From experimenting unique communities to recognize the best beaches and tacos, these are the best things to execute in san Diego, CA at the very least once.

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San Diaaago! “America’s best City,” Ron Burgandy’s location of work, and one of the sunniest places in California.

There’s a lot come love around this city. And one the the reasons why it’s together a renowned place to visit is because there’s so lot to see and do in mountain Diego. It would certainly be hard to uncover yourself at a loss for new things to endure no issue how numerous times friend visit.

I spent 5 years living in san Diego, going come school and working in ~ internships and a myriad of work to continue to be afloat throughout my time in college.

Over that period, I prospered to love san Diego in every one of its perfect weather, beaches, tequila, and also delicious mexico food glory.

San Diego will always have a soft spot because that me, so I want to write this san Diego bucket perform so you can enjoy mine favorite regional spots and also things come do roughly the city too.

From the most well-known San Diego attractions to unique local experiences, the finest tacos, and where come indulge in the microbrewery scene, these space my top things to carry out in mountain Diego, California!

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Top points to check out & perform in san Diego

If friend only have one job in san Diego, these are the very first attractions I’d recommend check out.

Explore Balboa Park

The peak attraction in san Diego.

Walking roughly Balboa Park in one day renders you establish how numerous things there space to see and do in this beautiful area of san Diego.

There are 16 museum in the park, part you can even get into for complimentary on particular Tuesdays if you are a san Diego residents or in the military.

Besides the museums, Balboa Park additionally houses 16 gardens and beautiful historical style that is finest described together Spanish early american Revival.


There are caricature artists that line the park boulevards, balloon animals, and fair foodstuffs such together cotton candy and also popcorn. The Spanish town Artist center is a vibrant corner of the park the showcases every type of local art imaginable.

The world-famous mountain Diego Zoo is also housed here (which should certainly be top top your san Diego to-do list), and an ext often than not you’ll discover some cool old cars (Chevy Impalas!) parked around the Spreckels organ Pavilion.

One of mine favorite components of the park is the arbitrarily carousel close to the zoo, which allows you feel choose a son again.

There room so countless things to execute in Balboa Park that it’s among the ideal ways to invest a day in san Diego if you’re make the efforts to see the many in a brief amount that time.

I’d recommend spending at the very least an afternoon here, exploring a couple of of the various attractions and discovering why it’s the most popular place come visit in san Diego.

Pro tip: every Tuesday the park uses Balboa Park free Tuesdays. This is where various museums in the park offer complimentary admission for san Diego occupants and energetic military personnel and their dependents. Girlfriend can uncover the perform of rotating Balboa Park complimentary museumshere.

Grab your cost-free San Diego travel Planner! You’ll obtain instant access to printable checklists for what come pack and also what to view in san Diego, and also a full travel itinerary, and crucial local take trip tips you should know.

Go on a Microbrewery Tour

It’s no mystery that mountain Diego has one that the ideal microbrewery scenes in the US. Friend can uncover a brewery in just around any suburb, therefore no issue where you’re situated you can gain a taste because that the san Diego beer scene.

I usually perform a self-guided brewery tour with a combination of walking and also using Uber if I’m in town, but if you’re after a an ext organized tourism this mountain Diego Microbrewery tour is a good place to start.

This is among the best things to do about San Diego, especially if you’re a pan of good beer. And also with end 100 breweries in better San Diego county, you’re spoiled because that choice.

My personal favorite breweries come visit include Ballast suggest (give me a Sculpin IPA any day), eco-friendly Flash, and stone for their classy brewery and rock garden.

Other references would have to encompass Coronado, lost Abbey, Latitude 33, contemporary Times, mom Earth, half Door Brewing, and Mission Brewery.

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Release your Inner kid at Belmont Park

A Mission beach amusement park, Belmont Park is storage of a summer fair v a funny atmosphere and unique rides the are great for a selection of ages.

