I read about this in /u/Skabomb's post here. Can anyone else confirm that this is true? since if friend do acquire Junior first, I'm assuming you fail Gangs the Novigrad... Is over there no method to carry out both?

No spoilers, please. I have actually not completed either search yet.

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just in situation someone stumbles upon this article searching for an answer. Over there is a method to do both. Simply start with the arena before doing the casino. You ignite it once, the connect with the again to flip the switch. Operated for me.

When girlfriend say begin with the arena, perform you mean prior to taking "the gangs the Novigrad"? Or throughout the Gangs quest? I'm best at this point, don't wanna screwe that up.

you can, in fact, finish both. Make certain to finish Gangs of Novigrad, i.e. Speak through Cleaver (after killing all of Whoreson's small henchmen in ~ the arena and also casino) before going to Dijkstra. After which proceed with get Junior.

Edit: i should include that if you go after Willy's establishments, you will certainly not be able to use the secret passage to reach the hideout. I've tried, didn't like the "Use the an enig passage to with Junior's hideout (Failed)" marker.


Yep, completing the junior quest immediately fails Gangs of N i m sorry sucks. I don't know about the other thing as well as from the write-up you mentioned. Seems to organize true though.

Darn. I'm assuming the far better choice is to fail Gangs of Novigrad so you can access the stash in ~ the finish of get Junior. Reportedly there is a good sword in there.

Is there really no method to carry out both?!?! i have actually been holding off "junior quest" for over 10 hrs now, hoping that there's a means to not fail the "gangs of novagrad quest"....

I did not finish getting junior but went to end up gangs that novigrad and that quest failed. Miscellaneous not adding up with all the info here?

I just encountered this trouble as well.

But after trying several earlier savegames ns think I discovered the solution. At the very least in mine case.

When top top TGoN and also in the Casino, there to be at the very least two people I plunder which automatically switched my quest from TGoN to GJ. Ns never even noticed the very first time around.

As lengthy as i manually switched earlier I was able to finish both.

Also; Igor's an essential is on among the 4 or 5 men who assault you ~ you victory the arena fights, ideal after junior claims to kill you. There is no it you won't acquire into the secret stash, or so I've read. You'll still get in if you carry out the straight approach and also kill everyone v the dwarves. (or alone) but you'll still need to uncover the very same guy and loot the key.

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The quest will also auomatically move to GJ once you loot the post from Igor on the table beside Igor's "throne"

EDIT: I doubt the factor for the auto search switching is that GJ is a main quest while TGoN is a secondary. And also when friend loot a search item from a main quest that auto switches come it.