When apologize CEO Tim chef took the phase this September, nobody intended the shocking news that was around to deliver...

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He unveiled the brand-new iPhone 11—the most progressed phone to apologize has ever made.

But it was no the triple-lens camera and lustrous finishes the stole the show. It was the phone’s price tag.

For the first time ever, Apple reduced its iphone phone price .

As ok explain, Apple made this move out that desperation… and also it might well spell the start of the finish of Apple’s run as a leading company.

Apple Is a phone Company

Let’s obtain one thing straight…

Apple is not a computer firm anymore.

Apple is a phone company.

Since it presented the iphone in 2007, Apple has actually sold 2.2 billion phones raking in over a trillion dollars in sales—more than any type of other phone an equipment in history. Meanwhile, Apple share shot up over 2,037%... And became the world’s biggest publicly-traded company.


With the exception of a couple of years, the cost of do an iPhone has been climbing higher since 2007.

The first iPhone expense Apple just over $200 come make. Meanwhile, iphone XS (the recent iPhone Apple reported on) costs twin that.

Apple has actually always set records through its call prices. Yet as you have the right to see, it did it for a reason. It had actually to balance out the ever-growing costs.

But together I warned my reader before, that was simply a matter of time prior to Apple had to pull back with the pricing.

It didn’t take it long….

iPhone has a brand-new Feature: lower Prices

Last September, apple unveiled iphone phone XR, a less advanced and an ext affordable variation of the iphone phone X.

It cost $749, a 35% drop native the iphone X’s $1,145 price tag.

But in truth, the was nearly the very same iPhone X, just disguised as a spending plan phone. That was usually an excuse for Apple to relax a cheaper phone call to gain its sales figures earlier on track.

This year, Apple go a action further. The slashed the price of its full-fledged iPhone. The newly released iphone 11 began at $699, a price allude not seen since 2017.

Apple did it together a last will to spur lackluster demand. However in act so, it has actually signaled the beginning of the finish of its financially rewarding iPhone business.

The finish of Apple

See those happening?

Not just is Apple selling fewer iPhones, it’s now earning much less on every one.

Recent gaue won reports show that iphone phone revenues… which have actually been Apple’s lifeblood… are starting to sink.

Last quarter, Apple earn 10% less from iPhones than it did throughout the same duration last year. That’s a lose of about $20 billion!

Apple has never earn so tiny from iPhones… and also all this will certainly start arriving in Apple’s financial reports really soon.

Let me make it clear: fifty percent of Apple’s company is going off the rails, and also there’s no turning back.

While apple admits the death of iPhone and is spring into new business directions, these things don’t occur overnight. Meanwhile, Apple’s money-making machine is grind to a halt.

As i warned you previously this year, apologize is a ticking time bomb… and for this reason, I’d recommend staying away native this stock.

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Written with the help of Dainius Runkevičius.

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