My favorite ride in ~ Belmont Park would probably have to be the giant Dipper Roller Coaster. Built in 1925, this wooden coaster rivals the huge Dipper in Santa Cruz.

Other favourite rides include the beach Blaster (a really tall spinning swing) and also the Octotron (another turn ride yet one friend can regulate with a joystick).

And if you have actually a go Card happen you can likewise experience the zip line and also have totally free use the the absent climbing wall.

Pro tip: this is among the finest things to execute in the city in ~ night if you’re under 21 (for all you younger college youngsters or parents traveling with teens).

Grab lunch on the Water and See the USS Midway

The USS Midway is in the top 5 coolest museum I’ve visited and the background behind the vessel and also its objective is simply as intriguing.

There room over 60 exhibits top top the huge ship and also 29 restored aircraft, including whatever from fighter jets to rescue helicopters. The informative cost-free movie close to the entrance goes with the background of the battle of Midway, i m sorry is wherein the ship obtained its name.

What ns love around the museum is how interactive it is and also how lot its history is lugged to life because of that.

You have the right to tour multiple level of the carrier, see old living quarters and also pilots’ all set rooms, and also even action inside people War II fighter jets. And, comparable to the waiting & an are Museum at Balboa Park, the USS Midway Museum likewise has flight simulators for second cost.

Before or after see the museum, I’d introduce grabbing having lunch at the Fish sector Restaurant because that mouthwatering fish tacos. Looking out over the harbor v a check out of the USS Midway, it’s the perfect means to take it in the beauty beauty of mountain Diego and its military history.

Before you leave the area, don’t miss out on walking underneath the Unconditional Surrender statue close to the museum for that perfect picture op.

Grab tickets because that the USS Midway Museum front of time here

Spend a Day and also Night out in north Park

Although my Pacific coast nights out are mainly over now due to the fact that I’m no 22 anymore, north Park is the ar for young professionals or artistic varieties that still enjoy going out, yet with slightly under college-aged kids.

North Park is believed of together the hipster community of mountain Diego and it has actually a fun and also quirky side the is easy to fall in love with. If I ever before move back to mountain Diego, I’m persuaded I would move here.

I saw one of my favorite concerts ever before in phibìc Park (The Tallest male on Earth) in ~ the exorbitant old Birch phibìc Park Theatre, and the bars sell a small bit of every little thing for whatever style the nightlife you’re going for.

It’s a good neighborhood to check out if you’re safety the weekend in san Diego and also you want to discover some that the best San Diego nightlife.


One the my favorite bars in phibìc Park is seven Grand, a whiskey bar that hosts live music and also has black and also white movies playing on a loop. Oh, and the bartenders look choose they just stepped out of the 1920s.

Seven Grand has a full wall of whiskey, acquisition up 15 pages on their drink menu, through the optimal shelf reached by a roll ladder.

A close jogger up, if friend want an ext of a dive bar setting where you deserve to watch hipsters all at once drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, is Bar Pink.

Bar Pink hosts a many live music and DJs that typically play R&B and Hip Hop. As to be expected, there is a lot of pink roughly the bar and tipsy elephants in martini glasses keeping it classy.

Another bar to check out in the area is The Office. Fifty percent bar, fifty percent club (as are plenty of San Diego establishments), The Office gives off the feel of a smoky cocktail lounge that’s lively with a bit of an enlarge crowd. Your decent beer list is an added bonus.

North Park is just one of those areas to go the end in mountain Diego the is trendy yet feel-good.

The community offers a funny night out without the constant over intoxication uncovered in Pacific Beach.

And if you’re not as interested in the nightlife, there are plenty of points to do in north Park the don’t indicate drinking, together as exploring the plenty of trendy cafes and also restaurants and also boutique shops during the day.

Walk along the Embarcadero

One the the facets I love about San Diego is that you’re never ever too much from the water, no issue which ar you’re in.

The Embarcadero is most likely one that the most popular seaside areas in san Diego and home to numerous popular waterfront attractions, consisting of one the the finest museums in san Diego – the USS Midway Museum.

