Huda Beauty climbed Gold is a restricted edition eye palette that retails for $65.00 and also contains 0.63 oz.

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Huda Beauty rose Gold Textured Shadows PaletteHuda Beauty increased Gold Textured Shadows Palette ($65.00 for 0.63 oz.) has eighteen eyeshadows v a mix that matte and metallic finishes throughout mostly warm-toned hues. The metallic eyeshadows are very, very dense, v some being drier and dense and others gift creamier and also dense. The ones the were drier often tended to yield chunkier pieces of product the were challenging to use to the lid, also using fingers as recommended by the brand. They had actually a tendency to emphasize the structure of my lid, which do the area appear much more wrinkled and also thicker/uneven. Ns was may be to apply the metallic shades with a damp, flat synthetic brush (MAC"s 242) and also with on handle (but the brush gave me a lot an ext precision). Some shades lasted around eight hrs while a couple of were an ext prone to fallout and creasing ~ six hrs of wear.

What ns was much more surprised by to be just just how chalky and thin the matte eyeshadows were v some being much better and others gift worse in practice. I think that the mattes applied far better than i expected, yet they were quicker to fade and also crease within six to seven hours of wear. One the shade wasn"t usable in ~ all; the texture felt choose velvet, but it yielded virtually no coverage at all. It seemed favor the pan to be so firmly pressed that no powder was able to come off the surface.

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I"m no bothered by the usage of cardboard for palettes (they absorb impact much better than plastic/metal!), even at this price point, yet the cardboard offered by the brand is several of the lightest weight and also cheapest in feel--it feeling thin and also dented/scuffed easily. Even the clear, plastic lid felt thin and prone to being scratched/dented/torn. Because that reference, a Z Palette feeling 10x sturdier and stronger come me.