Residents have lots to love around living in ~ The Grove Apartments nestled near the heart of Lake City, Florida. Our premier rental community offers everything from spacious floor plans come open-access amenities and also convenient commuting. All of these wonderful way of living benefits median you"ll be feeling best at residence right away.

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Quick Commutes

Swiftly arrive at locations of interest thanks to our convenient location.

15+ schools 100+ restaurants 100+ shops 25+ grocery stores 10+ medical care and wellness 5+ fire station 5+ police stations

Great Amenities

Enjoy at-home accessibility to a selection of fun tasks and open neighborhood features.

BBQ grill Controlled access Gated Playground Spanish-speaking Swimming swimming pool

Updated Spaces

Refined apartment life fitted with luxury finishes you"ll love.

White-finish appliances Ceiling pan Decorative crown molding dedicated dining room

Comfortable Living

Apartment floor plan come complete with modern conveniences.

Washer and dryer hookups air conditioning and also heating Ceiling fans bath tub and shower Dishwasher Oven cooktop Refrigerator

Community Newsletter

Residents have the right to now receive important ar news appropriate in their inbox. Every little thing from serious weather cautions to community maintenance updates and more.

major Weather Warning

Sizable scattered storms are moving through Florida. Stay safe and also subscribe to our community Newletter because that up-to-date information.

Spacious Floor Plans

We offer 3 spacious floor plans to meet your unique needs. Each is well-appointed through a good blend of modern-day features and popular biology comforts. Which layout will certainly you choose?


The Maple

2 spacious bedrooms. 1 full-featured bathroom. 750 sq ft v an updated interior. Open up floor plan concept. Request information for deposit details.

The Cypress

2 spacious bedrooms. 1.5 full-featured bathrooms. 750 sq ft with an update interior. Open up floor setup concept. Request info for deposit details.

The Oak

2 spacious bedrooms. 2 full-featured bathrooms. 750 sq ft with an to update interior. Open floor setup concept. Request information for deposit details.

Tour The Neighborhood

With your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, we"ve placed together a virtual tour of our community and apartments. In-person tours are still operating and also stop-ins are always welcome. Ours Front Office team is complying with all recommended health guidelines including wearing masks, sanitizing surfaces, and also distancing wherein possible. We appreciate your understanding and while these might seem a little impersonal, our aid team members and also wonderful ar will have you feeling right at home.



Community Policies

We offer much more than good apartment amenities at The Grove Apartments, residents of our beautiful community centrally located in Lake City, Florida gain scenic views, refreshing neighborhood activities, and also so much more. Below are a couple of features we understand you"ll love.

Equal Housing

We carry out not discriminate versus any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin and will comply with Federal and also State same Housing and also Anti-Discrimination laws. Our residents also uphold these ethical standards come ensure a nice, neighborly experience for everyone.

Occupancy Standards

Each bedroom in ~ our floor to plan is designed for a preferably of two residents. All citizens that room 18 years or larger will additionally be forced to complete an application. Also if they room living through a parental or a guardian. Maintaining these occupancy standards assist keep our community beautiful, inside and also out.

Criminal Background

Simply put, no applicant or resident the is has been indicted, arraigned, or convicted of a felony charge will be approved. Similarly, neither will certainly those with any type of drug or sex-related misdemeanors or felonies. This has those who have received deferred adjudication and/or have not however satisfied the probationary period of deferred adjudication. The background of every adults will be confirmed to ensure ours community"s safety.

Rental History

Your past rental background matters and it"s important. Here are the hallmarks of an authorized applicant in ~ The Grove Apartments:

Clean rental payment history. No previous evictions top top record. Provides sufficient move-out notice. Fulfills every lease terms. No impressive rental-related debts.

Credit Policy

Please keep in mind that unsatisfactory credit referrals or poor credit background may an outcome in added required deposits or declined application. The usage of a validated co-signer will be welcomed in particular cases. Give thanks to you for understanding in advance.

Co-Signer & Guarantor

Co-signers and also guarantors meet every one of the very same rental demands as an approved leaseholder, including earning 3 time the present rental rate. Ours policies and also procedures room designed to aid ensure your details is preserved secure in maintaining with all Federal and also State guidelines and also requirements. A co-signer or guarantor may be compelled for applicants that:

have actually no rental background or home ownership in the previous 5 years. Are full-time students and without employment. Do not accomplish the minimum income standard.

Income Standard

This policy requires the the gross monthly earnings of each leaseholder equal at least 3 times the present monthly rental rate. To store things easy, all income must be verifiable. Please keep in mind that earnings from family, scholarships, or research subsidies will certainly be welcomed for inhabitants that are permanent students.


Applicants need to be gainfully employed with the same existing employer for at least six months, have had at least six months of employment through a vault employer, or room receiving retirement benefits, federal government benefits, or any type of other verifiable and also consistent income.


Applicants need to be gainfully self-employed to it is in approved. They additionally must carry out income tax records for the previous year and also 2 recent financial institution statements native the last 90 days for revenue verification. For application purposes, you might be taken into consideration self-employed if your income is commission just or basic salary add to commission, tips, or bonuses.

Administrative Fee

To sheathe the costs associated with handling applications, over there is a traditional non-refundable $100 bureaucratic Fee that applies to every applications submitted for approval, also if the applicant is the same. Give thanks to you in advance for understanding. A reduced administrative Fee is sometimes obtainable through Special supplies for new residents, though limitations may apply.

Application Fee

In addition to the bureaucratic Fee, over there is a standard non-refundable applications Fee of $75 that applies to every applicant end the period of 18 year old. Occasionally, a reduced bureaucratic Fee is available through Special offers for brand-new residents. Though limitations may apply.

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Pet Policy

We permit up to 2 trained pets per apartment. Service animals are not thought about pets and are allowed. Dog breeds the weight or are most likely to weight over 50 lbs in ~ maturity room not allowed. Neither space Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Doberman, Chow, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Akita, Australian Shepherd, and also German Shepherd dog breeds. This helps keep our community clean and aggression-free. Exotic animals and also reptiles additionally not allowed. All animals must be photographed and documented by monitoring prior to your approval.

$400 pet Fee per pet. $250 of this is non-refundable. To add $20 every month pet rent. Maximum 2 pets (cats and/or dogs only), 45 lbs pet weight limit. All pets should be registered, have up-to-date vaccines, and also approved by management. Breed restrictions apply.