Located right next to downtown mountain Diego, this is the cruise delivery hub of the city, therefore you can expect the to be touristy.

However, it’s additionally a beautiful spot come walk approximately during the day or in ~ night because that a an excellent dose of mountain Diego vibes.

The Embarcadero is likewise where you’ll find Seaport Village, full of souvenir shops, great views, and also The Headquarters, i m sorry is an old police command write-up now full of trendy restaurants.


Spend an Afternoon on Coronado Island

That island you always see across the only from downtown san Diego, Coronado Island has been a well-known staycation destination and tourist attraction in mountain Diego because that decades.

What provided to it is in an old ferry landing has come to be a sunny playground because that immaculate beaches, palm-lined walks, and open-air san Diego fun. Plus, you get a an excellent view of the san Diego skyline native the island.

On the island, you have the right to go purchase in among the local specialty shops or arts galleries, devour fresh seafood from one of the many restaurants, lay on the beach, or rental a kayak to explore the bay from the water.

You can likewise take a guided wade tour approximately the island or maybe also go ~ above a Coronado Cruise cycle Tour.

There’s plenty to save you busy approximately the island because that a full afternoon, even if it is you’re traveling with a family, as a couple, or by yourself.

Coronado Island is also where one of the most famed San Diego hotels is situated – Hotel del Coronado – if you’re spring to stay on the island (or simply want to tour the property).


Find her Wild side at the mountain Diego Zoo & Safari Park

If friend love animals, mountain Diego is the place to check out a broad variety. At 100 acres, the huge San Diego Zoo is viewed by many as the ideal in America and it’s ranked as among the top zoos in the world.

It’s not surprising once you look at the figures. There are over 650 types and an ext than 3,700 different pets to be discovered at the zoo, so there’s plenty come see.

My favorite exhibits encompass the panda bear family members (be ready to wait in heat to watch them) and also the Polar bear Plunge.

The Polar be afflicted with Plunge allows you to watch these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat, swimming playfully in the water or hamming it up on the ice.

I had actually never viewed a polar be afflicted with swim underwater before visiting the mountain Diego Zoo, and also it was magical.

The mountain Diego Zoo is situated in Balboa Park and open 365 days a year. Just note the the hours vary depending upon the season. You deserve to grab your mountain Diego Zoo tickets ahead the time here.

The sister mountain Diego Safari Park is comparable to the zoo, but on a smaller sized scale and also on the opposite next of the ar up in Escondido.

I do a visit to the Safari Park on my last mountain Diego trip due to the fact that it was contained in my go Card, yet if you had actually to choose between the 2 I would spend my time in ~ the zoo.

The factor I uncover the zoo much more enticing is because it uses a greater selection of pets to see and also interact with.

With the said, the Safari Park supplies a totally different animal experience with its countless safaris. I also like the reality that the enclosures room much bigger for a an ext comfortable life arrangement and daily roaming for the animals.

At the Safari Park, ns hopped ~ above the Africa Tram, which is had with the join price. The downsides come this park though are the wait times to carry out a safari and the truth that the animals are far away on the traditional tour.

All the the other safari options are an additional cost to the join price, yet if you space willing come splurge they would certainly be well worth it compared to the Africa Tram. Because that instance, ns saw various other visitors feeding giraffes on their Caravan Safari, however if you desire that experience it’s walk to expense you upwards the $100.

If you’re willing to shell out the extra bucks because that these impressive experiences, the Safari Park provides a small something extra and can it is in a fun thing to do in Escondido. However if you simply want to pay the one-time join price, the mountain Diego Zoo is a far better value.

Of course, both attractions room a an excellent day out and worth seeing if you have the time and money to see both.

Grab your san Diego Zoo and Safari Park combo ticket ahead of time here.

Drive up the coastline Highway

San Diego is blessed v miles and also miles that stunning coastline. And my favorite method to watch the beauty of the phibìc County beaches is follow me the shore Highway, additionally known together Hwy 101.

