Season 19, illustration 1 Harvest of Horrors

The Kitchen is packed v tasty tricks and also sweet treats this Halloween like Katie Lee"s environment-friendly Chicken Chili and Jeff Mauro"s Mac-O"-Lantern -- pumpkin-shaped mac and cheese! Pastry chef Zac Young ups the fright element with his Pizza role Intestines prior to the hosts play pass the huge Eyeball Cake. Over there are brand-new ideas because that jack-o"-lanterns the don"t need lot carving and also finally, Jeff makes ooey-gooey eco-friendly Slime Popcorn.

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Season 19, illustration 2 Bounty of fall Flavors

The Kitchen celebrates fall"s finest flavors beginning with Geoffrey Zakarian"s fall Stout Pot Roast with fall Vegetables. Next, we malfunction the basics the the season"s heartiest greens and Sunny Anderson provides her Sausage Creamed Collards. Katie Lee pours on some sweetness through a Maple Pudding Cake and also Jeff Mauro renders his souped-up Veggie-Packed fall Minestrone. Dan Churchill -- the organize of "Feast with Friends -- climate stops by v his Pesto Falafel v Butternut Squash Hummus. We height it all off through Poached Pears paired v sweet and also savory toppings and a Poached Pear Champagne Spritzer.

Season 19, episode 3 Friendsgiving favourite

The Kitchen invites special guests Ted Allen, Christian Petroni and also Martina McBride because that a Friendsgiving filled v Turkey job favorites. Jeff Mauro put his rotate on the star the the table with his Sweet-and-Spicy exhilaration Turkey and also Smoked Gravy. Ted climate serves increase his side -- Triple Sec Cranberry relish -- and Christian cooks up part Fried Brussels Sprouts. Geoffrey Zakarian makes a Three-Cheese Pommes Anna and also Martina dishes the end dessert with her fresh Apple Cake made with Homemade Caramel Sauce. Then, it"s time to collection the table with Crudite Cornucopias and DIY Pumpkin Napkins. Finally, all our guests reveal their juiciest Thanksgiving confessions.

Season 19, illustration 4 A foot Up on Turkey job

The Kitchen is obtaining ready because that Thanksgiving with dishes like Katie Lee"s Maple Sage Roasted Turkey and Geoffrey Zakarian"s Hawaiian Sweet roll Stuffing. Katie then shares her Sweet Potato Hummus top top Endive appetizer the pairs perfectly through Sunny Anderson"s Maple Sage Roasted Bourbon Punch. Finally, the team gives their best tips for mastering mashed potatoes and creating fool-proof gravy and also Chef Jerome give joins in to make a Pecan Pie.

Season 19, episode 5 holiday Helpers

The Kitchen Helpline is open for the holidays and the team is ready to lug serious group pleasers prefer Sunny Anderson"s hot Ham and also Cheese Wreath and also Katie Lee"s Crispy Artichoke Hearts. Baker Dan Langan stops by to create Savory Gingerbread People and also Justin Warner makes straightforward Beef Wellington Pie. Mini Cheesecakes are then topped through Katie"s Chocolate and Raspberries, Geoffrey Zakarian"s Blackberry Lemon Jam and also Jeff Mauro"s Bananas Foster. Finally, Katie shares her Spiced Pepitas and also Pecans recipe before the hosts play a video game with audience members referred to as the stove Mitt Challenge.

Season 19, episode 6 vacation Show-Stopping spread

The Kitchen cooks increase a show-stopping spread for the holidays beginning with Geoffrey Zakarian"s Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Loin. Jeff Mauro and also Katie Lee wow the crowd with two bring away on polenta -- a 4 Cheese Creamy Polenta and a Creamy Lemon Parmesan Polenta with Roasted Tomatoes. Cookbook author Elizabeth Heiskell serves up some sweet holiday presents with her Bourbon Balls and Salted Caramel Pecan Bites, climate we put a modern spin top top the Yule Log through a Stump de Noel Cake. Food Network"s Amanda Freitag makes a show-stopping Kabocha and Acorn Squash next dish. Finally, Katie create a Caprese Wreath topped v all the tasty trimmings and we toast to the holiday v a large Batch Pomegranate Cocktail.

