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After critical week’s article How to pay a Compliment, i received plenty of comments and also emails questioning for a follow-up post on how to graciously receive a compliment. Countless readers called me they had actually a hard time agree praise.

I empathize v them, since I’ve been there. As soon as I used to obtain compliments, I would certainly deny, deflect, define away, to apologize or otherwise stick my foot in my mouth prior to it ever occurred to me to gracefully say “thank you.” But that’s all it takes.

To graciously accept a compliment, every you need to speak is “thank you.” (Then, stop talking!)

You’re gift praised. Friend don’t should wow her complimenter, make them laugh or tell lock they’re wrong.  If the compliment is dear meant, friend can’t walk wrong with a simple, sincere “thank you.” If you have a history of putting your foot in your mouth at moments favor these, stick come this fail-safe strategy: say your thanks and also bite your tongue!

Okay, I’ve battered embarrassing myself once receiving compliments. What room some various other gracious points I might say?

1. To speak “thank you,” and also then include a little of an individual information. This one’s mine favorite. “Those room really beautiful earrings.” “Thank you, they were a gift from mine grandmother.”

2. To speak “thank you,” and also share your feelings about the subject. “That dress you made for Sarah turned the end really well. “Thank you, ns really delighted in making it.”

3. Say “thank you,” and also reflect some glory earlier to the complimenter. “That fundraiser you operated so tough on turned out really well.” “Thank you. That way a lot, coming from you.”

How execute I respond to an aer compliment?

People speak the strangest things. If someone offers you a strange compliment, try a gentle (and vague) answer. “Thank you, that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard every day.” “What a type thing come say.”

How perform I answer to an insincere or sarcastic complement?

Sadly, this happens–and there space two means to go here. Girlfriend can give a vague solution (“How kind”), or a simple “thank you.” If that seems inappropriate, you have the right to take a tip from ann of environment-friendly Gables, and also say “Why, that almost sounds favor a compliment.” If you’re walking to go this direction, that is crucial to use a light, funny tone.

Remember, as soon as you’re receiving a compliment, you’re receiving the opinion of one more person. Honor the opinion. (If gift praised provides you uncomfortable, stick come a an easy “thank you” and also your complimenter will never ever know.)

Sometimes us deny and deflect praise out of a sense of modesty, but what we’re really doing is telling the complimenter the their opinion is wrong. Don’t do this mistake! Don’t shut yourself off come praise–acknowledge it. You and your complimenter will certainly both it is in the much better for it.

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*** This subject renders me want to re-read have actually You to fill a Bucket Today? i beg your pardon discusses kindness making use of the metaphor of a bucket. It’s a kids’ book, but that doesn’t median grown-ups won’t reap it.