Starting around Torrey Pines Reserve, the coastline Highway goes v some lovely san Diego scenery and suburbs, including Del Mar, Solana Beach, Leucadia, Carlsbad, and Oceanside.

One of mine favorite parts of the highway is a little further exterior of mountain Diego, simply past mountain Clemente.

Along the way, make sure to prevent in at the local staple, Pizza Port, for its delicious pizza and also beer. There’s a reason why it’s so renowned with locals, the fare is mouthwatering and also the vibe is an extremely much surfer.

When you get to Encinitas, Pannikin Coffee & Tea is among my favourite coffee shops in mountain Diego, situated in a cute cottage complete with a white picket fence and outside seating.

Another stopover, just off the highway is the Flower fields in Carlsbad, whereby you can frolic in 50 acre of every color of large Tecolote Ranunculus flowers in the best season.

In general, I would recommend taking your time and stopping as lot as feasible in each little suburb together you go up the coast due to the fact that they all of a distinctive personality, also plenty of sighs, beaches, and foodie spots.

If girlfriend don’t have actually a vehicle or you don’t want to worry about driving, another an excellent option for seeing this beautiful component of the coastline is by taking the Amtrak Coaster train.

I’ve taken it multiple times to visit mine sister in Los Angelesand it’s quiet the many beautiful train ride I’ve to be on.

Have at least One Taco Tuesday in Pacific Beach

Taco Tuesdays in Pacific beach are one of the finest things to execute at night in mountain Diego if you want to experience the neighborhood college nightlife.

You have the right to expect cheap shots of tequila, mexico food, sombreros here and also there, and solid margaritas that are bigger than your head.

During the winter months it quiets down a bit, especially when the universities space out. However if you happen to stumble top top a Taco Tuesday in the loss or spring, acquire ready to party.

It’s a entirety lot of fun as soon as you’re a college student in mountain Diego, particularly for those freshly 21-year-olds, due to the fact that everything is cheap and there’s a lot of craziness, dancing, and also shots.

The quite thing about going out in Pacific beach is that it’s straightforward to perform a bar crawl. Many of the bars heat Garnet Street next by side, or space close by turn off the side streets.

Every Tuesday, Garnet Street practically turns right into a party block, whereby you accomplish a random assortment of world on your walk to the next bar.

For the contempt older crowd, Pacific coast AleHouse and Tavern at the Beach are a bit much more laidback than the usual bars turn clubs. If you’re spring for much more of a mexican vibe go to Cabo Cantina i m sorry is overflowing ~ above Taco Tuesdays.

If you’re in search of a good place to dance, Moonshine beach is most likely the best option. Or, if you want to prevent the Coronas and also have part nice beer, Bub’s in ~ the Beach is one of my favourite in Pacific Beach.

One point to keep in mind is if you’re after ~ a quite dinner of cheap tacos before going out on the town, I would certainly suggest getting to PB as at an early stage as feasible since areas fill increase quickly during the liven months.

My references for tacos in the ar would include Cabo Cantina, human being Famous, and the taqueria stand that constantly seem to popular music up top top the streets external the bars ~ above Tuesdays.


Discover Old Town san Diego

Old Town san Diego, additionally known together the birthplace the California, is wherein you’ll find a bustling hispanic community. It’s additionally where the indigenous Kumeyaay people lived 9,000 years earlier before the Spaniards arrived.

There are a most fun points to execute in Old Town san Diego. You’llfind regional artisan shops, a lot of Mexican restaurants, and some really cool historical buildings.

If you’re a history buff, this is a an excellent historic community to check out in san Diego, especially compared to the rest of the city which leans more into the modernness.You can discover the complete list of historical sites in Old city here.


Walk around the Gaslamp Quarter

Whether you’re after several of the finest shopping in san Diego, bar hopping, classy restaurants, architecture, or simply world watching, the Gaslamp 4 minutes 1 is the heart of mountain Diego.

If you’re wondering what to execute in downtown san Diego, this is where you must start.

