Group: Story goals - act 2 (New Alliances)

Difficulty: I

You will get this mission as soon as you method the ghost of Joseph Seed ~ reaching brand-new Eden in the brand-new Eden’s mystery mission.

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Pass the test.

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New EdenHope County

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1. With the island

The island have the right to be reached by boat moored nearby.

2. Inspection the beams

Soon after you walk ashore you will be moved to an alternate reality. You have to visit three locations on the island and also in every of them you have actually to gain the amulet and also assemble the complete symbol.

Sunken Cabins (North-western component of the island)

First you need to acquire the amulet.

Shoot an explosive barrel come burn the vines that grows end the elements of the huge symbol.

Get to the small platform.

Find the appropriate position and align the amulet.

Empty Station

As in the ahead case, begin by acquiring the amulet.

Pull the line bring about the windmill to relocate it come the position shown in the snapshot below.

The right location to usage the amulet is in the residence behind the counter.

A little island top top the west side

This time the amulet looks choose in the photo below.

Destroy all obstacles blocking components of the symbol.

The correct place is again near the lamp.

3. Inspection the Cross

Near the overcome you will certainly see another vision of Joseph who will show you where to walk further.

4. Follow the path

Follow the path until you with the enntrance gate to the bunker.

5. Inspection the bunker

Enter the bunker and go come the room at the very end.

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6. Take it the Book

7. Leaving the bunker

Leave the bunker. Once you walk outside, you will return to reality.