The course python3 (from --python=python3) does no existI confirm the python variation by running:

python -VIt offers me:

Python 3.5.2 :: Anaconda 4.1.1 (64-bit)I run collection python to check out the setting variables, which gives me:

Environment variable python not definedAn annoying thing is that, this is a lab an equipment which i don"t have the admin right, I need to email the it Admin to adjust the setting variables.

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Tried:virtualenv -p python env

It gives me:

The path python (from --python=python) does no existSeems there is no means around until the atmosphere variable is fixed.

request By: Miranda
Answer #1:

After reading this tutorial, I uncovered the workaround for my case:

virtualenv --python "C:\Anaconda3\python.exe" env
answer By: Miranda
Answer #2:
If python --V is showing a version better than 3, then why no try:

virtualenv -p python envinstead? The value of the ns flag is just referring to the version of python you"re wanting to create the virtual atmosphere with. In this case, python is greater than version 3.

reply By: Charles Salmon
Answer #3:

Use something choose this: virtualenv --python "Your python.exe path" "Name that your virtual folder". You deserve to take your python.exe course from your atmosphere variables i m sorry is in properties of your "This PC" or "My Computer".

Then gain into the folder and run the command: .Scriptsactivate

Enter the command pip frozen to make certain you have developed your virtual atmosphere successfully! It should return nothing due to the fact that it is like an north basket. Watch at

exactly how it comes in the picture.

answer By: Maria Irudaya Regilan J
Answer #4:

Just a comment: On my Win10, because that python3 scripts, I operation py c:path oscript.For example:

py -m pip --versionSo to do the over command work, ns used:

py -m venv envand:

virtualenv -p py envSo that could be a possible solution together well.

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answered By: user1070061
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