I would certainly recommend trying out Gaslamp during the work and also at night to watch the difference, specifically on Friday and also Saturday nights once it yes, really comes alive v nightlife.

The Gaslamp Quarter’s beginnings go back to 1850 once William pagan Davis began occurring land in the wishes of creating a town on the mountain Diego waterfront. You deserve to still visit his residence in the Gaslamp together it has actually been turned right into a museum.

There space plenty of points to perform in Gaslamp to keep you busy for the day, including discovering the historic architecture roughly the neighborhood, bar hopping, eating at few of the trendiest restaurants in san Diego, and also perusing art galleries. Take your pick!


Other famous Attractions in mountain Diego

Relax in ~ the Japanese Friendship Garden

Located in Balboa Park, the Japanese Friendship Garden is a relaxing clues to invest an afternoon in san Diego.

The garden was developed to represent the friendship in between San Diego and its sister city in Japan, Yokohama, and also provides a unique and chilled out endure for visitors.

Besides that is zen atmosphere and also impressive garden and also architecture designs, the Japanese Friendship Garden hosts continuous events throughout the year, such as yoga classes, meditation sessions, and also the san Diego sake Day.

If you’re in search of a rest from the city there is no leaving the city, this is a an excellent place come visit in mountain Diego.

Take in the views From the suggest Loma Peninsula

San Diego has so many great views the it’s sometimes difficult to keep track or prioritize which persons to see first.

One the the ideal views in mountain Diego that shouldn’t be missed is from suggest Loma Peninsula and also the Cabrillo nationwide Monument.

Start in ~ the southern guideline of the peninsula come visit Cabrillo national Monument, whereby Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo landed at mountain Diego bay in 1542.

As you spend the day exploring the many things to carry out around suggest Loma Peninsula, you’ll discover hiking trails, tide pools, and learn an ext about California history.

Before you leave, make certain to head to Sunset Cliffs herbal Park to watch the sun go down with the locals.


Go ~ above a harbor or Whale the town hall Cruise

It’s difficult to visit mountain Diego and also not partake in at the very least one port or whale the town hall tour, since these cruises to mark the best component of mountain Diego – its stunning proximity to the water.

If you’re visiting san Diego in mid-December through April, I’d recommend hopping on a whale watching cruise because this is once grey whales migrate near the city.

The feather is as soon as you’re an ext likely to watch female whales v their calves, if you want to try and watch the cute babies.You have the right to grab tickets to one environmentally-friendly whale city hall cruise here.

If you’re visiting san Diego from may to early December, I’d introduce going on one of the popular harbor cruises to take in the city from the water. You deserve to grab tickets here for a well-known inexpensive harbor cruise that lasts because that an hour or two.


See a show at the Old world Theatre

Another attraction situated in Balboa Park, the Old world Theatre homes a renowned theater firm in mountain Diego the produces roughly 15 musicals and also plays every year, giving some solid san Diego entertain year-round.

The theatre was developed in 1935 and also modeled after ~ Shakespeare’s Old globe Theatre in London.

If you’re visiting mountain Diego in December, don’t miss out on out top top their annual production the Dr. Seuss’ how the Grinch Stole Christmas.

In situation you didn’t know, Theodor Seuss Geisel (more frequently known as Dr. Seuss) resided in San Diego for four decades and throughout the elevation of his writing career.

To offer you an idea of just how much san Diego loves Dr. Seuss, the library in ~ my alma mater, UC san Diego, is called Geisel and also features Dr. Seuss statues. I mean, who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?

Tour the Mission Basilica san Diego de Alcala

Founded in 1769 through Spanish friar Junípero Serra, Mission Basilica mountain Diego de Alcala was the an initial Franciscan mission in California and still operates as a functioning Catholic church today.

The Mission is a beautiful historic building to explore, regardless if you’re spiritual or not. Guided tours occur Monday through Friday in ~ 9 am, 11 am, and also 1 pm and also you deserve to request a tourism ahead the time here.

