A fan holds increase the XO symbol as the crowd begs because that an encore, following the conclusion that the concert.

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Known to countless as “the following Michael Jackson,” renowned R&B/pop artist The Weeknd mesmerized fans v his simplistic, yet electrifying madness Tour set at Philips Arena, on December 15.

The Weeknd’s avoid in Atlanta came on the heels the his seven current Grammy nominations. The artist became extremely popular this year, after previously only appealing to a small, spiritual group the followers. His Madness loss Tour stands together his first major concert circuit.

After opening acts by rapper Travi$ Scott and pop singer Halsey, The Weeknd started his collection with “Real Life,” a song instantly raising the sold out audience to their feet, where they would continue to be for the whole of the 2 hour concert. Sticking v the tendency of mystery, exuded by many modern pop stars, The Weeknd performed his an initial three songs behind a caged steel wall. The pop star ultimately showed fans an unobstructed watch of himself as he sang “Often” suspended over the stage. The raunchy song, combination with exceptional lights and also stage props appeared to give the audience life.

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Sarah Sutley fans eagerly await the main act, The Weeknd, after viewing performances by Travis Scott and also Halsey.

The Weeknd called out to his fans number of times throughout the concert. His line: “Atlanta, this is the best party in the city,” was instantly met v deafening screams indigenous fans. He ongoing his performance v a couple of of his original songs such as “Professional,” “Crew Love,” and “High because that This,” dedicating them come his “day one fans.” Retreating earlier to his R&B roots, the singer added range to his otherwise mega-pop concert.

After the brief, however satisfying, throwback, The Weeknd continued with songs from his number one Billboard ranked album “Beauty Behind the Madness.” pan stood clearly satisfied v the artist’s power of “Angel” and also “As you Are,” song which clearly showcase his famous falsetto.

The Weeknd wrapped increase his concert v impressive, and also fiery, displays of his arguably most renowned songs: “Earned It,” “Can’t feeling My Face,” and also “The Hills.” instantly after the exited the stage, the arena erupted v chants that “Encore, Encore” and also fans unanimously hosted up their hands in the form of the XO symbol, made famous by his beforehand followers. Practically immediately, The Weeknd reverted for one more song, “Wicked Games.”

Despite achieving tremendous fame in a brief amount the time, The Weeknd stands together a seasoned performer. While most pop stars rental background dancers and elaborate sets come accompany your performances, The Weeknd enables his distinct voice to drive his concerts. His high selection vocals did no falter once throughout the wildly Tour and fans will agree the his song sound much better live 보다 in the studio. Just as claimed, The Weeknd organized the “biggest party in Atlanta” and exceeded his pendant expectations.