch space Trail is a multiuse trail the takes travellers along bottomlands, meadows, a tiny pond and wetlands and also circumnavigates the tidal lagoon. This is one of fort Lee families favorite out spots.

9. Henricus historic Park

Don’t obtain stuck in traffic on 64 trying come visit the Williamsburg area, continue to be local and pay a visit come the 2nd successful English city in the new World- Henricus! Visiting is affordable and they regularly likewise participate in Blue Star Museum , which provides it complimentary for military from Memorial Day v Labor Day every year. The has household friendly program year round and is the site of many special events like Christmas Parade of lights by boat.

10.Pony Pasture

Plenty of tiny spaces to relax in the water, shaped by years of erosion indigenous the rapids for family members who can’t do it come the beach. Pony Pasture is a favorite location for Richmond family members to cool off and a famous location come launch a kayak, canoe, raft or inside tube. Because that the brave girlfriend can shot to undertaking through the class II rapids come Williams Island, an uninhabited 100-acre stretch the land the is nestled in the center of the James River.

11. Visit A national Wildlife Refuge

Presquile national Wildlife Refuge is on one island in the James flow slightly northeast that Hopewell. The Refuge might be visited only with breakthrough reservations or during refuge funded events. The Refuge regularly hosts field days and also tours every year that allow the public to visit. Advance registration might be required, however.

12. Visit Crewe, Virginia

A small town the owes it’s existence to the Norfolk & western (N&W) Railroad. For less than a hour in the car, you can visit The Crewe railroad Museum , a ‘not-for-profit” memorial to the countless residents the Crewe and also the surrounding locations that live here and also were to work by the N&W Railroad. That is staffed and managed by volunteers and offers many opportunities to rise on real trains!

13, Visit Blackstone

Located near Crewe, Blackstone is residence to the totally free Robert cutting board Carriage Museum, which dwellings a collection of 24 fully restored horse-drawn carriages, sleighs & buggies and Schwartz Tavern, a fully restored Revolutionary battle Era Tavern. It’s additionally home to ft Pickett whereby you can likewise fish or simply pop right into the PX for little staples. Blackstone draws travellers to the Bevell’s Ace Hardware store. Every December they display a model train town (over 500 square feet) that is precious driving to see. For a very delicious treat, pop right into Blackstone Herb cottage on a Sunday for brunch. Our family has been known to drive from ft Lee simply for brunch!

14. Weston Plantation’s sound of Summer

Take in a summer concert ~ above the shores that the Appomattox river at the historic Weston Plantation in Hopewell. Weston is on the nationwide Register of historic Places and is taken into consideration notable for preserving much that its initial interior, particularly its distinctive moldings, wainscoting and chair rails. Bring your very own beverage and also snack and explore music on it’s historical lawn.

15. Kings Dominion

Virginia’s premier themed amusement park, need we to speak more? one-of-a-kind days geared towards military members that include totally free admission and also plenty of fun for the totality family do this area amusement a have to when stationed at fort Lee.

16. Busch Gardens

Attractions because that the whole family including rides, shows, pet encounters and more. This amusement park is famous with fort Lee families due to the fact that it participates in the tide of Honor regime , which allows service members and also up to three dependents to obtain in totally free each year.

17. Children’s Museum the Richmond

Interactive exhibits in three Richmond areas that permit kids to move, climb, farm, draw, beat & learn around their world. A expense friendly place for ft Lee family members with younger youngsters to visit. CMOR participates in $1 Target family members Nights and also has 15 cent work too!

18.Hollywood Cemetery

More 보다 a cemetery, Hollywood is a good example the the landscape garden layout cemetery. You deserve to learn about the cemetery’s history, artwork, symbolism and also some it’s more famous residents, including well-known writers and also politicians by soaking up a guided tour. Want to visit on her own? Be certain to look for Confederate notables and also the tombs of 2 U.S. Presidents, James Monroe and John Tyler.

19. Take A Ghost Tour

Find out why Petersburg is together a “spirited” city and also visit several of the town’s most historic buildings. Discover details around Petersburg the you haven’t heard in a history class through a 90-minute ghost tour.

20. Visit A farmer Market

Want to test out the freshest and also tastiest produce in Virginia? The farmers sector is your place! With local produce prefer Hanover tomatoes and also Virginia peanuts, love husband and much more on screen the neighborhood farmer’s markets allow you come bump right into friends and also meet neighborhood farmers challenge to face.

21. Pick A fresh Virginia Pumpkin

Autumn way a burst of color on the trees and also pumpkins in the fields. Head to a neighborhood farm to take a hay ride, choose pumpkins, and also get shed in a corn maze. Assistance Virginia agriculture with your household by visiting a neighborhood farm because that a autumn festival.

22. Exercise

Did us really mention this? Yes, we did! The gym facilities and also outdoor tracks situated on ft Lee are cost-free to use and one of her benefits! Fort Lee Gyms likewise offer low-cost practice classes if you prefer group settings. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy there space miles of trails around Fort Lee because that walking and running.