Best complimentary Things to do in mountain Diego

Enjoy a various Beach Every Day

One that the best complimentary things to execute in southerly California – go to the beach!

There room over 50 beaches in san Diego County and also all sell a different experience relying on the ar you uncover yourself in.

I spent a many time experimenting the north County beaches in mountain Diego when I to be going come school, specifically in the La Jolla area, which is well-known for its numerous manicured beaches. A couple of favorites near campus incorporate La Jolla Shores, Black’s Beach, and also Torrey Pines State Reserve.

Black’s beach Cliffs, La Jolla.

Ocean coast is a an excellent place to clock the sunset indigenous the pier and also meet every one of the old hippies and also stoners go around. It’s likewise a famous place because that surfers and skaters alike.

Coronado and also Solana Beaches space stunning. Mission Beach has the Belmont Amusement Park emotional the sand and also a scenic boardwalk come walk along. And also Del Mar’s Dog beach is perfect place to take the pooch.

The choices are limitless, it would be a dead to no visit one of these beaches while you’re in mountain Diego.

Plus, there space plenty of water activities to execute at many beaches if girlfriend don’t just want come sunbathe, such as paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, and snorkeling.

Hike among the many San Diego hiking Trails

Although fully opposite come the climate I prospered up through in north California v its lush redwood forests, desert-like san Diego is wherein I really started to acquire into hiking for the very first time.

San Diego is a whole various style of hiking: dusty, hot, and wide expanses the multicolored planet tones for miles and also miles, yet I thrived to love the numerous hikes ns took about the county.

The following are few of my favourite hikes in and also near san Diego:

Cabrillo nationwide Monument in point Loma (Bayside Trail) – 2.8 miles, 400 ft elevation gainMount Woodson (aka Potato Chip Rock)– 6.4 miles, 2,000 ft elevation gainCowles mountain – 3 miles, 950 elevation gain

See the 80+ Murals at Chicano Park

The vivid Chicano Park is located in Logan Heights, the oldest Mexican-American community in san Diego.

This is where you’ll uncover tons of tremendous murals located under the san Diego-Coronado Bridge. In fact, Chicano Park features the largest concentration that Chicano murals in the world.

In Chicano Park, there are seven acres precious of murals and sculpture gardens, as well as galleries and brewpubs now (because of gentrification).

It’s also important to note that Chicano Park was valiantly fought for by the local neighborhood after the city of mountain Diego take it away lot of the bordering land for navy use and freeways indigenous the 1940s with the 70s.

It’s a special place to visit in mountain Diego to respect the Chicano community and also appreciate the history found at the park and also the greater Logan Heights neighborhood.


Watch the Sunrise from mountain Soledad Lookout

One of my favorite cost-free things to execute in the city is to watch the sunrise from the mountain Soledad Lookout.

Considered by some to be the best San Diego viewpoint, mount Soledad looks the end over La Jolla and also honors American veterans and fallen soldiers.

The roadway to gain there have the right to be difficult to discover in the winding hills of La Jolla, however once you check out the check out it’s more than precious it.It can likewise be beautiful to walk up over there at night to witness the twinkling lights of La Jolla and hear the s down below.

Listen come an body organ Performance at Spreckels Pavilion

One that the much more unique things to carry out in the san Diego area the is completely complimentary is walk to view an organ performance in ~ Spreckels organ Pavilion.

Spreckels Pavilion is additionally located at Balboa Park (I’m certain you’ve noticed that about half of this perform is!) and hosts cost-free organ concert every single Sunday at 2 pm.

One cool fact is that this organ has been play in this ar for over 100 years, due to the fact that 1915 when the Panama-California Exposition came with San Diego. It’s additionally the largest outdoor musical instrument in the people with 5,019 pipes.

During the san Diego summer, there are additional Monday night concerts and also silent movie nights add by the live organ.

Drive the 59-Mile mountain Diego Scenic Drive

One the the more under the radar complimentary activities in san Diego is driving the mountain Diego Scenic Drive.