Season 19, illustration 7 Perfect key of the Holidays

Dinner is ready and also the Kitchen is offer up the Perfect Plate because that the holidays! Jeff Mauro"s Stuffed Beef Tenderloin kicks things off prior to Sunny Anderson brings in she Maple and also Lemon Pan Roasted Carrots. Geoffrey Zakarian is on the soup course with a warmth Chestnut Bisque and Katie Lee provides her melt Potatoes with Herbs. Finally, Nancy Fuller join in on the funny to bake a sticky Toffee Pudding Cake prior to helping clear make a Cheeseball Tree.

Season 19, episode 8 Countdown to brand-new Year"s Brunch

The Kitchen is counting under to brand-new Year"s brunch beginning with Geoffrey Zakarian"s small Eggs v Kale, green Chiles and also Feta. Jeff Mauro pops some bubbly because that his Strawberry and Prosecco Scones v Sparkling Lemon Icing and Chef Eden Grinshpan join the celebration v her Cardamom Waffles. Katie Lee cooks up a brunch mash-up through her smoked Salmon and also Avocado whatever Pizza and also we ring in a sweet new Year with some special treats. Finally, Jeff offer up a Lucky new Year Crostini and also we count down to the finest Kitchen recipe of 2018.

Season 19, episode 9 A healthy and balanced Helping

The Kitchen is offer up a healthy and balanced helping of delicious recipes, beginning with Katie Lee"s Beef, Bean and also Veggie Burgers. Actress Teri Hatcher stop by to make a perfect healthy and balanced side dish, Broccoli Cakes. Geoffrey Zakarian has actually the an enig for the creamiest Cream-Less Mushroom Soup, and Jeff Mauro renders his simple Cheat paper Thai Peanut Swoodles. Nutritionist pleasure Bauer bring her healthy Orange-Chamomile Blondies and also shares what"s hot in healthy eating for the brand-new year.

Season 19, illustration 10 Seasoned advantages

The Kitchen is sharing the finest tips, tricks and also techniques for cooking like a professional. Jeff Mauro and also Sunny Anderson understand meat and potatoes v a reverse Seared Rib-Eye Steak and also Crispy Smashed Rosemary Garlic Fingerling Potatoes. Geoffrey Zakarian conquers a straightforward Tomato Confit, and Chef Silvia Barban shares her tips for making perfect fresh pasta with a Homemade Pappardelle. Katie Lee dishes the end an impressive chocolate Fudge Swirl Coffee Semifreddo because that dessert, and also finally the hosts dig deep into their cooking backgrounds and share their best pro tips.

Season 19, illustration 11 Money-Saving madness

The Kitchen hosts contend to make flavor-packed dishes the don"t break the bank, prefer Geoffrey Zakarian"s Bucatini al Limone and also Sunny Anderson"s Red Beans and also Rice with Sausage. Blogger Deb Perelman stop by to do her bake Sale Winning-est Bars. Jeff Mauro"s hot Turkey Horseshoe Sandwich and also Katie Lee"s Chicken, Sweet Potato and also Black bean Tostadas are inexpensive dishes the taste favor a million bucks, and also consumer correspondent zenit Lieberman shares her low-cost swaps because that a "Cheapo Pesto."

Season 19, episode 12 No carbohydrate Left Behind

The Kitchen is having actually a celebration fully loaded through everyone"s favorite carbs. Clear Anderson kicks it off with simple Sausage and also Mushroom Rigatoni Pie, and Katie Lee takes on a bread basic, Sundried Tomato and Rosemary Focaccia. Food blogger Bev Weidner provides cheesy Roasted Pizza Potatoes, and also Chef Jet Tila serves up Bacon and also Egg Fried Rice. Jeff Mauro tops off the party through a decadent coco Cinnamon Bread top top Bread Pudding, and also the hosts take a look at the internet"s craziest carb-loaded creations.

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Season 19, illustration 13 big Game Changers

The Kitchen is putting new twists on standard game day recipes, starting with Katie Lee"s Buffalo Chicken Calzone and Sunny Anderson"s Jalapeno Popper Dip. Chief Deuki Hong stop by to make oriental Sloppy Joes, and also then the hosts happen the Italian Nachos. Geoffrey Zakarian renders Creamy Harissa Wings, and also Jeff Mauro shares his coco Peanut Butter Dip, adhered to by a power by Herb and Spice.


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