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“I stopped right here to waste sometime prior to a meeting. I was expecting a lengthy wait together I have grown accustomed to at many an initial Watch locations however to my surprise there was no wait at…” more


“Cheesecake manufacturing facility is constantly a dependable restaurant. The food is always average or over average and also the company is generally pretty good. Ns dined in for…” more

“Perfection. Our party of 4 didn't know what come expect when coming here. We were just going the end for a steak; yet we were pleasantly surprised! ours server…” more

“A height 3 happy in all of Kansas City! for $10-$12 a plate, you gain some important delightful appetizers the pair perfectly v their countless in house wines. Ns went…” more

“We first tried Gram & Dun in 2018 and also were not impressed, but i did remember the scorched end mac & cheese being memorable. Us noticed they redid their menu so…” more

“Exceptional company by Madeline transparent the night. She go a good job relenten the menu and telling us about the specials. The executive, management chef Brandon…” more

“I had the hanger steak, ns normally include steak sauce to mine steaks, however I didn't require it, the steak to be delicious! The mash potatoes were tasty. The company was…” more

“Came right here for date night with the boyfriend We obtained the calamari as the appetizer which was amazing and also honestly a substantial serving of food mine boyfriend gained the…” more

“Came for brunch this morning and also it to be pretty crowded but we were able come sneak in together a table of 2 (wait otherwise was about an hour). We sat exterior and…” more

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“I go in in ~ the critical minute and also the chicken and vegetables was still delicious. So many thanks to the kitchen!” more

“This location is awesome! good beer, friendly employees, good atmosphere. They have live bands and have trivia nights. Good for big groups of people, and great location. They also do…” more