As I’ve stated before, mountain Diego is well-known for that breathtaking views.

This scenic journey is basically the highlight reel of few of the most beautiful parts of the san Diego Coast, and should no be let go if you’re serious around sightseeing roughly San Diego.

It’s among the ideal things to view in san Diego if friend truly want to grasp simply out beautiful the city can be.

You should provide yourself at least three hrs to carry out the complete drive, however probably much more if you’re prefer me and like to run out and also take a lot of images along the way.

The journey takes friend from the Embarcadero to Harbor Island, point Loma, Cabrillo nationwide Monument, ocean Beach, Mission Bay, mountain Soledad, UCSD, Birch Aquarium, La Jolla Cove, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Old Town, Presidio Park, Hillcrest, Balboa Park, the san Diego Zoo, and back to Seaport town in the Embarcadero.

If this sounds like too much to fit into one day, break it up into different days come see some of the many beautiful clues in san Diego.

To uncover the drive, look because that the blue and yellow signs with a white seagull that space markers along the drive every 4 minutes 1 mile.


Stroll along the Mission coast Boardwalk

A fun free thing to execute in san Diego and one the the ideal things to do in Mission Beach.

The Mission beach Boardwalk brings all of the ideal parts of mountain Diego together in one place – sunshine, a beautiful beach, active locals, and also those endless summer vibes.

I actually just recently uncovered the Mission beach Boardwalk on mine last trip to san Diego, however I quickly fell in love with the local atmosphere.

You deserve to walk or operation the boardwalk to get the complete view the Mission beach or rent cruiser bikes come feel like a true Californian.

Walk or ride every the way down to Belmont Park and also hop on the large Dipper Rollercoaster once you get your exercise in for the day.

Cheer on the Cyclists at san Diego Velodrome

Another Balboa Park attraction, the san Diego Velodrome is a famous training and also racing destination for cyclists.

There space some at sight talented cyclists the come here to race, so it’s an outstanding sight to have the ability to see them carry out their thing on the track.

Although you can stop by the Velodrome to watch the cyclists in ~ any suggest of the year, April through September is gyeongju season in ~ the Velodrome and also every Tuesday you can see a race for free.

And if you don’t want to simply be a spectator, the Velodrome supplies track cycling class every Monday and Wednesday night from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Bike the silver- Strand Bikeway

If you’re spring for cost-free stuff to perform in mountain Diego and also you’re right into biking, however don’t want to race about the monitor at the Velodrome, the silver- Strand Bikeway is a gorgeous ride v 12 mile of sunshine along the coast.

It’s also perfectly available for starting person riders and casual cyclists, unequal the Velodrome.

The Bikeway take away you every the way from Coronado Island come the southern tip of the mountain Diego Bay, providing an excellent views and also an ocean breeze along the way.

The trail is reasonably flat and very well maintained, therefore it’s perfect because that riders the all ability levels. There space some human being that also ride the path on a cruiser bike, therefore no stunner gears space necessary.

Mid-way v your ride, make certain to take a dip at silver Strand beach to cool off and break increase the bike drive on a warm day.


Local points to do approximately San Diego

Have a day Night in ~ Rooftop Cinema Club

I certain love rooftop cinemas!

I walk to quite a couple of when i was life in Europe, so ns was excited to uncover out that san Diego has started doing them too through the Rooftop Cinema Club.

They play whatever from cult classics to recent movies, and you’ll acquire your personal set the headphones, city views, cozy blankets, and also a an option of food and also drinks to enjoy while the town hall the film.

The Rooftop Cinema society actually has actually a couple of locations about the US now (and one in London), including LA, Houston, and brand-new York, and their popular only proceeds to grow.

I can’t think of a far better city than san Diego to have actually a rooftop cinema because the weather is gorgeous year-round. Plus, it’s a funny romantic point to execute in the city if you’re looking for a great date night idea.

You can discover out what’s currently playing in san Diego here.

