"The worldwide shader cache file‘G:/ProgramFiles/…/Engine/GlobalShaderCache=PCD3D_SM5.bin’ ismissing.

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You’re to run a variation of the applications bluilt to fill COOKED content only,however no COOKED content was found. Take into consideration cooking content for this build,or build and also run the UNCOOKED variation of the application instead."

What I need to do? Thanks

There space a number of build configurations obtainable to you, however it help to think of castle as 2 parts, a “State” and also a “Target”. In this case, your “State” is DebugGame. There are two “Targets” you could have, one that is blank, for this reason the total construct configuration is noted as “DebugGame”, and one the is for opened in the editor, therefore the total build configuration is provided as “DebugGame Editor”. The blank target is actually in search of cooked content, and so the probably describes the error message. Are you maybe to develop in “DebugGame Editor” and also then open up the project from within Visual Studio (with Debug > Start brand-new Instance)?

rotwang might 3, 2014, 5:41pm #4

Nice trap.

Had the same trouble on OSX when running a video game , complying with the “Pizza” example.

CGImageSourceCreateWithData data parameter is nilLogMaterial:Error: The global shader cache paper ‘/Users/frank/dev/git/Unreal/4.1/rwcchristchurchappeal.com/Engine/GlobalShaderCache-GLSL_150_MAC.bin’ is missing.

You’re running a version of the application built to load COOKED contents only, however no COOKED content was found. Consider cooking contents for this build, or build and also run the UNCOOKED variation of the applications instead.

Changing the target to “PizzaEditor - Mac” helped.

Turnim June 28, 2015, 5:01am #5

Same problem here

I’m encountering the very same problem and can’t number it out

I make the efforts all possible package options, but always i obtain the error that this bin is missing

Running top top mac 10.10 and also UE 4.8.1

Can who tell me how to get this fixed?

Turnim June 29, 2015, 2:38pm #6

I have done much more research over the weekend and also tried every feasible combination, within the package settings. Yet every time i’m acquiring this error the cooked contents is missingObviously ns hit the chef FOR MAC button, So ns really don’t know whats dorn here.Could this be a bug?

oXR July 20, 2015, 2:14pm #7

I have same trouble with my blueprint project, when packing for MAC.Can’t Launch application on MAC too … same job works good on Windows. No settle yet ?

Edit: Same app was working fine on mine MAC, packed with 4.6 and also 4.7, however not working with 4.8.

PlinioDesignori respectable 16, 2015, 7:54am #8

I have the same problem.

"The an international shader cache file /Contents/UE4/Engine/GlobalShaderCache-GLSL_150ES2.bin is missing.

You’re to run a version of the application developed to load COOKED content only, but no COOKED content was found. Think about cooking content for this build, or build and also run the UNCOOKED version of the application instead."

Tried to adjust the target prefer rotwang suggested, couldn’t uncover that alternative though… oO Help?

DerChris august 26, 2015, 6:12pm #9
Lauren Ridge:Ok, this is one old thread, however this method “DebugGameEditor” is the just working configuration till the game is finished and also only testing remains?

gunsm0k3 September 25, 2015, 7:59pm #10

I proceed to have this issue. Any type of word top top a fix?

kbaird September 26, 2015, 2:49pm #11

I’m very brand-new to every this, yet from what i have read, it appears that any build target prefix xxx through editor have to be wanting uncooked content. Yet right now, at the very least on my machine at 4.9.1 only development editor wants uncooked.

I can not use had any kind of luck through the -game command line parameter either. I’d really choose both engine and also game in debug through uncooked.

smilingrob November 10, 2015, 8:49am #12

I am likewise getting this issue on every the equipment Configurations including “DebugGame Editor” and also “Development Editor” in the sln noted by the 4.9.2 download.

However I have the right to get approximately this issue by switching my task to a source version (github) by: right click the *.uproject document > switch Unreal Engine version… > pick the place where I keep the full source.

The reason I was making use of the downloaded version was therefore I can have a secure base for making use of the engine, rather of working on the engine. Additionally the git dependencies use loads of GB of my bandwidth and also Comcast is reportedly putting up data hat now. And dual that for utilizing UE4 on mine Mac and on my PC.

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However us can’t use the downloaded variation to do debugging v Visual Studio tools, for example, setting a breakpoint and stepping with the code, as such issue. It is still possible to carry out printf debugging, and blueprint breakpoints with the binary download though, so possibly that’s why many human being are no complaining about this.