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Welcome come our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey The Depth of The Forge guide. This overview will present you what you need to know around The Depth the The create in AC Odyssey.

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AC Odyssey – The Depth that The build Guide

Treasure 1 is in the camp component of the Forge. Treasure 2 is in a cavern where the lava is. Usually in the opposite direction of whereby the camp is, you deserve to jump on one of the pointy things in the lava to obtain there.





How to Unlock Depth of The Forge?

You found this thread due to being lacking a sweetheart chest because that the hideout (stuck on 1/2 booty chests) and also searching madly for it. You found the answer regarding the second chest– it’s not v that door later on at all, you must go right earlier to the entrance wherein the lava is.

Anyway, because that the 2nd chest, if girlfriend look roughly carefully in the lava section at the entrance, there’s actually a tiny hidden passage that leads come your best as you walk in.

From wherein you entered, if friend leap the end onto the very first two ledges to overcome the lava as before, yet then, rather of walking left towards the main part where the Cult to be holed up, watch to your right and also you will see a rocky outcrop and also darkness beyond it. There’s in reality a i there. Usage the rock as a stepping rock and it leads you into a various section where the various other chest is so that you have the right to clear the area.

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For the inaccessible “Third” chest, in this quest, you need to choose in between Poseidon or Apollo; and also the choice you do will influence what chest girlfriend get and also block another. So together of appropriate now, you have the right to only gain 2 chests no matter what.If friend go v Poseidon, you get an epic trident; and also a purple-grade sword for Apollo.