23. Check the end A Book

Visit the local library. Libraries loan books, movies, and video clip games as well as give access to totally free digital content. Today’s library is much more than a place for a bookworm. Local libraries offer complimentary fitness programs, summer analysis programs and also cater come the house school neighborhood too!

24. Visit The Pocahontas Island Black history Museum

The Pocahontas Island Black history Museum, situated on the historical Pocahontas Island in Petersburg, Virginia and a stone’s litter from the Appomattox River, was once a protect against on the underground Railroad. Claimed as one of the oldest black communities in the nation it is precious a visit to this totally free museum to aid keep background alive. While the is free, donations room encouraged.

25. Visit Old Towne Petersburg

Petersburg might be the source of unnerving chatter about crime, yet I guarantee you if friend head downtown you’ll uncover a prospering district the is safe and enjoyable. Through plenty of famous restaurants like Dixie and also Croaker clues (which likewise has a Richmond location) mixed among antique galleries, boutiques, handmade shops, restaurants, and also events like first Fridays, downtown Petersburg is precious a visit. Lunch, shop at the weekend Farmers market or snap a memorable photo against a historic streets brick backdrop.

26. Join The VFW

More than men in stunner hats, If you have actually received a project medal for overseas service; have actually served 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive job in Korea; or have ever received hostile fire or imminent danger pay, then you’re eligible to sign up with the Veterans of international Wars ranks. Even if you don’t fit the criteria, you might still be eligible to sign up with the guys or Women’s Axillary, a supportive eight of the VFW. Post 637 in Hopewell help decorate historic City allude Cemetery because that Memorial job , serves the veterans at Hunter Holmes McGuire facility in Richmond, Participates in the Virginia battle Memorial ceremonies and also serves the regional community. Take into consideration joining any local thing of the VFW even if simply for a year.

27. farmers Bank

In Petersburg, over there is a well-preserved 19th-century bank and it’s the oldest standing structure in Virginia the was created as a bank! do not miss out on seeing what castle did to secure a 400 pound safe every night.

28. Edgar Allen Poe Museum

It might be small, yet the Edgar Allen Poe museum homes the biggest collection of Poe’s works and memorabilia. For any type of Poe fan, this museum is no to be missed for the size of info that the holds. Don’t miss out on the 3-D maps the Richmond throughout Poe’s years invested there.

29. Watch A horse Race

Colonial Downs is Virginia’s just pari-mutuel equine racetrack. Go you recognize that eighty percent of the summer thoroughbred gyeongju are organized over the Secretariat Turf Course, which in ~ 180 feet wide, is the widest grass surface ar of any type of track in phibìc America. The location is additionally home come other occasions like pro Rodeos.

30. Nascar

Richmond is home to the Richmond worldwide Raceway. If your a Nascar fan, entertainment is simply a brief drive phibìc of fort Lee.

40. Go to The Beach

Virginia has a long Atlantic s coastline. There space beaches huge and little to suit individual families. Native the Virginia coast oceanfront come the warm, yet overlooked east Shore and good little beaches in between, ft Lee families will discover a coast that’s perfect because that them in Virginia.

41. Visit The Mountains

Day pilgrimage it to choose apples in the fall, visit the residences of cutting board Jefferson, James Monroe or James Madison. Visit America’s earliest show cave or unwind in ~ a winery. Much less than a two-hour automobile ride will supply you to the mountains.

42. Shenandoah national Park

Cascading waterfalls, spectacular vistas, quiet wooded hollows and 200,000 acres of defended lands invite you to take it a hike, picnic v the family members or camp among the wildlife. Skyline drive is beautiful in the fall! Take benefit of the annual pass because that the military to visit this park and other nationwide Parks.

43. Washington DC

Our Nationals Capitol ……Two hours from fort Lee finds you there. Washington D.C is a must! D.C is family friendly, and also there is a lot to do! conserve some money by reserving a room on a army installation like ft Belvoir, Joint base Anacostia-Bolling, andrew Airforce base or one of several other military installations in closer proximity. Make the most of your visit by taking benefit of all the free museums and also activities.

44. historic Triangle

It doesn’t issue where you to be born, nowhere else speak the exciting story the America’s background quite as vividly 보다 in America’s historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. One area rich in history, however quaint and with tiny town charm. Walk for the history, play in ~ the amusement park and beaches!

45. Explore ft Lee

So there room a few little jewel right below on the installation like The U.S army Women’s Museum and also The U.S Quartermaster Museum but, you’ve most likely never heard of little spots choose the local Archaeological Curation basic . The facility residences a tiny exhibit room that that has over 500 artefacts on display. It is open to the public. There is additionally a 27-hole championship golf course located at fort Lee. The initial 18 holes (Red and also White) were built in 1947 and a swimming pool to cool off in the summer time.

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