The Voice battles have come to a close as the final remaining spots were filled by the rivals who completed in Night 4 the the round.

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Next up will certainly be the Knockouts, however in the meantime, coaches Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, john Legend, and Blake Shelton helped overview their remaining rivals through this second leg of the competition. Aiding in their efforts were battle Advisors Jason Aldean (Team Kelly), Kristin Chenoweth (Team Ariana), Camila Cabello (Team Legend), and also Dierks Bentley (Team Blake).

Below, we’re round off up all of the key moments and also decisions do leading into the desire Knockouts, which will certainly see staying singers confront off versus each various other with a track of their choosing and the assistance of Mega Mentor Ed Sheeran.

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The Battles warm up together the Knockouts obtain closer.

Ryleigh Plank & KCK3 song Christina Aguilera’s “Come on Over infant (All I desire Is You)”

Up first for the evening was Team Ariana’s Ryleigh and also trio KCK3, who practiced their battle performance v advisor Kristin Chenoweth. When Ariana wanted all of the performers to bring an individuality to the stage, there to be a definite balance the coach to be pleased with. During the two acts’ time in the spotlight, Ariana was so wowed; that was tough deciding who would move on. Ultimately, Ryleigh was crowned the winner together KCK3 were sent out home.

The Cunningham sister & Parker McKay execute Lesley Gore’s “It’s mine Party”

Team Kelly’s young Cunningham Sisters and Parker McKay placed their very own spin on the classic tune “It’s mine Party,” v the help of fight Advisor Jason Aldean. Ultimately, the Cunningham Sisters and also their variety of impressive tones won over your coach following the fight performance, leaving Parker to leave the season.

Berritt Haynes & Kaitlyn Velez sing Coldplay’s “Yellow”

These young performers indigenous Team Blake didn’t get any screen time for your audition process, yet Berritt really wowed with his rendition of the Coldplay song, edging him out against teammate Kaitlyn. In the end, he to be selected the winner together Kaitlyn was sent packing.

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Paris Winngham & Jonathan Mouton perform Luther Vandross’ “Here and also Now”

Team Legend’s powerhouse performers were excited to handle a Luther Vandross tune with your coach and Battle torture Camila Cabello. If there were some technological details that necessary to it is in ironed out, such together Jonathan’s habit of hold the mic away from his face, john Legend to be pleased through his competitors heading right into the Battles. Ultimately, Paris edged out Jonathan to remain in the competition, but it wasn’t long prior to Blake provided the final steal for Jonathan to sign up with his team.