Spend her Saturday Morning in ~ the ‘Mercato’ Street Market

There are a lot of farmers’ industries to take advantage of in mountain Diego and also theSaturday ‘Mercato’ Street market in small Italy is just one of the best. It’s among the largest sectors in the city and also happens indigenous 8 to be to 2 afternoon every Saturday, rain or shine.

It’s additionally one the the finest things to perform in tiny Italy to obtain a feel for the communal nature the this neighborhood.

At the market, you’ll uncover over 200 tents full of local produce, crafts, and also food stalls. There’s also live music. It’s a great Saturday occasion to attend in mountain Diego, even if friend don’t plan on buying anything.

Go to a Padres game at Petco Park

I always recommend seeing at the very least one baseball game in the city you’re visiting if it’s the ideal season because every stadium has a distinct atmosphere.

Baseball might not it is in the most exciting game because that a lot of people, particularly if you didn’t thrive up watching or playing the sport, however it’s a completely different experience as soon as it’s live and you’re at the park.

Now, the Padres don’t have quite the very same die-hard fan base the the LA Dodgers or mountain Francisco Giants have, however Petco Park is a beautiful contemporary stadium to clock a game from, right near the ocean and downtown.

If you have actually some extra time in mountain Diego and also you occur to it is in there during baseball season (if you’re in san Diego in March/early April to so late September/early October), don’t miss out on out top top a game at Petco Park.


Enjoy the ocean Beach farmers Market

Another well-known farmers market in san Diego, the ocean Beach Farmers industry is not as bustling as the tiny Italy one yet it is much more local.

This sector happens every Wednesday native 4-8 pm and features the exact same kind of vibe together the one in small Italy but on a smaller sized scale.

It’s also a bit an ext hippie in nature than the one in little Italy, which, if you recognize anything about Ocean Beach, goes well through the as whole atmosphere the the neighborhood.

Have your choose of new produce, regional art, and also enjoy live music. Once you’re excellent perusing the market, you can walk end to ocean Beach and take in the sunset close to the pier.

Experience Humphreys concerts by the Bay

Located on sanctuary Island on the allude Loma Peninsula, Humphreys concert by the bay isa beloved regional outdoor music venue that has actually been hosting popular music and also comedy acts since 1982.

Concerts run from may through October and also feature something from rock to jazz, folk, blues, international music, and even comedy shows.

Seeing a display at this beautiful outdoor venue is a renowned thing to do in san Diego for couples and a good date night idea in the city.You can uncover a complete list of their upcoming shows here.

Watch a Movie at south Bay Drive-In Theatre

If you’re looking for another good date night idea in mountain Diego, watch no further than the drive-in.

Drive-ins room not common around the us anymore, most have actually gone out of business (although they’ve began making a comeback again since 2020). Since of this, I’m constantly excited when I uncover a drive-in that’s tho in business and still a popular local point to do.

Head come the southern Bay Drive-In any kind of day of the week because that a dual feature that you have the right to watch indigenous the lull of her car.

They generally play more recent movies and also it’s likewise one that the ideal cheap things to do in the city. Ticket price are only $9 for adults and also kids 5-9 year old are only $1. Talk about a steal!

Swim with Leopard Sharks in La Jolla

Wondering what to execute in La Jolla that’s a bit an ext adventurous? Every year, countless leopard sharks come with La Jolla to mate and also lay eggs, occasionally staying for up to 6 months.

If you desire to check out this magical endure up close, you have the right to snorkel alongside the sharks as soon as they’re in town, typically from at an early stage June come the finish of September/October. You typically find the highest concentration the them in ~ the end of August and also through September.

In situation you’re worried, leopard sharks have a ferocious name but they are totally harmless. You deserve to either rental a snorkel from one of the numerous shops in La Jolla and also go through a friend, or go on a guided tour v a local company.

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You can discover the sharks along most of the La Jolla coastline, yet usually, La Jolla Cove is the finest for leopard shark spotting.