The Burlington Police department is requesting the community’s aid in locating wanted individuals. These people are believed

to reside in or regular the Burlington area. Every one of these people are wanted on felony charges and/or probation hurt in link with crime that emerged in the city the Burlington. This list is update weekly, and also the individuals are listed in no certain order that importance.

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Anyone v information concerning these people is urged to contact the Burlington Police room at (336) 229-3500 or anonymously contactAlamance County-Wide Crimestoppers through the P3 tip app or the Crimestoppers website. Citizen supplying info leading to an arrest space eligible to get a prize of up to $2,500.00. To send a reminder directly, simply click the individual's photo, and also it will open up a window for girlfriend to send a reminder through ours Crimestoppers guideline service. You deserve to then monitor the progression of your submitted tip.Learn more about Crimestoppers.

This weeks' arrested individuals and how many have been arrested:


The Burlington Police room would like to say thanks to the ar for your involvement in the apprehension the the following

individual(s). This list started in 2016 as a way to obtain the neighborhood involved. Part citizens may have actually relevant info that will help the room in recognize the individuals we space seeking. This list lets the ar know that we space looking for and encourages citizens to call us v information.

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We will additionally show to update on who has been arrested early out to aid from the community. Due to this list and the community's help we have arrested thousands of individuals since this list began.

Shontryail Tinikkal RussellLarceny after ~ break/enter (2 counts), habitual larceny, break and/or get in (F) (2 counts)
Taiquan Enzo PrideLarceny that motor vehicle (F)
Terrance Prescott VincentAssault with deadly weapon major injury
Luis Manuel Guido MoraSecond level kidnapping, assault on female, attack by strangulation, attack by pointing a gun, interfere v emergency communication
Myicia Elizabeth SouthernLarceny (M), larceny (F)
Jose Miguel Morales BeltranAssault through deadly weapon serious injury
Bobby Antonio McCadenAssault ~ above female, larceny the motor vehicle (F) (2 counts)
Amanda rose StanselFinancial map fraud (2 counts), obtain property false pretense (5 counts)
Tyrone JacksonAssault serious bodily injury
Crystal Gail HanesFinancial card fraud (M) (4 counts), financial map theft
Andrew Ronald Levon ThorntonAssault by strangulation, attack on female, interfere emergency communication
Michael Wayne BarnettObtain property false pretense
Tara Lynette HillAttempted attain property false pretense, manipulate disable/elder trust, identification theft, attain property false pretense
Myicia Elizabeth SouthernObtain residential or commercial property false pretense (2 counts)
Kyle Lee JohnsonAid and also abet equipped robbery
Julius Devonte GrayGo equipped to the terror that the people, ADWD will to kill (2 counts), discharge weapon into occupied dwelling/ relocating vehicle
Billy Adam StaleyLarceny (F), larceny that motor auto (F), break and/ or entering (F), injury to genuine property
Lanitra Latavia LeathIdentity theft
Matthew man MoldenhauerLarceny that motor automobile (F)
Jermiah McQuan EllisAssault by strangulation, assault on female
Dylan Todd LedfordObtain home false pretense
Latonya Nicole GattisHabitual larceny, contributing come delinquency of juvenile (3 counts), larceny remove/ ruin component, larceny (M) (2 counts)
Ashley Nicole ThompsonUttering forged instrument (4 counts), acquire property false pretense, forgery that instrument
Rudolph McCurdyLarceny (M), financial card theft, attain property by false pretense