There is a flow whose streams shall make glad the city that God,The holy place of the tabernacle that the many High.

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God is in the midst of her, she shall no be moved;God shall aid her, simply at the break of dawn.Psalm 46:4-5


I love to read the Psalms. No matter how I’m feeling or what circumstances I am in, over there is a psalm to enhance my mood. Something below in Psalm 46 spoke to me simply now.

As I write this top top Monday, I recognize that many of you have actually preached and also served in ~ your neighborhood church yesterday. Many civilization from numerous backgrounds get this email, for this reason if you no preaching in a pulpit, top a class, or other kind the preaching and also teaching company on Sunday, i think you have the right to still advantage from the fact of Psalm 46:4-5.

The psalmist confidently declares, “There is a river whose streams shall do glad the city that God.” he pictured the abundant, constant provision of a river for Jerusalem. I live in southerly California whereby we yes, really don’t have actually rivers. As soon as I travel and also see a mighty river, ns impressed and also amazed. Right here the psalmist pictured a happy river for Jerusalem (the city of God).

Jerusalem does not in truth have together a river, just a few small streams. Yet the prophets suspect the day as soon as a mighty flow would circulation from the holy place itself (Ezekiel 47:12, Revelation 22:1). The future truth is currently in the mind of the psalmist. This river flows and makes all the city the God happy.

– The city that God is glad because life-giving water is constantly present in the dry, semi-arid land.

– The city of God is glad because the river has many streams, a photo perhaps linked to the rivers the watered the Garden the Eden (Genesis 2:10-14).

– The city that God is glad because a river is occasionally a snapshot of peace (Isaiah 48:18, 66:12). The idea is that Jerusalem is in perfect peace.

– The city that God is glad because your city is secure, having one that the finest defenses against an foe besieging the city – guaranteed water.

I believe that God wants to carry blessing come your organization for Him, blessing prefer a life-giving river. This blessing isn’t obtained by functioning harder or law better, however by simply believing and receiving. Under God’s elegant the an essential to blessing is no earning and also deserving, however in important trusting Jesus and also receiving.

Like this river, God wants to bring life and refreshment to you in your business to Him and also His people. Like many streams, God wants to execute this in plenty of ways, possibly some of lock unexpected. Prefer a relaxed river, God wants to bring peace and also a sense of defense in that to your ministry.

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His river is happy and wonderful. Allow the river of oh my gosh blessing refresh girlfriend this Monday.

Blessings to You in Jesus’ surname – David Guzik

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